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AFL-CIO decides to ‘co-endorse’ Frankel and Jacobs in Dem congressional primary

by George Bennett | June 5th, 2012


The Florida AFL-CIO has issued a “co-endorsement” in the District 22 Democratic congressional primary between former West Palm Beach mayor Lois Frankel and Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs.

Frankel is the heavy favorite in the primary, so the fact she’s sharing the labor endorsement is at least a moral victory for underdog Jacobs.


Each candidate issued a statement on Monday touting the AFL-CIO endorsement and offering no clue that her rival had been similarly endorsed.

Said Frankel: “I am honored to have the endorsement of the AFL-CIO and the thousands of working families they represent. As a member of Congress, I will be a tireless advocate for them.”

Said Jacobs: “I’m honored to have the support of working families from across the state. I have fought for working families throughout my career in Broward County and when I’m elected to Congress I won’t forget where I came from. I will continue to stand up for working families and bring people together to create good-paying jobs and strengthen the public education system.”

District 22 includes parts of Palm Beach and Broward Counties. The Palm Beach-Treasure Coast AFL-CIO recommended Frankel while the Broward AFL-CIO recommended Jacobs. At the state convention last weekend in Orlando, delegates voted unanimously to go with a co-endorsement, said Rich Templin, the state AFL-CIO’s legislative and political director.

“The delegates were looking at two very good candidates that each in their own right have done a lot for the working people in their communities,” Templin said.

The winner of the Frankel-Jacobs primary will face Republican Adam Hasner.

The Florida AFL-CIO consists of about 650 affiliated unions with about 500,000 employees, including teachers and state and muncipal employees and various building trades.

28 Responses to “AFL-CIO decides to ‘co-endorse’ Frankel and Jacobs in Dem congressional primary”

  1. rukiddingme? Says:

    WOW! Now that is NEWS!!!! The unions decide to back Democrats! I never would have guessed that!

  2. Bill Neubauer Says:

    It is interesting that Frankel and Jacobs are so excited about union support in their candidacies. The current events in Wisconsin, however that election comes out, have awakened taxpayers to the “money laundering” that has union bloc votes putting public officials in their debt to the extent that they approve unsustainable contracts. Whoever wins in Wisconsin, at least taxpayers across the nation have been alerted to situations in which “public employees are paid more than the taxpayers who pay them.”

  3. Go Dems Says:

    To the two commenters above…

    Thank you for showing Florida that the Republican Party openly hates working families.

    I mean, we knew already… But thanks for confirming it.

    We know all-too-well that you prefer that the hard-working people of Florida have no voice in their own government. We know that you prefer it if the government just go away and let the corporations run hogwild. We know that. You tell us on a daily basis.

    The thing is… our Constitution guarantees that the American people get to vote for their representation in Congress.

    I know that really burns you up that WE THE PEOPLE get to choose our leaders through democratic elections. But you’re just going to have to put up with the American form of representative democracy and checks and balances if you want to stay in this country. “Sorry” LOL.

    FIRED UP & READY TO GO for Dems in FL-22!

  4. ghost of bill moss Says:

    will lois frankel promise not to put a fellow lesbian girlfriend on her congressional payroll if she is elected?lois put former girlfriend joan goldburg on the west palm payroll and south fla already pays for alcee hastings girlfriend on his payroll

  5. Big Dem Says:

    Gov. Walker won in a landslide in Wisconsin despite all the union money and muscle poured into their hate filled campaign against him. Time to sign a similar bill in Florida and reign in out-of-control public employee unions. SEIU, your days are numbered!

  6. Matt Says:

    Time to stop collective bargaining. It happened in Wisconsin…can happen here too.

  7. the truth hurts Says:

    I love how the right likes to vote for crooks, thiefs and liars to represent them. The GOP could care less about the working class and are beholden to corporate interest only. With Scott pleading the 5th 75 times and Walker facing jail time at any moment. These are the leaders that they call their Messiah’s!

  8. Broward Dem Says:

    Interesting that AFL-CIO would endorse Frankel after she crossed picket lines at the Kravitz Center.

  9. Go Dems Says:

    Can any Republican please explain to me why doing away with the Middle Class is so important to you?

    I’d really like to know.

    Every policy out of the right is designed to help the corporate executive class and pinch the middle class out of existence. Every policy.

    Why is that? Why do people want that?

    Why would ANYONE want more and more power concentrated in the hands of the very few very very rich?

    I’m asking a serious question and am looking for a serious reply.

  10. Big Dem Says:

    @the truth hurts: Democrat Convicts: Bill Clinton (disbarred by Arkansas Supreme Court for perjury), Anthony Weiner, Gary Condit, Dan Rostenkowski, Rod Blagojevich, William J. Jefferson, James Traficant, Ronald Blackley, Mel Reynolds, Wes Cooley, Joseph P. Kolter…the list of Democrat crooks is endless.

  11. Tea Lady Says:

    After the RESOUNDING Tea Party Victory in Wisconsin, would anyone WANT to accept such endorsements? ={

    Voters CLEARLY want sound economic policy: Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Constitutionally Limited Government!

    If I was a candidate, I would COMPETE to show voters how DEDICATED I was to the above principles! That would lead to success at the polls! =)

  12. Go Dems Says:

    Tea Lady,

    Why do you want to reduce the Middle Class to nothing?

    Can you please explain?

  13. Downtown Danny Says:

    To vote for her is pure stupidity or total racism – voting someone just because they are a Jew or a woman.
    Lois Frankel destroyed WPB, tore down the most historic waterfront library in the state – and bankrupted WPB for decades to come – and allowed sleazy developers to build whatever they wanted – created a massive real estate recession.
    Along the way LOIS FRANKEL lied, cheated, created a total corrupt city government in which anyone doing business with the city was shook down by her bagman Chase Scott – and LOIS FRANKEL hired her lesbian lover Joan to a massive salary and put her in an office right next to hers so they could take showers together on city time in the marble shower that taxpayers paid for.
    LOIS FRANKEL refused to let residents vote on spending $400 million (once bonds are paid if they ever are) to build a new city hall that we did not need – and lied to residents about having the old city hall sold – we still pay for it to.

  14. Sandy Says:

    If Frankel is elected to Congress the people will receive the type of government they deserve. Very important to pay attention to who/what endorses a canidate. Frankel endorsed Muoio and look what the city has for representation. Both women Frankel & Muoio need to go away and give the taxpayers a break.

  15. Tea Lady Says:

    The proper role of government is to make & enforce rules that result in a fair playing field. To provide opportunity and incentive for those with initiative, discipline, and intelligence to use their values for the common good. =)

    By contrast, the proper role of government is not to redistribute wealth. Indeed, a “middle class” that is maintained solely by involuntarily seizing wealth from the hard-working (through taxes) and giving to others is not right. It creates the wrong incentives! ={

    And the voters of Wisconsin affirmed that on Tuesday! The Will of The People was heard! =)

  16. Go Dems Says:

    Tea Lady,

    Thank you for answering my question.

    For clarification, you think that the United States of America should be a country with a tiny population of inordinately rich people and a massive massive working class?

    Can you please explain to me why you think this is beneficial to America as a whole?

    Also, how is your idea of the government creating a “fair playing field” consistent with your rejection of any regulation of industry? How in the heck is the government supposed to create a “fair playing field” without regulating various industries?

    Before we had labor laws, unions, and financial regulations this country was run by a series of Monopolies. Is THAT something you want to return to?

    Thanks again for answering my questions. I really don’t understand your point of view and how what you’re advocating would be, in any way, good for America.

  17. Wow! Frankel, Really? Says:

    the truth hurts Says:
    June 6th, 2012 at 8:39 am
    I love how the right likes to vote for crooks, thiefs and liars to represent them.

    So you think Frankel is better? Not a crook? Not a thief or a liar? Can you breath on your own or do you need to be told to?

    Then you ARE STUPID!
    I would vote for ANYONE before Frankel.

  18. Chris Says:

    This isn’t news, it’s a given. Unions and Democrats go hand in hand.

  19. How about GO AMERICA! Says:

    @ Go Dems,
    Can you explain to me why you want a bunch of rich people in charge of every facet of your life including what you buy, how much you can make and what you can own?

    Why is that so great?
    No country in the world “doesn’t” have a “ruling class” no matter what type of government they have.

    Communists= wealth goes to rich leaders of the “party” and they split up whats left of your money with the population. See Cuba.

    Socialism=You work and pay high taxes for the “ruling party” to get rich and then spread the wealth. At least with this they don’t “take” your wealth, they “tax” you for it. See England. Do you want a queen?

    Capitalism=You can make as much as anyone will pay you. Ask any entertainer or sports star. Then the government taxes you on income. The more you make the more you pay.
    So, while you are asking everyone why they hate the middle class why not tell us where the “middle” class IS in Communist or Socialist countries?
    Answer= there IS NONE!

  20. Better Luck Next Time Says:

    @The Truth Hurts, so you don’t think Frankel is a crook. Ha, ha ha, ha, ha!!!

  21. Slick Watts Says:

    Why is Frankel a “heavy favorite?” I’m thinking that will change in the next couple of months, once the truth on her “reign of terror” comes out.

  22. Go Rick Says:

    Unions. Frankel and the Palm Beach Post. Old things from the 19th century we don’t need anymore.

  23. Go Dems Says:

    “How about GO AMERICA!”

    Can you please explain why you oppose having a Middle Class and prefer having a wealthy “ruling class”?

  24. GT Says:

    @Go Dems;
    How much is your left wing org paying you to post on this site? Show me the middle class in Cuba.

  25. Go Dems Says:


    1) Point me to just ONE THING the Republican Party has done to make the Middle Class grow.

    2) Do you even want there to be a Middle Class?

    3) I am a concerned American just like you. I am not paid by anyone just as I assume you are not paid by anyone to post here.

    Interested in your replies on #1 and 2.

  26. Go Dems Says:

    4) Name one thing the GOP has done to increase the STABILITY of the Middle Class.

    Ready to answer my questions?

    How ’bout it?

  27. Go Dems Says:

    Good answer coward!

    The GOP openly hates the Middle Class.


  28. the truth hurts Says:

    I never heard about Lois being investigated,indicted or put in jail. For her to be a criminal is right wing rhetoric. Scott’s company was investigated,indicted and pled guilty to massive amounts of systematic fraud, including 14 felonies, leading to a historic $1.7 billion fine. Walker is being investigated for payoffs,obstruction and misconduct.

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