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Wexler joins Deutch in endorsing Rader in contested Democratic state Senate primary

by George Bennett | May 3rd, 2012


Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler has joined his successor, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, in endorsing Democrat Kevin Rader over two other Dems for the new District 27 state Senate seat.

Rader, a former state House member from Delray Beach, is running against current Democratic state Reps. Mack Bernard and Jeff Clemens for the Riviera Beach-to-Boynton Beach Senate district.

About one-third of the district’s voters are black and many of them are represented in the House by Bernard, who is black. Many of the district’s coastal precincts are now represented in the House by Clemens.

The district also includes the Democrat-leaning condos of Century Village, Cypress Lakes and Golden Lakes, which have been represented in Congress by Wexler and now Deutch. The condos were part of an old Senate district where Rader won a 2010 primary but lost in the general election to Republican Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto.

Rader, who had been challenging Democratic state Sen. Maria Sachs in a Palm Beach-Broward district, jumped into the District 27 race this week.

Says Wexler in a statement released today: “I am proud to endorse Kevin Rader and look forward to actively helping him win this election. Kevin is the Democrat we need in the State Senate!”

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12 Responses to “Wexler joins Deutch in endorsing Rader in contested Democratic state Senate primary”

  1. Just too much Says:

    Wow! What a shock! What a surprise! Next Aaronson tells the condo clubs how to vote and they sheepishly follow. Then Mack and Clemens are accused of anti-semitism. Ho-hum, just another election in good ole Palm Beach County.

  2. Mary Says:

    The good ol’ boys club at work. Jeff Clemons is a far superior candidate than Kevin Rader but, apparently, he’s not in the club.

  3. Who cares? Says:

    It’s not about being a superior candidate. It’s about promises made and kept.
    But the good news is that the people in central Palm Beach County resent this kind of politics. Wexler and Deutch don’t have the pull in West Palm they have in Boca or Delray. People here vote for good candidates, not who they are told to.
    So sorry, Kevin. You’re clearly not the best candidate here.

  4. Silliness Says:

    Clemens isn’t in the club? Then he has my vote.
    I don’t want an elected official who is in the club. I want one who votes against the big corporations that are influencing politics and government in this state and country.
    So Rader is funded by insurance companies and supported by south County folks?
    And Mack Bernard is funded by school voucher kingpins and big business in Tallahassee?
    Well, that makes this an easy call.

  5. RaderSux Says:

    Looks like Burt Aronson delivered what he promised: Ted Deutch, Robert Wexler and watch: Century Village WPB & Boca. A three-way race means that Rader wins. Game over. Mack Bernard should go back to the house.

  6. club free Says:

    Not about to let myself be beaten over the head with a club. This endorsement just strengthens my determination to do what I can to help Jeff Clemens.

  7. Anti-cabal Says:

    The Jewish political machine is a racist cabal that has not only never supported an African-American candidate, but has always worked against us.

    Wake up!

  8. Heather Says:

    The funny part is that by both endorsements….Rader is in more trouble than he started. It is a black district and Bernard’s record is bad. Clemens chances are slim because he can’t raise money and he thinks he is a rock star. Reality check….4th person needs to jump in the race.

  9. Get Your Facts Right Says:

    @Heather…you clearly don’t know what your talking about as evidenced by your many misinformed posts…Mack Bernard has passed far more bills that benefit working families than either of his opponents. And, he has fought hard for projects that create jobs here at home, like the Inland Port.

  10. BigArch Says:

    Were I a candidate for public office I would not want an endorsement from a man who resigned from congress just a few hours after being interviewed by the FBI.
    He is also supporting the Palestians
    against Israel. I wonder how that will play in the Jewish communities.

  11. Concerned Says:

    This will be a good political fight. I guess someone needs a job?

  12. PA Says:

    If Wexler endorses someone, that’s a pretty solid clue you need to vote for anyone but.

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