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Some jabs at establishment favorite Aronberg in state attorney forum

by George Bennett | May 4th, 2012

The first meeting of all three candidates for Palm Beach state attorney was a civil event with discussions of qualifications and such issues as mandatory-minimum sentencing laws.

The Post‘s Stacey Singer offers a wrap-up here of Thursday’s forum at the nonpartisan Voters Coalition.

Republican Dina Keever and no-party candidate Robert Gershman also got in a few digs at Democrat Dave Aronberg, the former state Senator who is backed by the Democratic Party establishment and some big-name Republicans.

“I am not backed by the Democrats. I am not backed by the Republicans. I am truly independent,” said Gershman, who switched his registration from Dem to no party after party leaders discouraged him from challenging Aronberg.

“I am not looking at this position as a steppingstone to something else,” said Keever in an apparent reference to Aronberg, who capped his 8-year Senate career with a failed 2010 bid for Florida attorney general before launching the bid for county prosecutor.

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3 Responses to “Some jabs at establishment favorite Aronberg in state attorney forum”

  1. postreader Says:

    A wrap-up on three candidates at the forum but quotes by only two – and a biased headline? Either the writer or the editors should know better.

  2. joe Says:

    david aaronburg has lost a lot of face with what happened as far as pushing judge marx out of the race. for david aaronburg to say he did not know about it is something richard nixon might say. also david is known to be gay and just like mark foley and lois frankel will not admit it publicly. dave ran statewide and got beat, now he needs a comfy slot. the woman running against him has been in a courtroom many times unlike david. it will interesting to see what the machine will do against this good female lawyer

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