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Poll: Florida too close to call as Romney gains, gender gap narrows

by George Bennett | May 3rd, 2012

Florida is back in the presidential toss-up column, with Republican Mitt Romney moving to a within-the-margin-of-error lead over President Obama in a new Quinnipiac University poll after trailing Obama by 7 points in late March.

Romney holds a 44-to-43 percent edge over Obama in the new Florida poll, which was conducted April 25-May 1 and has a 2.9 percent margin of error. Quinnipiac’s previous poll, released in late March, showed Obama with a 49-to-42 percent advantage in the Sunshine State.

Obama won Florida with 51 percent in 2008.

Florida has a smaller gender gap than Ohio and Pennsylvania, two other swing states where Quinnipiac also released new polls today. Obama has a 44-to-42 percent lead among women voters in Florida, compared to a 13-point advantage with Ohio women and a 17-point lead with female voters in Pennsylvania. Men favor Romney by 4 points in Florida, 10 points in Ohio and 3 points in Pennsylvania.

Obama’s 2-point edge among Florida women in the new poll compares to a 14-point gap in late March.

The new polls show Ohio a virtual tie while Obama holds a 47-to-39 percent advantage in Pennsylvania. Obama carried both those states in 2008.

In Florida, Romney gets better marks than Obama on the economy, with 49 percent saying the Republican would do a better job handling economic issues and 40 percent favoring Obama.

Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement, the new federal health care law, remains unpopular with Floridians. Fifty-three percent want Congress to repeal the law and 51 percent say they want the Supreme Court to overturn it. Only 39 percent favor letting the law stand, with 38 percent wanting the court to uphold the law.

Sen. Marco Rubio is the top choice to be Romney’s running mate for 40 percent of Floridians, with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie a distant second at 14 percent.

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman is the top Republican VP choice in his home state, while Christie is the top pick in neighboring Pennsylvania.

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29 Responses to “Poll: Florida too close to call as Romney gains, gender gap narrows”

  1. Peter Schorsch Says:

    Key takeaways from today’s Qunnipiac poll of Florida showing Romney 44%, Obama 43%

  2. Richard F Says:

    With Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and talked about Sharia Law as nothing to worry about, this is bad news for the females. Sharia law would make it very difficult for the females of America and his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR says alot about Obama and his “Forward” slogan.

  3. Bill Neubauer Says:

    Dick Morris, however his credentials are evaluated, asserts (quoting history) that the “close” races are not really close because independents historically go to challengers.
    Meantime pressure builds for Romney to choose a VP candidate. Surely Marco Rubio’s underdog, Tea Party Senate, victory suggests that if he is on the ticket, Romney can claim Florida.
    My own (admittedly brief) acquaintance with Rubio finds him superbly eloquent (without Tele-Prompter) and an effective campaigner in other states. There are other choice factors, but it might be unwise to select a mate to win just one state.

  4. Kevin Says:

    @ Richard F: Your not really suggesting that Obama wants to institute Sharia in the USA are you? Perhaps you should drink some water or milk. The tea seems to be effecting your ability to rationalize.

  5. Heather Says:

    OBAMA Will win as long as PBC establishment gets the hell out of the way and let real leaders lead.

    The women!

  6. Downtown Danny Says:

    Understand who Romney really is. Take a look at the Americans who used to work at the Armco Steel Mill in Kansas.
    In 1994 Romney purchased the Armco steel mill in Kansas City, which had been in business more than 100 years. “We were setting a lot of records for production at that time,” said former employee Steve Morrow. “We were making good money, because we were getting profit sharing.” Bain combined Armco with the mill in Georgetown and foundries in Tempe, Arizona, and Duluth, Minnesota, to form the newly christened GS Industries.
    Romney purchased Armco with just $8 million down, borrowing the rest of the $75 million price tag. Then he issued bonds — basically IOUs — to borrow even more to pay himself and his investors $36 million. Romney also charged GSI $900,000 a year in “management fees.”
    Within a year, he’d already made four times his initial investment while barely lifting a finger. But he’d also run up a staggering $378 million in debt on GSI’s tab.
    Within 15 months GSI declared bankruptcy.
    The Armco Kansas City steel mill closed for good, 750 people lost their jobs. Worse, Romney had shorted their pension fund by $44 million. The feds (American taxpayers) were forced to cover the difference, while workers saw benefits slashed in bankruptcy court. The battered Georgetown plant and the foundries in Arizona and Minnesota ultimately were bought out of bankruptcy by new companies. Their work forces were halved. They’ve never recovered from what Mitt Romney did to them.
    And for this we should make him President?
    No thanks!

  7. LaQuishaNiqua Jones Says:

    Go Mitt! When Hussein is gone the White House will once again be inhabited by someone you can respect. Its beneath contempt for this buffoon to continue to take credit for Bin Ladens demise when this operation was many years in the making…far before his Socialist act was anywhere near the POTUS.

  8. LaQuishaNiqua Jones Says:

    Downtown Danny….another union gadfly. Unions and their shills are a relic of the past.


    Hate to burst ya’lls right wing bubble, but the RCP average for Florida still has Obama ahead by 1.3%.

    Oh and RCP added NV and PA to the lean Obama column, giving him an estimated 253 electoral college votes out of the necessary 270.

    So all he would need to do would be to win JUST ONE of the following:

    Arizona (11)
    Colorado (9)
    Florida (29)
    Iowa (6)
    Missouri (10)
    New Hampshire (4)
    North Carolina (15)
    Ohio (18)
    Virginia (13)

    And Obama’s leading in most of those right now too.



    Oops, not one of those states… at 253 he would win with just Ohio, or just Florida, or a combo of some of the smaller states.

    Here is the RCP EC vote map:

  11. npgator Says:

    If Obama wins this country will never be able to recover.


    Recover from what?

    Oh right, the apocalyptic economic disaster of the Bush Era.

  13. Sarah Palin Says:

    Romney will win in Florida, the eastern province of Utah.

  14. Buh Bye Obama! Says:

    Obama is the greatest dividing force this country has ever seen. Everything he does is to pit one side against the other. Financially and racially. He is truly an Obomanation!

    Go Team Romney!




    You don’t want UNITY!

    If you did, you brainwashed imbeciles wouldn’t have been so dead set against COMPROMISE since the first day Obama took office.

    Why can’t a SINGLE right winger have a SINGLE decent, honest thing to say? It is truly incredible.

  16. Ruby Says:

    All you Medicare Receipants down here Obama is looking to curtail your health care and squash the amt of time you can visit your doctor. Do you really want him re-elected?I’m not a fan of Romney, but I certaintly don’t want to see this loser in office again. So please… please….vote O Bama boy out of office.

  17. ELC Says:

    Wake up Fla….this man is and never will be there to look out for your interests as you can see..high unemployment, high gas price, high prices at your food stores. Is this man looking out for you?Hell No.






    Why would Obama want to “curtail” anybody’s health care?

    He passed health care reform bill that would cover about 95% of Americans!

    So why in the world would he be trying to CUT people out?

    It is such a bold-faced lie. I am so sick and tired of the endless lies on the right wing.

  20. OBIWAN Says:

    So… you actually believe Quinnipiac U. does anything on a nonpartisan basis??

    Visit their official website…

    … they totally define Rabid Progressive Liberal Loons of the elite college and universities!!

    You need to limit your real serious attention to polls that only include ‘likely voters’… those 60% of ‘registered voters’ that will actually decide this November?

    How many of you got a call? Oh, you have a Do Not Call Cell number, too??

    Right, and that is why the D’s get so many more hits…

  21. Bubba Says:

    0 bama will be trounced in 2012, and will return to Chi-town, after a single failed term

  22. Tea Lady Says:

    Clearly, Florida’s voters are EXCITED about adding Mr. Rubio, a Tea Party candidate, to the Republican ticket.

    Florida’s voters are not easily fooled! They understand that Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets are the Principles of Prosperity.

    And Mr. Rubio’s success from humble roots proves that the American Dream is still true — for those with personal initiative and responsibility!

    Florida’s voters will vote overwhelmingly in favor when a Tea Party candidate is on the ticket! =)

  23. Dee Says:

    OBAMA 2012

  24. Bubba Says:

    Watch Your Mailbox!

    Just wanted to let you know – today I received my 2012 Social Security Stimulus Package.
    It contained two tomato seeds, cornbread mix, a prayer rug, a machine to blow smoke up my behind, 2 discount coupons to KFC, an “Obama Hope & Change” bumper sticker, and a “Blame it on Bush” poster for the front yard.
    The directions were in Spanish.

    Watch for yours soon.


    WaPo Poll: Obama Leads Virginia By 7%
    PPP Poll: Obama Leads Virginia By 8%

    A new poll from the Washington Post shows President Obama ahead by 7 points over former Massachusetts Gov. and likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the swing state of Virginia, 51 – 44. “Romney has not been able to improve his statewide support from a poll a year ago even as his Republican opponents have fallen by the wayside,” the Post wrote in its analysis. “Yet he leads Obama by a huge margin among Republicans, just as Obama enjoys a massive lead among Democrats. The key to Obama’s overall edge can be found in the middle of the spectrum. The incumbent has the edge among independents, and a 23-point advantage among self-described moderates.”

    Another poll of that state from Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling released this week showed Obama with an 8 point lead, again at 51 percent total support.

  26. OBIWAN Says:

    Romney is much hotter! Would love to spend the weekend with him in Key West!

  27. Obiwan Says:

    Romney is HOT! Love to spend a weekens with him in Key West!

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  29. kelly Says:

    Bill Newbower is a tool. Claims he met Rubio and says he doesn’t need a teleprompter. But Rubio can’t find the last page of his major foreign policy speech and can’t proceed without it. Bill, whoever you are, you are a tool.

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