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Michele Bachmann endorses Connie Mack in GOP Senate primary

by George Bennett | May 1st, 2012


Minnesota Rep. and former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is endorsing U.S. Rep. Connie Mack in Florida’s Republican Senate primary, likening Mack to Senate tea party faves Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

Bachmann is the second former GOP candidate with a tea party following to weigh in on the Senate race recently. Herman Cain came out for George LeMieux over the weekend.

Says Bachmann: “Connie has been a steadfast fighter for freedom, less government and a fiscal hawk together with me in the United States Congress. For every good proposal passed out of the House, the liberal Senate under Harry Reid and Bill Nelson have stopped it, including Connie’s recent proposal to build the Keystone XL Pipeline without Presidential approval. Senators like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul need other like-minded conservatives in the Senate to stop the liberals from tearing down our nation. America needs Connie Mack in the U.S. Senate.”

5 Responses to “Michele Bachmann endorses Connie Mack in GOP Senate primary”

  1. Sarah Palin Says:

    I too endorse Connie Mack — he says he can see Cuba from his house!

  2. Downtown Danny Says:

    Mack is a fraud and unfit for any public office.
    He sent me flyers touting his “family values” with a photo of his wife & 2 kids.
    He got elected then went to DC and had affairs with any woman willing to be with him. He then started an adulterous affair with Sonny Bono’s widow, spending all his off time in California. when I called his florida office during congressional breaks they always said he was “traveling” – friends I have in Palm Springs told me he was out at restaurants every night with Bono’s widow. His wife & 2 kids were kicked out of the family home and living in squalor in Ft. Lauderdale – a judge had to force Mack to pay support.
    Mack is a creep.

  3. IGetIt Says:

    Just one more reason to vote for whoever is running against him.

  4. oh brother Says:

    Crazy Meets Stupid

  5. RealAngst Says:

    Anyone Bachmann endorses cant be good. I love the Crazy Meets Stupid. How appropriate.

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