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LeMieux: ‘Connie Mack can’t win a character contest with Bill Nelson’

by George Bennett | May 17th, 2012

Former appointed Sen. George LeMieux defended and reiterated his character attacks against his main GOP Senate primary rival, Rep. Connie Mack, during an appearance this morning on MSNBC.

“If Connie Mack is the nominee, I don’t think he can beat Bill Nelson. It’ll be a race about character. Connie Mack can’t win a character contest with Bill Nelson,” LeMieux told host Chuck Todd.

LeMieux has called Mack, son of a popular former Florida Senator with the same name, a “Half Mack” and repeatedly criticized the younger Mack’s past fistfights, financial woes and residency questions. Todd asked LeMieux if he regretted the personal nature of his attacks on Mack and if he thought they would hurt the GOP if Mack becomes the nominee.

“He’s trying to run a campaign where people will mistake him for his father. And we can’t make that mistake,” LeMieux said. “If he is the nominee we will lose.”

2 Responses to “LeMieux: ‘Connie Mack can’t win a character contest with Bill Nelson’”

  1. Why not Says:

    Saw the piece on MSNBC this morning. Thought Lemieux came across very well and agree with his approach. Mack is trying to ride his father’s coattails into office and Lemieux has to point this out every chance he gets. Mack is woefully unqualified for the important job of U.S Senator.

  2. Downtown Danny Says:

    Mack is a complete fraud. He sent me flyers touting his “family values” when he first ran for office with w photo of him with his wife & 2 kids. He then went to DC and had affairs all over town, then started an adulterous affair with Sonny Bono’s widow. He left his wife & kids and for 2 years spent all his off time in California with Bono. He has done nothing for Florida or his district other than be a mouthpiece for the right wing, repeating their tired ideas and having none of his own. Senator? Mack is not fit for any public office.

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