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High partisan stakes in Bogdanoff-Sachs Senate race

by George Bennett | May 21st, 2012


With redistricting leading incumbent Republican Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff and incumbent Democratic Sen. Maria Sachs to run in the same Palm Beach-Broward state Senate district, both candidates are bringing out the big partisan guns.

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith and incoming Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith plan to attend Sachs’ campaign kickoff event tonight at the South County Civic Center west of Delray Beach.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, one of the most popular Republicans in the state, announced his endorsement for Bogdanoff today.

Atwater used to represent a coastal Palm Beach-Broward Senate district that leaned Republican. But the new district where Bogdanoff and Sachs are running has a Democratic advantage.

Democrats have successfully cleared the field for Sachs, with former Rep. Kevin Rader dropping a Sachs primary challenge and running in another district instead. Bogdanoff, meanwhile, faces a challenge from the right by Mike Lameyer in the GOP primary.

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22 Responses to “High partisan stakes in Bogdanoff-Sachs Senate race”

  1. Tim Says:

    finally we got ourselves a candidate to beat Ellyn- this’ll be the campaign of the year

  2. Vinny Says:

    Why is it high partisan? Maria is a Republican and Bogdanoff is going to pretend to be a Democrat like she did when she first ran.

    Get outta here.

  3. Don't get fooled again Says:

    Ellyn Bogdanoff wins this race by no less than 12 points.

  4. But I thought she was running unopposed ? Says:

    It hasn’t been reported but Sachs lost just about every single person she lied to in order to get their name on her one fundraising invitation ?

  5. Won't get fooled again Says:

    Bogdanoff loses by 12 points.


    Ellyn Bogdanoff is a Rick Scott rubber stamp.

    Anyone who votes for her needs to understand this.

    She is NOT A MODERATE.

    She is a party line Republican.


  7. Broward Dem Says:

    It is notable that Sachs and not Bogdonoff attended the Broward League of Cities Dinner Friday night.

  8. reality Says:

    Sachs wins by 8-10 points. It is a Democratic seat! look at the numbers. The district is what it is. It’s like saying Steve Abrams will loose to a Democrat, it wont happen because it’s a republican district. Sachs is only vaulnerable in a democratic primary and now that is gone, Sachs is a lock & actualy a good candidate to beat a republican. It’s funy how Ellyn realeases her own poll having her up by 7. If Ellyn was sharp she would have said 1 or 2, 7 was overreaching just a bit ;)

  9. "Vaulnerable" Says:

    Atwater won the District by 14 or 15 points and Adam Putnam for the love of god won it as well. Yep, it’s a Democratic seat.

  10. Scott Says:

    Who is going to help Maria out when she asked a question above middle school level ?


    “Scott” is just another Republican who likes to belittle women.

    When will Republicans outgrow 3rd grade?

    Maria Sachs is going to be a GREAT senator.

  12. Vaulnerable Says:

    Atwater & Putnam won Palm Beach County in 2010 which was the worst performance democratic year on record not to be repeted or even should be compared to a presidential turnout in 2012. Anyone with political sense knows this. The district will go D across the board. Show me a presidential turnout year that a republican won? You can’t. If Maria runs good election, she will win. It is hers to loose.

  13. Davis 2006 Says:

    Jim Davis beat Crist in this seat!! LOL. It’s a suckers bet to think Bogdanoff can win.

  14. Boca Brilliance Says:

    Just like when Obama ran in 08 and state house and senate R’s in south Florida cruised to 30 point wins in 2-5 point seats. Indy’s swing this particular seat, not liberals out west Richard.

  15. Vinny Says:

    Maria may win but her and Bogdanoff may get busted in the process. They all come from the same place…and Joey from Blossom!

  16. Nevin Says:

    I am happy to see that the voters in District 34 have an independent minded conservative Republican, Mike Lameyer to run against State Senator Bogdanoff. If you want someone to stand against the FCAT, creeping Islam in our schools and judicial system, an even more business friendly climate with more manufacturing down here in FL, and no more taxpayer money for illegal undocumented aliens, then Mike Lameyer is the one you should support.



    Maria Sachs is going to defeat whatever corrupt sock puppet you pathetic Republicans throw into the ring.

  18. PIT-36l Says:

    Don’t give up anytime soon my friend. Keep going! Very encouraging…

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