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Gov. Scott: ‘We need to elect a Republican state attorney down here’

by George Bennett | May 21st, 2012


Republican Palm Beach County state attorney hopeful Dina Keever concedes she won’t match Democrat Dave Aronberg in fundraising. But it appears she has Gov. Rick Scott in her corner.

“I’m sure you’re going to do well,” Scott said to Keever during remarks at a Boca Raton Republican Club dinner last week. “We need to elect a Republican state attorney down here.”

Find out the latest on fundraising strategies by Aronberg and Keever in this week’s Politics column.


15 Responses to “Gov. Scott: ‘We need to elect a Republican state attorney down here’”

  1. True Republican Says:

    Scott got it right! This is EXACTLY why we need to get rid of Sid Dinerstein! Sid is not a TRUE republican.

  2. ego maniac Says:

    Need to get rid of the Republican Govenor!!!!

  3. esq Says:

    How about a competent, qualified, State Attorney? What a concept!

    As to Keever who is running on the platform that she is NOT a politician, yes you are, Dear. You became one the moment you entered the race.

  4. Scott Says:

    Isn’t it curious you never hear of this as*-clown gov of FL speaking to crowds or the public other than Republican gatherings. As if Democratic or Independent residents don’t exist. He is such a coward. This coming from a guy who was head of UHC but didn’t know what the ‘term bed-count’ was in depositions. He is a liar; a fraud; and anyone he endorses will be getting the kiss of death.

  5. Newt Romney Says:

    Rick Scott’s size 6 Texas-made boots are just too big for him — he needs to size down to at least a 5 or perhaps a 4 to fit those tiny feet!

  6. Bito Says:

    Why does it have to be a republican? They are always for the party, not for what is fair.

  7. Dee Says:

    No we don’t. We need to rid Floridah of Rich Scott and his cheating cronies. Those Repuglithugs!

    OBAMA 2012

  8. Jeff Sanders Says:

    for someone who refused to vote for Scott in the first place and that he shows how much he cares for the voters by his frequent travel plans I would not take his endorsement seriously. I would stick to the issues and what I would have to offer. And for what the Republican dominace in this state to begin with the one-sided lack of fuctionality to begin with. I won’t take what someone who looks like Voldermort very very seriously.

  9. Oscar Says:

    We need to elect Gershum. The office should not be partisan. Aronberg and Keaver are. Enough! Start cleaning up the county with the most corruption. It is not goingt to come from her or Burt’s boy.

  10. BBnLW Says:

    The LAST thing we need is more Republiclowns here in Florida. Dump ALL of them this November!

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