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Gov. Rick Scott, First Lady Ann in Bahamas to watch Attorney General Pam Bondi tie the knot

by Dara Kam | May 26th, 2012

Just back from a trade mission to Spain, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is in the Bahamas today for Attorney General Pam Bondi‘s hush-hush wedding to her long-time beau, Tampa ophthalmologist Greg Henderson.

Scott and his wife, First Lady Ann Scott, are among the guests at Bondi’s Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman affair. Bondi, 45, Florida’s first female attorney general, is divorced.

While it was no secret that Bondi and Henderson, who is 15 years her senior and has four grown children, intended to marry this spring, the attorney general kept details about the wedding mum. Bondi’s press secretary did not respond to questions about it Saturday.

But Sen. Paula Dockery, R-Lakeland, spilled the beans on her Facebook page Friday, posting a picture of Bondi captioned “The blushing bride serving punch to her friends on Cayman Air.” In a previous post, Dockery said: “The plane is filled with her wedding party.”

Bondi, a GOP darling who never ran for office before becoming attorney general in 2011, was a frequent contributor to FoxNews prior to her election and remains a regular guest giving updates about Florida’s lawsuit against President Obama’s administration over the health care law. The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling in the case in August.

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39 Responses to “Gov. Rick Scott, First Lady Ann in Bahamas to watch Attorney General Pam Bondi tie the knot”

  1. bernie Says:

    How wonderful. I hope the millions of Floridians that have lost their homes are happy for her. She is the single worst attorney general in the country. Half of her staff has quit and taken jobs with the banks and their lawyers. The other half of her staff couldn’t believe the corruption, and when they spoke up, they got fired. In the meantime, your property values have plummeted 60%, and your land records are a mess. Maybe she can have her honeymoon in one of those foreclosed homes.

  2. brenda star Says:

    That Ritz really ruined 7 mile– obnoxious for the area. Thanks for supporting it, I was hoping it would be torn down.

  3. TSH Says:

    Grand Cayman in The Bahamas…! And I guess the Bahamas is a U.S. territory and outside the U.S. nothing exists. I hate mediocrity.

  4. Dee Says:

    There Rich Scott goes again flying around on taxpayers dollars!

    Obama 2012

  5. codeblue Says:

    Really how ignorant of them .

    here people are suffering with

    finances issues and she is

    serving cocktails to her guests

    and our plane that we pay for

    and her selfish wedding.. yes

    I also hope they spend their honeymoon in someone foreclosed

    and what is this with the new name of Rick Scotts wife First Lady ..oh plz give us a break

    Crooks, thieves and liars..

  6. Really? Says:

    Cayman Islands are NOT part of The Bahamas….this is really a newspaper????

  7. ReadMoreCarefully Says:

    Hey Dee who said their flying on our (taxpayer) money? Codeblue it’s not our plane that we paid for; it’s Cayman Air’s.

  8. Soylent Green Says:

    Hopefully the sharks in the Bahamas will eat Mr. Cueball.

  9. Irish Mike Says:

    Wow,what a bunch of haters on this board. I suppose if she married a girl you’d all be so happy for her.

  10. Carol Says:

    My goodness the pit vipers are on this site. Taxpayers lost their homes because they could never have afforded them. Lenders were forced to give them mortgages thanks to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), compliments of your hero BJ Clinton, and enhanced by Bawney Frank (retiring) and Chriss Dodd (retired to become a lobbyist for Hollywood’s moguls to scoop up as much federal money as he can for them…psst..he’s not doing too well on that end). He also managed to buy a $2 million ‘little cottage in Ireland’. The DNC is hosting a fundraiser for the current POTUS in honor of Bawney Frank’s retirement and the 25th anniversary of his ‘coming out of the closet’. Pam Bondi is one of the best (and most attractive) things that’s happened to Fl., and her presentation to the SCOTUS in the 26-State lawsuit to repeal Obamacare was stunningly brilliant as opposed to the poor DOJ atty. who presented the opposing side so poorly that two of the Justices actually laughed, as did the entire audience and press corps. As for taxpayers paying for the Scotts attending the wedding festivities, please provide proof that they didn’t pay for their airfare, or it is likely that the newlyweds paid for the charter. Remember, Gov. Scott sold the State plane and pilots his own plane. But OMG, I’ll bet he charges the State for fuel when he flies it for State-related business. How shameful (smile)!

  11. Foxrepublican Says:

    I believe she has wasted too much money of lawsuits that didn’t need to be, that said, perhaps there is something special in the Bahamas that she could possiblily get here. Good for her spending her money her way, we don’t need our officials setting any examples by having the wedding in Florida, what would people say?

  12. Obvious Says:

    Ya just can’t get around it;
    She’s HOT!!!

  13. SciGuy Says:

    Wonder why Bondi and her beau are getting hitched in the Cayman Islands? Hope he gets a prenup for when Bambi Bondi takes him to the cleaners later. She must be planning on him not lasting more than another 10 years if that and then on to the next guy. She couldn’t get anyone her own age to even look at her much less walk her to the altar. She and Scott should make voters think before they vote next time, ya think?

  14. Jupiter Guy Says:

    So, she’s to good to help Floridas economic woes by having her wedding in the state she is supposed to protect? Color me surprised.

  15. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:


    Kudos for some intelligence and sanity among the usual majority of envious socialist nutzo comments.

  16. fritz Says:

    Thousands of Americans get married in the Caymans each year. I would have too if I could have afforded it. All you jealous liberals need to get over the fact that some people are just faster/smarter/better looking than you and they deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Stop being jealous and work harder. Socialism is evil.

  17. Toni Says:

    First of all who cares, with the exception that I hope no taxpayer dollars paid for the event.

  18. Educated Perspective Says:

    @Thank you Carol for your truthful post. It is nice to see educated people who knew exactly what, and why, things are the way they are. Bill signed the Community Reinvestment Act and the Glass Stegall Act, and subsequent Barney Frank and Chris Dodd threw us under a bus. After being thrown under a bus, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid place the final nail in our coffins by betting “the entire farm” on a failed stimulus causing our debt rating to be downgraded. Their explanation for their failures? Blame Bush, and when that no longer works? Blame the Tea Party.

    Congratulations Attorney General Pam Bondi.

  19. Abe Says:

    Was David Aronberg there with his future husband?

  20. Rasta Says:

    Aronberg cannot get married in Caymans or Bahamas. We do not recognize gay marriage.

  21. Joe M Says:

    I’d eat it !!

  22. Big White E Says:

    if I would have known I could have set her up with front row tickets for Kenny Chesney as I am a friend of him and he played there tonight. I will be in Tampa front row next week for his show

  23. Paul Says:

    Soon to be a private citizen Paula Dockery has no respect for anyone. If she sees a familiar face travelling for personal reasons she posts it to her FB. Really? Extremely classless of her. She is nothing more than jealous of Pam. Doc must be happy she was going away on Cayman Air.

  24. Tim Says:

    And the Florida taxpayers are footing the bill! Of that we can be sure!!!

  25. Gimme a Break Says:

    I think the eye doctor needs to get his eyes checked.

    I blame Bush

  26. Pete Says:

    Thank God for term limits. Who needs a Senator who flies on Cayman Air while people in Florida are suffering. Who cares if the AG is getting married. She is a smart AG. Senator Dockery is probably the one headed to an island on tax payor dollars. Would someone on that flight tell us who was with that Senator or is that classless Tom?? Is that why she vacations out of the country? We’re you on the plane Tom? They are all the same. I would sue that Senator for invasion of privacy if I was AG. That would be a great cat fight. Would somebody do a piece on all of that zsenator’s travels? Is she always with women? Isn’t that Senator divorced from her husband who is old enough to be her dad?

  27. Bear hug Says:

    Really? The eye doc is a smart man. AG is the bombshell. The Senator is jealous because doc is only 15 years older than the AG.

  28. Ooooo Says:

    Love AG!

  29. booger Says:


  30. booger Says:

    Carol post bullshti

  31. moh Says:

    Really? The eye doc is a smart man. AG is the bombshell. The Senator is jealous because doc is only 15 years older than the AG.

  32. Ooooo Says:

    The AG is a very smart lawyer & all women should embrace her as a Cabinet member who sets a fine example for young women across this great State.

  33. Flyer Says:

    Governor Scott doesn’t use the State plane for stops in FL. He doesn’t charge FL taxpayers for visiting sections of the State.

    Former Governor Crist used to ‘schedule’ a PR visit to S FL, get a photo shots, spend 30 minutes glad handing and then head to his condo in Miami.

    Convenient for him, costly for us.

  34. Bearded Says:

    So, if Dave Aronberg becomes the State Attorney for PBC is he going to go gangbusters on the gay issue?

  35. Downtown Danny Says:

    I hear Republicans complaining that Obama uses AF-1 to travel on campaign stops – Scott has used tax dollars to travel the world on what he calls “Trade Missions” that are pure leisure travel. Scott has created zero jobs and cost Floridians millions in higher everything – from insurance of every kind to food to housing – so here in Florida the Republican model is a total failure. But I hear not one Republican complaining about it.

  36. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    I posted another thing above which you will never see.

    It is classified as, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    This means the editors do not want it shown, so it shall never appear.

    This is just an observation; not a complaint.

    After all, it is their site; they are paying for it, and can do whatever they want.

    Leastwise that is the way I, as a libertarian see it.

  37. tk Says:

    Hope they Stay There!

  38. Pity Says:

    I’m going to be making this every week.

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