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Future House Speaker Dorworth draws local GOP official in primary contest

by Dara Kam | May 22nd, 2012

Rep. Chris Dorworth

Future House Speaker Chris Dorworth is facing a primary run-off against John Moffitt, the treasurer of the Republican Party of Seminole County.

John Moffitt

Moffitt filed his papers for the House District 29 seat yesterday, according to state Division of Elections records.

Reached by phone, Moffitt didn’t say why he launched a campaign against the powerful incumbent. But it’s an unusual move for a local party official to take on a future House Speaker.

“I’m not ready to make a statement at this time,” said Moffitt, whose message beneath his Twitter account (@johntheumpire) reads “Going to run for congress someday!” Like Dorworth, Moffitt lives in Lake Mary.

Dorworth, who’s collected more than $250,000 for his reelection effort, is scheduled to pick the gavel after incoming House Speaker Will Weatherford’s term ends in November 2014.

Maitland Democrat Michael Clelland is also listed as a candidate in the race.

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4 Responses to “Future House Speaker Dorworth draws local GOP official in primary contest”

  1. whasup Says:

    Somebody out to take Dorworth out of the line of succession for Speaker. He will end up being a huge embarrassment for Republicans. If he ever gets that powerful job, he’ll be likely to end up neck deep in corruption, and might be the tipping point that turns the House back into a Democratic majority.

  2. thomas reynolds Says:

    Thank God , because Lake Mary didn t really want to win”The dumber than a box of rocks district voting contest” !

  3. Frankopapa Says:

    Dorworth is going to win. And he is going to become Speaker. And it is going to be about the only thing that gives Democrats hope of taking back the House this decade. Their (the democrats’) incompetence in legislative politics is unrivaled.

  4. whasup Says:


    You are correct about the Democrats’ ineptitude in legislative politics, at least in winning elections in competitive seats.

    But it’s the Republican’s hubris, which comes from obersving that Democratic ineptitude, that leads to mistakes like putting Dorworth in their leadership succession line.

    And if they’re not careful, the Rs and conservatives will rue the day that they make Dorworth their Speaker.

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