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Florida Democratic chairman’s Joe Namath moment: ‘I promise’ Sachs will beat Bogdanoff in Senate race

by George Bennett | May 22nd, 2012

Joe Namath making his 1969 guarantee that Jets will beat Colts in Super Bowl III. He delivered -- will Rod Smith and Florida Democrats do the same in Senate District 34?

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith says the state Senate District 34 race between Democratic Sen. Maria Sachs and Republican Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff is the Democrats’ top Senate priority this year and he’s promising that Sachs will win.

The two incumbents were thrown into the same race by redistricting.

Smith’s promise has a brash, Joe Namath pre-Super Bowl III tone. But the new Palm Beach-Broward district has a Democratic tilt, so a Sachs isn’t really an underdog.

“The number one race and focus is right here in Maria Sachs. Number one for the state. Whatever it takes, however long it takes, whatever the work is, we’re going to to do it because we’re going to win this race,” Smith told about 120 Sachs supporters Monday night in West Delray.

Smith said Sachs looked at the new map and, rather than run against Democratic Rep. Joseph Abruzzo in Senate District 25, said “I’ll take a Republican, I’ll take her out.”

Smith added: “And that’s what’s going to happen down here, I promise.”

“However much money we need to raise, however much money we need to spend. However many times we have to hit every one of you up to help us, we’re going to do it. Because I’m not going to be at the end of night saying ‘Oh, I wish we had done just a little bit more in Palm Beach and Broward County.’ We’re going to take this seat and I promise you, it’s a Democrat-performing seat. It voted for Barack Obama last time; it will again. It’s voted for Bill Nelson every time; it will again. And it’s going to vote Democrat if we go out and tell our precincts, our neighborhoods, our communities and our friends that this is the number one race for us, and we win this race.”

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18 Responses to “Florida Democratic chairman’s Joe Namath moment: ‘I promise’ Sachs will beat Bogdanoff in Senate race”

  1. Oh...they scared Says:

    All the talk is coming from the Dems in a seat that should be safe. Trust me they see the polling and are well aware that Maria in deep trouble. Not a peep coming from the other side which speaks volumes.

  2. Joe Namath Support Says:

    Ellyn’s never had a tough opponent like Maria- M’s got the cross party support needed to get the district on her side.

    Finally the Democratic party picked the right person to run – Maria is clearly the best candidate in Florida to beat Bogdanoff

  3. poor polling Says:

    the poll taken before the district was even formed – back in March ? The poll thats been pushed by the Republican blogs but never published publicilly? THAT speaks volumes

    Please make up more polls to make yourself feel better – Ellyn has always been way too far-right for the district.

  4. Get real Says:

    First of all this isn’t the Democrats #1 targeted seat. Smith was just trying to pump you liberal idiots up. If it was they wouldn’t be going with Maria Sachs of all people.


    This story is obviously the media trying to make controversy where none exists.

    Maria Sachs wins hands down.

    NOBODY wants a Rick Scott rubber stamp like Wllyn Bogdanoff.

  6. John Q Says:

    Bogdanoff didn’t support Scott.


    “Bogdanoff didn’t support Scott.”

    That’s what she says.

    And you believe her after her voting record?


    Obviously Ellyn Bogdanoff is a poor representative of this district. We need someone who will not vote for the CORRUPT Rick Scott agenda 100% of the time. Doing so only serves Ellyn Bogdanoff, and NOT the people of the 25th Senate district in Florida.


    And she will do an outstanding job.

    I am looking forward to having a strong Democrat stand up to RPOF’s and Rick Scott’s disgusting and blatant corruption.

  8. Heather Says:

    BOTH ARE LOSERS ANYWAY….I am going I….so screw them both.

    Same people!

  9. Margaret G. Says:

    I think the whole thing stinks. I like both of these ladies. They have both done a fine job representing our area, and Fort Lauderdale. If forced to pick, I think Bogdanoff has been very effective on economic development and she has more experience.

    Anyone who thinks she is a lapdog for that jerk Rick Scott doesn’t follow her one but. I couldnt really care less about party affiliation. I am a registered Republican, but vote both ways.

  10. Searcher Says:

    The Republican LOCK on the State Legislature needs to end. But the latest GERRYMANDERED districts will make that difficult, if not impossible……


    Here is Bogdanoff’s voting record:

    Find me just ONE vote where she voted against the Republican majority!!!

    Just ONE!

    Is she an independent thinker? Who serves her district? Obviously not. Look at the record of her votes. It is obvious.

  12. Jules Says:

    The Democrats are going to have to empty the coffers to beat Bogdanoff here. They had better be prepared. She is a very good campaigner and she run circles around most of these other politicos in either party.

  13. RGiorgio Says:

    Bingo Jules. They will need $4-5 milly to do it and they won’t have it unless they blow off EVERY other race in the state. Bogdanoff will crush Sachs in money and there is no question she will out work her. Ellyn wins this race going away.


    Of course Bogdanoff and her corporatist benefactors will try to buy the seat.

    No amount of money and no amount of corporate-funded propaganda changes the fact that Ellyn Bogdanoff is a rubber stamp vote for the agenda of a highly unpopular and controversial governor.

    Bogdanoff voted to INCREASE TUITION at universities. When I called her office after that vote, her assistants had no idea what to say in support of that vote.

    This state is in DEPLORABLE condition thanks to years of corruption, indifference and incompetence in our state government.

    These utter failures will be held accountable on November 6th 2012.

  15. Thanks Richard Says:

    Now settle down and take deep breath.

  16. Nevin Says:

    I would not discount the GOP primary challenge of Mike Lameyer in this race. A lot of conservatives, Tea Partiers, and independent rightists are very angry at Senator Bogdanoff’s voting record. She did not keep her promise (e.g. support for an AZ style illegal immigration control bill). Bogdanoff has the support of mostly some crony capitalists and establishment Republicans, but many grassroots conservatives are very concerned about a number of her votes

  17. Antoinette Says:

    I am beginning to believe that it is intentional that conservative contender Mike Lameyer is intentionally left out of the equation. A combat veteran, Lameyer has remained consistent with his words and I believe he has got what it takes to challenge Bogdanoff who is actually a liberal in disguise. She is a disgrace to the party, from her horrific voting record, rude demeanor to her unprofessional attire. I do not want her representing me, and I am a republican.

  18. Antoinette Says:

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