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BIZPAC: Dump Bucher, keep Nikolits and Bock

by George Bennett | May 11th, 2012

Palm Beach County’s Business Political Action Committee has endorsed Delray Beach Mayor Woodie McDuffie for elections supervisor over incumbent Susan Bucher while supporting two other countywide elected officials who face challenges: Property Appraiser Gary Nikolits and Clerk ‘n’ Comptroller Sharon Bock.

BIZPAC tends to favor Republicans in contested partisan races, but the group endorsed state Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Wellington, for a new west-county Senate seat over Republicans Melanie Peterson and Geoff Sommers.

Read BIZPAC Chairman John R. Smith‘s discussion of the group’s endorsements here.

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11 Responses to “BIZPAC: Dump Bucher, keep Nikolits and Bock”

  1. Yoh Says:

    Agree that Bucher needs to go.

    Nikolits has been in office much too long.

  2. .... Says:

    Bucher is the typical – I was a politician whose only responsibility was pushing the yes or no button when she needed to vote…

    Constitutional officers need to know how to run an office… and preferably have experience in the subject matter of that office…

    What is Bucher’s background besides being a legislator?

  3. Boca REC Says:

    I feel bad for Melanie Peterson & Geoff Sommers they are good young conservative republicans but are in a tough spot. after looking at the district it is obviously going to perform democratic, not to mention Abruzzo is very difficult to beat. In order to win against a sitting legislator you must convince the people to fire them. although I am a loyal conservative, I must admit Abruzzo has done a good job and should get crossover support. I would like to see Peterson and Sommers do well but having a foolish loss on your record isn’t the way to go. I hate to see Sid push them into a race together. That’s not the way to build name ID. The RPOF is in a tough spot in PBC, we have limited legislative seats to compete except Hager and Rooney. Sid should be the one to get fired for not being able to get competitive seats drawn in PBC! He has no influence at the state level and grossly mismanages local races. We need a strong elected to take over the REC that knows politics, not an activist.

  4. Mid County Dem Says:

    Democrats will take back the western senate district!

  5. not surprised Says:

    Somebody should do a case study on Abruzzo’s politics. It’s unusual for somebody to annually get the support of the unions and business, of the left and some right, of the Trail Bar and the FMA. In a time when legislators constantly are in gridlock and fighting, he maneuvers the legislature and gets tuns of laws passed and both democrats and republicans like & support him. Rare and worth a detailed study.

  6. Edible Cactus Says:

    Keep Mr. Nikokits, he knows how to do the job in a fair and equitible manner. The last thing we need is a property appraiser who knows nothing about what they are trying to do, or who play favorites while the little people get a raw deal. There are statutes that must be followed and Gary does just that!!

  7. Vinny Says:

    Mid County…You need a Democrat in the race first. Top that Joey! You know I am just playin we go way back..Chicago Babby!

  8. Silliness Says:

    Why does John R. Smith get to do endorsements, call his puppet organization BIZPAC, and people actually report on it?
    This guy is right-wing nut who believe in Drill, Baby, Drill and getting rid of corporate taxes. He’s about the most extreme member of the Republican right wing in Palm Beach County and his views are positively straight out of the 1850s.
    Joe Abruzzo should run from this endorsement like his hair is on fire.
    Why do we give someone like this press?
    Can I create an organization, infuse it with my own crazy theories and then endorse tea partiers and get an article too?
    Bad journalism.

  9. Mid County Dem Says:

    Abruzzo is a solid democrat. Nice try Vinny, Abruzzo is from NY.

  10. HUH? Says:

    @Mid-County – you got that wrong. Abruzzo is from Chicago.

  11. What's the dif? Says:

    Yes, Abruzzo was born in Chicago but who cares! I’ve known him since he was a teenager living in FL & if his opponents want to bash people moving from the Midwest or Eastcoast down to South Florida, good luck! It’s only about 90% of the vote! Lol!!! & if they want to keep making racist comments because his mother is Italian and father Jewish, that should work well for you! Lol! Stupidity! This election is over before it starts.

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