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Sen. Bill Nelson underwhelms voters but has double-digit lead in Dem poll

by George Bennett | April 18th, 2012

Nelson: "Unusually low profile"

After more than 11 years in the Senate and decades on the Florida political scene, Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson has a 36 percent approval rating, a 32 percent disapproval score and an “unusually low profile for a sitting two-term Senator,” a Democratic polling firm says.

But Public Policy Polling says it’s still good enough to give Nelson a 47-37 lead over U.S. Rep. Connie Mack, R-Cape Coral, the GOP frontrunner, and bigger leads over former appointed Sen. George LeMieux and businessman Mike McCalister.

PPP’s poll of 700 Florida voters, which has a 3.7 percent margin of error, was conducted Thursday through Sunday — before Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said he’s considering jumping into the GOP primary.

Click here to see the full poll and cross-tabs.

17 Responses to “Sen. Bill Nelson underwhelms voters but has double-digit lead in Dem poll”

  1. GO OBAMA! Says:

    It’s because the GOP hates women.

    Marco Rubio is set to vote AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act.

    There’s your answer.

    If only they cared about, ya know, PEOPLE.

  2. 40 Yrs of Nothing! Says:

    Democrat Senator Bill Nelson abhors taxloops but puts 6 cows on his property to reduce his taxrate to an agriculture tax.

    Bill Nelson is a lifetime politicians…FORTY YEARS and can ANY FLoridian name ONE THING he has done for FL in those FORTY YEARS?!?!?

    Sorry, Bill you and Grace need to retire. She can’t stretch her face any tighter.

    And don’t forget the 26,000 space coast jobs that Bill Nelson did NOTHING to save!

    What has Bill Nelson done to give FL back those 26,000 jobs?

    And good ole Bill, vote to EXEMPT himself and his wife from ObamaCare. He didn’t want it!

    Tired of LIFETIME POLITICIANS and Bill Nelson has done nothing for over 40 years but collect a check from the public!

    Shame on him!

  3. GO OBAMA! Says:

    Shorter 40 Years:

    “But but but… tax loopholes are for REPUBLICANS!”

  4. L Says:

    Bill Nelson doesnt have my vote!

  5. John in Delray Says:

    Forty years of collecting checks while doing nothing. And then we wonder at governmental dysfunction.
    Vote out incumbents!
    Otherwise there is no hope for a better future.

  6. GO OBAMA! Says:

    What is this “doing nothing” BS?

    Every law that Obama has signed was passed with Bill Nelson’s vote.

    * Lilly Ledbetter
    * Affordable Care Act
    * Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform
    * Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
    * End DADT
    * New START Treaty
    * Stimulus Bill with Tax Cuts for 95% of working families
    * Credit Card Bill of Rights

    That’s just a few off the top of my head. If you oppose any of these laws, let’s hear your factually-accurate reason why.

    If you can’t come up with anything substantive to match your rhetoric then you are simply LYING.

  7. Carol Says:

    Nelson has voted with the Democrats 97% of his entire time on the Senate dole. And GO OBAMA! Other than the Lilly Ledbetter law, I oppose every one of these laws. Inspector Gen. for Stimulus stated in Congress today that it was wasted because neither the Fed. Govt. or States was prepared to handle the deluge of money flowing out of this monster. And your hero admitted ‘The shovel ready jobs weren’t shovel ready’ with a smirk on his face. Nelson is a parasite, feeding on the govt. teat, as is your hero.

  8. GO OBAMA! Says:

    Carol, I agree, the tax cuts in the stimulus that went to 95% of working families WERE wasted on a liar like you.

    So you oppose rules on Wall Street to prevent another 2008 catastrophe? LOL! Okay. That says it all.

    Obviously, Republicans are brainwashed into supporting things they don’t understand and which don’t benefit them or the country in the least. What a sad commentary on the state of society in the “Land of the Free”.

  9. Bob A Says:

    On nearly all major issues, Senator Nelson votes for liberal Democratic proposals. In Washington he is one the solid liberal senator, but in Florida he has convinced the media that he is a centrist or a moderate Democrat. He has a good PR person. The media needs to look at his voting record.

  10. RPOF = RIPOFF Says:


    That is because very very few laws that I would classify as “liberal” even make it to a final passage vote. Remember, ever since 2009, EVERY SINGLE BILL needed 60 votes in order to get to a final passage vote.

    Every bill had to meet the 60 vote threshold.

    The Joe Liebermans and Ben Nelsons of the world saw to it that each and every one of those bills was moderate in nature compared to what the “liberals” wanted.

    Now, obviously, you are using “liberal” as a pejorative to describe all Democrats, just like so many dishonest people call any Democrat a Commie or Socialist… but the fact is Bill Nelson is NOT a liberal. He IS a moderate.

  11. Downtown Danny Says:

    What’s the choice? Vote for Mack the adulterer who was a PR man for Hooters and in numerous bar fights, traffic confrontation, and then went to DC and had affairs all over town, left his wife & 2 kids, spent all his off time in California with his galpal – Sonny Bono’s ex, and passed not one bill or did anything worthwhile for anyone but himself.
    Him or rock solid Nelson? I’ll stick with what I know.

  12. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Nelson is the classical corrupt politician who has been happily operating within the Crony Capitalist model these last decades.

    He is less than shallow and clueless.

    He has no strong educated and integrated politico/economic philosophy.

    He is merely a hapless pawn at the command of the latest polling numbers.

    He is a very weak person who needs to go . . . along with his extravagant senatorial pension he and his buddies voted on to again shaft-with-no-Vaseline the rest of us.

  13. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Furthermore and to elucidate:

    Nelson has proven to be the classically corrupt politician happily operating within the Crony Capitalist model these last several decades.

    He is less than shallow and clueless but . . . perfect at typically being self-serving.

    He has no strong educated and integrated long-run politico/economic philosophy to help his many hard working constituents who work at or create jobs in his district or in our country as a whole.

    He has gravitated to being a hapless pawn at the command of Dem bosses and the latest polling numbers.

    He is a very weak person who needs to go . . . along with his extravagant senatorial pension he and his buddies voted on to again shaft-with-no-Vaseline the rest of us who trusted them.

    What a disgrace!

  14. JupiterVoter Says:

    Obama’s political strategists manufactured the “War on Women” verbage when polls showed him starting to lose male independent voters. His only path to victory is by gaining a greater margin among female independent voters, hence the effort to manipulate female voters into voting for Obama. Don’t believe me? Just look at the objective poll numbers to see if I’m right.

  15. Oh Please Says:

    Nelson supported Obamacare….enough said? He’s a communist.

  16. Termack Says:

    Yea, all of the phoney arguments and lies from the tbaggers do not change the facts.
    Nelson will win in a landslide.

  17. Plead the 5th 75 Times Says:

    Downtown Danny speaks the truth on this one. The GOP field in this race is a joke.

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