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Scott OK’s Fla Poly as state’s 12th university

by John Kennedy | April 20th, 2012

Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland would emerge as the state’s 12th public university, under legislation signed into law Friday night by Gov. Rick Scott.

The bill (SP 1994) was shepherded through the Legislature by powerful Senate budget chief J.D. Alexander, R-Lake Wales. The term-limited Alexander said accelerating the independence of the University of South Florida’s Polytechnic campus would prove a key job creator in the state.

Scott, who has anchored his administration on rebuilding Florida’s economy, apparently agreed. Plans for creating the new schools developed even as lawmakers cut $300 million from the budgets of Florida’s 11 other universities.

The $24.7 million reduction facing Florida Atlantic University forced that school’s board of trustees this week to proposed closing its Fort Lauderdale and Treasure Coast campuses.

“This move is nothing more than an appalling and wasteful power play by the Republicans in Tallahassee,” said Florida Democratic Party spokeswoman Brannon Jordan. “The people of Florida didn’t ask for this university, they don’t need it and can’t afford it.”


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6 Responses to “Scott OK’s Fla Poly as state’s 12th university”

  1. Searcher Says:

    What a JOKE. It was a money and power grab by a departing legislator. Now it will screw up existing universities. This CLOWN needs to go!

  2. Mary Says:

    The line from the movie “All the President’s Men” is applicable – “Follow the money.”
    Figure out how the govenor and/or his business colleagues will benefit from such an irresponsible action and there will the the explanation. Either that or J.D. Alexander has something to hold over the governor’s head. There has to be more to it than just giving a gift to a term limited legislator.

  3. Roland Says:

    Way to go skeletor. You talk about saving taxpayers money, but then add an unneeded University. Even the tea party has to see through this.

  4. Kurt Henninger Says:

    So….why are they getting another state university? I’m a little at a loss as to why they would do this. Is there a special need this is servicing?

  5. Mary Says:

    Yes, Kurt, there is a special need that needs servicing but it has nothing to do with stuents or education or the univeristy system. Someone’s pockets will be serviced. We just don’t know whose.

  6. Pity deklaracje Says:

    Very knowledgeable crowd at PNC. They were applauding AJB’s fouling off of pitches and were appreciative of his professional AB.

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