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Obama camp launches Latino push by calling Romney ‘extreme’ on immigration

by George Bennett | April 18th, 2012

As President Obama‘s campaign launched a Spanish-language TV ad blitz in Florida and other swing states with large Hispanic populations, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro painted presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney as “extreme” on immigration.

Republicans, who launched their own Latino outreach program this week, countered by blaming Obama for a sour economy that has been tougher on Hispanics than other groups.

“Mitt Romney would be the most extreme nominee that the Republican Party has ever had on immigration,” said Castro, who joined Messina and Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., on a morning conference call to tout the Latinos for Obama campaign initiative.

Messina also used the word “extreme” to describe Romney’s immigration stance — echoing criticism from Romney Republican rival Newt Gingrich, who called Romney “anti-immigrant” in a January radio ad that was pulled after Sen. Marco Rubio objected.

Romney has called for beefed-up border security and tougher employer verification standards to curb illegal immigration. He also said Arizona’s controversial law cracking down on illegal immigrants was a “model.” And Romney has said he would veto the Dream Act, which would offer a path to citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who were raised in the U.S. and complete two years of college or military service.

Romney adviser Albert Martinez accused Obama’s allies of trying to divert attention from the president’s “record of failure on the issues most important to Latinos. Hispanics have been hit especially hard as a result of three years of President Obama’s record of high unemployment, soaring debt, and skyrocketing gas prices. President Obama will do everything possible to make this election about anything other than his failed record.”

The Obama camp today began airing ads in Florida, Nevada and Colorado aimed at Latino voters, who supported Obama by a 2-to-1 margin in 2008. But Hispanic allegiance to the Democratic party slipped to 60 percent in the 2010 congressional elections.

Obama, who won Florida with 51 percent in 2008, got 57 percent of the state’s Latino vote over Republican John McCain after Republican George W. Bush was supported by 56 percent of Florida Hispanics four years earlier. Hispanics are about 13 percent of the electorate in Florida.

The Obama campaign touted the president’s support for immigration reform and said Hispanics are benefitting from the new federal health care law and programs such as Head Start and Pell Grants.

Republicans fired back that Latinos have been harder hit by the economic downturn.

The Hispanic unemployment rate was 10 percent in January 2009, when Obama took office. It reached 13.1 percent in November 2010 and stood at 10.3 percent last month — 2 percentage points higher than the overall national unemployment rate.

“Does President Obama think Hispanics suffer from amnesia? He may think we have forgotten about his broken promises to save or create 3.5 million jobs, pledge to cut the deficit by half by the end of his first term, or make immigration reform a top priority during his first 12 months as President. Not even the most eloquent rhetoric in the world, can hide the fact that this has been a failed Presidency with nothing but empty promises,” said U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Miami.

Republicans pointed to Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to make immigration reform a “top priority” during his first year in office. But Menendez blamed Republicans for blocking immigration reform by using Senate procedural rules to require 60 votes to pass legislation.

Menendez called Obama “someone who clearly stands on our side.”

10 Responses to “Obama camp launches Latino push by calling Romney ‘extreme’ on immigration”

  1. GO OBAMA! Says:

    R-MONEY is extreme on EVERY issue.

    Independents and Latinos aren’t going to fall for his polished smile and slick hair. They know what’s underneath…

    …A WALL STREETER THROUGH AND THROUGH who could care less about the Latino community or the Middle Class or women, or African-Americans, or anyone else who stands in the radical right’s way of their plan to permanently kill off the middle class.

  2. Richardson Fong Says:

    This presidency has shown clearly what can be accomplished when we pull together our strength as a People. President Obama has delivered many promises during his first, reference to his record. I am proud as an American Citizen to declare that we are far better off than the way President Bush the second and the Republican party have dragged the Country in.we are creating job again, manufacturing is fired up, we double our export rate, we are restructuring our educational system to ensure that we are #1 again. The Democratic party is the party of the most vulnerable and this a huge political difference. We want government to control the malversations of the rich and also serve the people efficiently & effectively.

  3. Richardson Fong Says:

    How much did Mr. Romney give to charity after amassing $ in one single year? 2010. This guy can care less about middle class. In fact, Mr. Romney’s apprehension of Middle Class is to eliminate it. Tell me People of America who do you think will defend, stand up strong for Middle Class between these two nice looking gentlemen? In my opinion, I firmly believe the one making $768.000 a year and who gives $168.000 to charity in a year is the best choice if we consider that the other guy makes $21,000,000.00 and not much to charity and who does not even want to realise his taxes report. The choice cannot be clearer between President Obama and former governor Romney. Look at the consistency rate of both MEN and get your own answer. America needs the best choice in 2012 elections and Mr. Romney does not even make the List because he is not consistent and noone knows where he stands on any issues. AMERICA wakes up and Re-Elect President OBAMA! Good my Lovely Land of hospitality!

  4. Dave Francis Says:

    The gathering storm is approaching and Mitt Romney is going to find himself in a lot of trouble if he reneges on enforcing the “rule of Law” on illegal immigration. The Constitutional TEA PARTY are avid defenders of the founding fathers edicts and as we have already seen President Obama has crossed that unconstitutional line, on an assortment of issues? Many Hispanics and all minority groups don’t necessarily believe we shouldn’t defend our borders. Or up hold the law against illegal aliens as any American or recognized permanent resident have demanded? It effects all the population as large bloc’s of minorities have lost their jobs and seen the failure of our economy under the dismal direction of this administration. More so than any time since the Second World War, the voters need to dethrone all those democrats, Republicans and Liberals who are have been influenced by Special interest groups, not to implement the E-Verify act as a mandatory federal law.

    The voters should also recall or throw out those tenants as Governors, Mayors and all elected officials who are pressing for any Comprehensive Immigration Reform policy. Currently the upper elites run by GOP John Boehner and his surrogates who are blocking this law on behalf of the huge corporations who are benefiting from cheap labor and the high profit margins and not lawful American labor. E-Verify would solve many decisive issues, relating to foreign workers taking American jobs. The latest company accused of visa fraud is the Information and Technology firm and high-tech industry powerhouse, “Infosys”, is accused of bringing low-paid foreign workers to the U.S. illegally. As the old saying goes, this is just the “tip of the Iceberg” amongst the millions of corporations and business holders. Every US citizen should wipe the slate clean of all perpetrators, in all the local, county and state elections and any company and use the eyes and ears as ‘Whistle Blowers’. On the Internet ICE has a toll free number to call, if the reader has his suspicions in the workplace using illegal workers.

    The TEA PARTY benefits every person of color, religion and affiliation, as the TEA PARTY is exactly that–a united front against the corruption that is Washington, although the Leftist presses says otherwise and have deceived the public with misinformation and rhetoric. Illegal immigration is not beneficial to this country, but a blight that is choking the welfare system. A financial cost that has drained the treasuries in all 50 states; Entitlements that should be going to our old and frail, our homeless, our disabled soldiers and our low income. Instead unfunded mandates have been applied throughout the nation, which we must cater to every illegal alien who arrives here. There is no real difference between a foreign laborer who smuggles himself and family across our borders, or intentionally stays after his visa has expired. All under the law must be pandered to, which was not in the text of the Constitution.

    We must amend the citizenship law, which manifests itself of women who arrive here pregnant, whose infant born here becomes a U.S. citizen. The only way to stop this financial absurdity is that women who enter hospital prove that either parent is a citizen of this country? Despite numerous media reports, the U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled on whether or not children born to illegal-alien parents, or to parents visiting the United States with temporary visas, crossed into America illegally are entitled to birthright citizenship? This will save a portion of the rising cost of over a $113 Billion dollars annually, that the states and central government is accountable. By the Congress just enacting E-Verify (H.R. 2885) – Chairman Lamar Smith’s ‘Legal Workforce Act’ and the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 (H.R.140).

    Many seemingly problems could also fade in the coming years is that we must have a national deterrent against both ID theft and voter fraud. Many US states are trying to provide a safeguard for citizens in the voting process. But President Obama and his henchman are using the power of the Justice Department to contain any new laws? Having a national identification card in ones possession would be unique in stopping theft of personal ID, for nefarious reasons and also the ability to vote. It could be used as proof of who you are, for welfare and food stamps, section 8 housing and receiving a driver’s license and insurance. The usual groups of suspects have rained down on this including the communist founded ACLU and people who are here illegally. In the long run hundreds of billions of dollars would be saved; from ID fraud, caused by our government to intercede. An alternative, but just as practical would be that for every election on all levels of government is a requirement that proof of citizenship is essential for voting. This isn’t the case now and blue states as California, Nevada with large populations of illegal aliens would be turned away from registering to vote. If you really think voter fraud doesn’t exist, just type in this text to any ‘Search Engine’ specifically now with this history making presidential race? In fact type in any keyword that you desire, such as ID theft, illegal alien welfare costs, Chain Migration, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Amnesty, Sanctuary City, Birthright Citizenship, to name just a few things in Google or Yahoo and you will be physically sick of the cover-ups the Left and Democrats keep out of the public eye. As yet Obama, Senator harry Reid and the majority of politicians haven’t yet tried to the freedom of the Internet?

    ID theft is no different as thousands of ordinary Americans are subject to criminals every day, including illegal aliens who need documents to even exist? Foreigners are perpetrating these thefts so they can get a job, welfare and other public programs. Congress has done literary nothing, and the Social Security agency still provide a easy counterfeit number, that can be provided in any sleazy back alley for $50.00. Americans are confronted with huge problems in straightening out compromised credit with the banks, the IRS, when somebody has stolen their income tax rebate. So much is at stake and can last for years of irate arguments with credit card companies. Even illegal alien criminals could not resist stealing money from the taxpayer’s purse, by fraudulently using ITIN numbers (provided by the IRS) and collecting child and adult credits fraudulently. Our incompetent government for decades has provided easy avenues for criminals and illegal foreign nationals to steal from the U.S. taxpayer. Fortunately the voter can do something about it by calling their Senator or House Representative in Washington and demand change. Under Obama his potential next term will see an open border and easy access to America for even more immigrants, further complicating our energy policies, straining even further our health care system and welfare programs, overwhelmed public schools and the loss of open lands for housing developments.

  5. GO OBAMA! Says:

    Nice rant full of lies! LOL!

    The Tea Party doesn’t know the first thing about the Constitution. They call taxes “THEFT”, but there is a constitutional provision establishing the right of Congress to tax the American people:

    Article 1, Section 8:

    “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States”

    YOU LIE!

    Have a nice day.

  6. George Hilbert Says:

    A problem that has grown to extreme proportions just may need extreme measures to solve it. Anyone who says that immigration, both legal and illegal, is not a huge problem in the U.S. is not being truthful.

    We now have load after load of illegals heading north from Mexico every day. Too many say, “no problem.” We now have loads of Muslim immigrants and first generation descendants who hate the European-based society and religion that is found here, and too many say, “no problem.”

    One problem is that those who say, “no problem” are not really Americans and hate the American way of life.

  7. LOL Says:

    Projection, much?

    Barack Obama uses words and terminology which are reflective of HIS mindset.

    Romney is not extreme. If anything, Romney is a moderate and will work to reunite this country instead of dividing it like Obama.

    Romney’s experience will be an asset to America. His experience in turning around failing businesses will be a phenomenal background for our country compared to having a President who is still ‘learning on the job’.

    There have been no successful Obama policies or programs. We are in tremendous debt and divisions in this country have increased, not diminished in America under the Obama administration. That has got to end and Mitt Romney is the guy to do it.

  8. Dmann Says:

    Obama is a very lazy man. Obama is not a man of substance. He is wasteful and arrogant. Obama is going to be resoundingly defeated. The American people deserve much better than this pitiful man.

  9. Legal only Says:

    Illegal immigration compromises our citizens health.

    Rise in cases of measles

    Rise in cases of TB

    If they were legal they would HAVE to have necessary immunization to enter.

    How many times have we read where students in a school all had to be tested because another student was diagnosed with TB?

    Another reason to have LEGAL IMMIGRATION! Come to America, but come LEGALLY!

  10. January 2013 Says:

    Can’t wait till January 20, 2013 when Barack Obama will take the oath again, and Reverend Wright will give the invocation!

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