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Jeff Atwater says he’s considering U.S. Senate run

by George Bennett | April 16th, 2012

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater says he’s considering entering the Republican U.S. Senate primary after being “asked by a number of people who I have tremendous respect for in conservative circles around the state.”

Atwater, a North Palm Beach resident, said he has received several calls in the last few weeks asking him to consider a candidacy.

“I’m going to consider it. I’m going to take a look at it. To date, I haven’t made one outbound phone call,” Atwater said.

Republicans Connie Mack and George LeMieux are the leading Republican contenders to challenge Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. But some in the GOP have said they are underwhelmed by the party’s field and its fundraising.

Atwater says he expects to make a decision soon.

16 Responses to “Jeff Atwater says he’s considering U.S. Senate run”


    Bill Nelson is going to clean up regardless of who runs.

    He is a true public servant who clearly deserves re-election.

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks to Atwater, we pay a crap load more for car registration every year.

  3. Get a job! Says:

    Stop feeding off the public trough.

    GET A JOB!

  4. oh goody Says:

    Another job for Jeff to be mediocre at! Can’t wait.

  5. Dee Says:

    Never vote for a Republican.

    Obama 2012

    Mitt is the plastic man who is installing a elevator for his cars in La Jolla, Ca. The same place I grew up.

  6. Bill Blesenthalorz Says:

    WHO GIVES A RIP if King Atwater runs. He’s a freaken Republican and they ain’t gonna win schitt. Vote for my brother OBAMA in November …

  7. Trilinka Shericia Smith Says:

    None of my sistas or brothers gonna vote for that cracker atwater. obama give me food stamp and dockter moneys. atwater well he he just another whitey tring to make more for the ones who don’t need it. im a democrat and proud of it. vote for Obama fo more freedoms. this is my furst comment. PTL

  8. howie Says:

    Nelson is a political hack who supported Onamacare. HE’S DONE

  9. walter Says:

    Doesn’t anyone monitor the racist drivel that gets posted in the comments section?

  10. Peter Schorsch Says:

    Hasn’t Jeff Atwater been itchin’ to run this entire election cycle?

  11. Lucretia Says:

    racist drivel? who do dat??

  12. Jordan Says:

    When idiotic Tea Party bigots pose as minorities and post stupid racist crap it only codifies your ignorance.
    GOP is a mess, they stand for repugnant principles that can not be reconciled using logic, and philosophy, in concert with ethics.
    Now that Mack has fallen flat they search for another who can resurrect this flawed political brand, but conservatives need to do more than change their candidates. Greed and avarice is unbecoming.

  13. former resident Says:

    mack is a clown. his conduct with his former wife renders him unfit to be a senator. atwater much better choice.

  14. Rick Says:

    All republicans have a neurological problem! Progressive people take in information, get it, then pass it on or act on it. Conservatives take in the same information, turn it upside down in their brain, the mash it into squiggly, ugly, smelly little things, then spew them out on an unsuspecting world, ruining it for everyone.

  15. Downtown Danny Says:

    So after running a bank that cost taxpayers millions when it went under (Riverside), changing the law on Hospice to let private industry take over and rip off taxpayers, now this crook wants to thump his bible and be in the senate?
    Atwater is not fit for any public office!

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