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Former state attorney Krischer endorses Aronberg for top prosecutor

by George Bennett | April 18th, 2012


Former Palm Beach County state attorney Barry Krischer is endorsing Democrat Dave Aronberg‘s bid for the top prosecutor’s job.

The Aronberg camp unveiled the endorsement today as former assistant state attorney Robert Gershman launched a no-party campaign for state attorney.

“I firmly believe that Dave Aronberg is the person best equipped to be our next State Attorney, and that’s why I’m enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorsing him,” said Krischer, who was elected state attorney in 1992 and reelected three times. “Dave Aronberg’s extensive career of public service has prepared him to serve as Palm Beach County’s next top prosecutor. Dave is a prosecutor, fierce consumer advocate and leader in public safety, and is known for making criminals pay for the crimes they commit.”


7 Responses to “Former state attorney Krischer endorses Aronberg for top prosecutor”

  1. who cares what barry says Says:

    Wo cares what Barry says.He’s on Rick Bradshaws payroll anyway.Gershman will get my vote and almost everyone i know.Let’s end the corruption.

  2. e. Feld Says:

    Barry was a do nothing state attorney and he has endorsed someone just like himself. Two peas in a corrupt pod. My vote is for anon other that the gay weasel Aronberg

  3. Better Luck Next Time Says:

    The Democratic mafia at work.

  4. Tea party Says:

    Krischer for Aaronberg… Who cares… Aaronberg is done — What has gone on with Chief Judge Peter Blanc, Howard Weiss & County Commissioner Burt Aaronson is CRIMINAL. A request for a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR has been made to Gov. Scott in this matter. Weiss is a CROOK and EVIL person… Blanc — Go figure his conduct… Aaronson – well you all know that answer – GL HOMES….


  5. Wizkid Says:

    Howard Weiss is being sued for CIVIL THEFT, FRAUD & LEGAL MALPRACTICE.
    Weiss Handler Angelos & Cornwell, PA. In the 15th Judicial Circuit. Handler is named personally.

  6. John Mahoney Says:

    Mini Watergate. Nixon was a liar, so is Aronberg claiming seeing nothing, hearing nothing, knowing nothing. Burt Aaronson, another liar .Why is he so obsessed with clearing the deck for Aronberg. First McAuliffe,then Marx, and now Gerschman. Aaronson and Edmunson are political operatives who stand to gain if Aronberg is elected. Then the big payoff for them. Bring on the Special Prosecutor. These are criminal activities that should be exposed and they will be.

  7. Sid Says:

    Krisher created Corruption County by turning a blind eye for years. That’s why the Feds had to do his job. Aronberg=more of the same, no wonder all these corrupt politicians are scurrying around behind Davey boy.

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