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Fla Dems edge out Republicans in voter registrations last month

by Dara Kam | April 13th, 2012

Florida Democrats are picking up steam heading into the general election, beating the GOP in lassoing new voters last month by 8 percent, according to data released by the Florida Democratic Party today.

Registered Democrats in Florida now total 4,955,094 – 40 percent of Florida’s 12,328,235 registered voters – as of April 1, holding a 4 percent lead of the GOP, with 4,408,461 registered voters. Twenty-four percent – 2,964,680 – of Floridians are registered with no party affiliation. And independents grew by a larger percentage than either party last month, with 41 percent of new voters, or 23,333, shunning both the GOP and the Dems.

While the Democrats are crowing about the new registration numbers, they’re still down overall from earlier this year. Figures released by the Division of Elections in January showed 40.5 percent of Floridians registered as Democrats and about 36.2 percent as Republicans.

And Democrats still hold a smaller lead over Republicans than four years ago, when the gap favored Democrats by 5.8 percent heading into the 2008 presidential elections.

But that didn’t stop Democratic party officials from bragging about the March registrations.

“The Republicans’ Tea Party extremism and their continued assault on women and the middle class is turning off Florida voters,” FDP executive director Scott Arceneaux said in a press release. “The Democratic message of economic fairness and helping businesses create jobs — coupled with our strong grassroots organizing across the state — set the stage for us to out-register Republicans yet again and maintain our overall registration advantage. Florida Democrats are entering the general election season strong.”

More Hispanics, the subject of intense outreach by the GOP, also registered as Democrats in March, beating out Republicans by 46 to 17 percent.

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10 Responses to “Fla Dems edge out Republicans in voter registrations last month”

  1. Da question Says:

    The question is will they come out and VOTE?

    Can one identify where in PBC the pick up of voter registration was?

    Why aren’t DETAILS EVER given in the news.

    It’s just too easy to mold the news.


    Democrats, FULL-STEAM AHEAD!

    We’re not going to stand for this neo-fascist garbage ANY MORE.




  3. Dave Says:

    What? Reading the RAT press release, overall, Republicans gained 1700+ voters in the registration gap. GOP gained 6000+ voters for the month.

  4. RG3 Says:

    Allen West supports disease and death profiteers. Allen West is a TOTALITARIAN FASCIST!

  5. DrDeath Says:

    Maybe the Republicans can invoke the “stand your ground” law in Nov. by considering any democrat voting for president Obama a threat to their civil liberties!

  6. Dr. Death is fitting Says:

    No, any vote for Oblama is a threat to my ECONOMIC LIBERTY.

  7. BBinLW Says:

    I’ve heard from more than one Republican that they’ll be voting Democratic this year too. Seems most people are not happy with the extremist views of the Repubs these days, even Repubs!

  8. Dawn Says:

    If in your heart to vote you would have been already registered. How much are the Dems paying for this?????
    Go Roomey 2012….

  9. BBnLW Says:

    Yeah, go &omney — straight into the also-ran category and far away from the WH…

  10. Problems Says:


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