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Democratic pollster: Obama +5 in Florida; Jeb Bush strongest VP pick for Romney

by George Bennett | April 17th, 2012

President Obama holds a 50-to-45 percent lead over Mitt Romney in Florida, according to a new poll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling.

PPP also tested four potential Florida running mates for Romney — Sen. Marco Rubio, former Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Rick Scott and U.S. Rep. Allen West — and found that only Bush would have a positive effect on the GOP ticket in Florida.

A Romney/Bush ticket would narrow Obama’s advantage to 49-46, within the poll’s 3.7 percent margin of error. The survey of 700 Florida voters was taken Thursday through Sunday.

The Obama/Joe Biden ticket holds a 50-43 lead over Romney/Rubio, a 51-40 advantage over Romney/Scott and a 50-40 lead over Romney/West.

PPP’s last Florida polls testing Obama vs. Romney showed the president with a 1-point lead in December and September.

21 Responses to “Democratic pollster: Obama +5 in Florida; Jeb Bush strongest VP pick for Romney”



    Obama/Biden with 50-40 lead over Romney/Allen West.

    Allen West is the biggest drag on the GOP ticket for Florida-based VP candidates. LOL!

    Made my day!


    His days violating the public trust are OVER.

    JOIN US in ending his political career!

  2. blueskies Says:

    Romney so far has taken two sides of every issue…and has beaten all of his primary opponents with that strategy. Schizophrenic? Not Romney, his strategy.

    Now you will see him take more than two sides to every issue That strategy will be the MPD (Multiple Personalities Disorder) strategy where it’s similar to a pirhouette strategy, looking 360 degrees to find the best position to take, either For, Against, Broad Middle, yes and don’t laugh, the Extreme Middle position.

    Obama can’t nail Jell-O to the wall…or Romney either.
    We deserve what we get!

  3. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Whomever the P.B. Putz and other Dem libs try to incessantly tout as a running mate for Romney, other Pubs, and non-socialists in general, is an almost for-sure strike-off simple trap.

    It is ever so obvious that brazenly lying and incessantly touting simplistic propaganda is their stock-in-trade — that which is easily recognized by us, who are more educated, reflective, accomplished, freedom and liberty loving, and so on.

    The bright side is that their rants and links are a frequent and common source of politico/economic entertainment evidencing foolish delusions trying to cover their failed administration . . . and happily forwarded around the Internet to millions and millions of others cherishing fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets.


  4. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Suddenly obvious . . . !

    Geometric Logic

    1. The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL.

    2. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING.

    3. The sport of choice for front-line workers is FOOTBALL.

    4. The sport of choice for supervisors is BASEBALL.

    5. The sport of choice for middle management is TENNIS.

    6. The sport of choice for corporate executives and officers is GOLF.


    The higher you go in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become. Therefore, one might conclude, there must be a ton of people in Washington playing marbles.

    You think?


    Marco Rubio’s own staffers just admitted to me that he PREVENTED a majority up-or-down vote in the Senate on the Buffet Rule because of GOP POLITICS.

    Republicans support the Buffet Rule by 53%, according to a recent CNN poll. OVER 70% OF AMERICANS SUPPORT THE BUFFET RULE. And yet Marco Rubio went against the American people to DENY the Senate from having a majority vote on the bill.


    He is a shill for the richest people in the country. America is waking up to these self-serving protect-the-wealthy-at-all-costs Republicans.


  6. Ebb and Flow Says:

    Was it Burt AAronson, Alan Seigel, Shelly Vana who they’d vote for?


    Do you all make enough money to pay for $4+ gallon gas, the high cost of groceries, a new car, a home, and pay off the $15 trillion in debt plus having the USA involved in the Middle East and Africa.

    And let’s not forget the race baiting by Obama in the Trayvon Martin case.

    You wonder why people are worried about the supply of oil…the crap in the Middle East that Obama has involved us in…the Arab Spring Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring with: Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iran, and Africa Spring!

    Bad News=Obama
    Name 1 successful Obama program or policy, just 1!

  7. Kudos Says:

    @Same ole, Same ole

    Kudos for the best post!

    Think you know what you’re talking about!


    From the poll release:

    “Rubio’s drawn the most attention as a potential Veep pick, but with him on the ticket Romney actually drops from 45% to 43% with Obama staying at 50%.

    There’s not much evidence Rubio would be able to draw Hispanic voters to Romney. In the straight Obama/Romney match Obama leads 52-37 with Hispanics and in the Obama/Biden v. Romney/Rubio match Obama still leads 52-37 with Hispanics.”


  9. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:



    1 / ˈɡreɪʃəs/ adjetivo  
    ‹smile/act› gentil, cortés
    (merciful) misericordioso

    2 / ‹lifestyle› refinado, elegante

  10. independent Says:

    @ allen west must go…………please grow up. everytime you post here you act like a 3 year old. a little maturity goes along way. grow up.

  11. Tea Lady Says:

    Oh Goodness!

    Mr Bush running with Mr $ Romney!

    Why should we bother having an election? Sounds like a waste of money, just allow Mr Obama to walk right in again!

  12. Oh Please Says:

    Oh my. The poll referenced in this article is obviously being used to try to sway FL opinion and not sample FL opinion. A vote for Obama or another DEM is a vote for COMMUNISM. Get it?



    Nobody cares for your pathetic lies, those of you on the right. Whether it is about Communism, Socialism, or any of your other fear-mongering tactics.

    WE – ARE – ON – TO – YOU.

  14. JanisL Says:

    You can’t mean paranoid “the Senate is full of Commies” Allen West, could you? Is the RPOF that desperate? He is FL’s Herman Kane, for horror’s sake! A sorrier prospect for running mate I can’t imagine. Willard and his wife have the charisma of Jack the Ripper–they will fail. It isn’t a reason to vote for such as Romney simply because he WANTS the White House sooooo badly, and unfortunately has the millions to buy his way in! Voters, don’t be fooled by this nasty person!

  15. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Let’s not forget, this current situation is now commonly called Crony Capitalism.

    Or, any other system that allows some citizens to coerce/sway and corrupt weak leaders to jointly gain access to some portion of the nation’s treasury at the expense of other citizens.

    Additional common terms would be fascism, communism, socialism, dictatorships, and on and on.

    Obviously, dishonesty and corruption are the common ethical failures from which this all springs . . . and eventually slowly and painfully causes it to die.

    In other words, honesty, integrity, and self esteem eventually lose to a lower life form and the whole culture quickly gravitates back to an early form of barbarism.

    It seems to be a huge challenge for most human systems of social cooperation to overcome these primary debilitating flaws?

    Simply stated, the failures, IMHO, seem to be in the area of constant and persistent educated due diligence. That is a huge job it would seem!

  16. NEMO Says:

    An unreliable and not trusted poll by the left wing media is causing a frenzy on the left wing posters here. Wake up from Uthopia! don’t you get it? Obummer cannot run on his socialist record with 48 millions american citizens without a real job.
    Slogans will not save Obummer in November 2012

  17. GO OBAMA! Says:


    Aren’t you Republicans always complaining about name-calling? And here you are calling the President “Obummer”?



  18. Laughable Says:

    LOL-Democratic poll!

  19. Failing Women Says:

    Women realize that Obama has hired a woman, Hilary Rosen (40+ visits to the White House) to bash Ann Romney for being a stay at home mom;

    that democrats think it is OK to label women “C UNT” and “DUMB T WAT” IF a comedian ( so say, WassermanSchultz, Axelrod, Schumer)uses those sexually offensive words and it is NOT directed at democrat women given that the ‘comedian’ gave Obama $1 million.

    Obama has sent out his wife to counter Ann Romney discussing her battle with MS (my dad had MS, too, says Michelle); wonder who Michelle will bring up when Ann Romney discusses surviving breast cancer?

    Democrats attack Mitt Romney’s dog, but Obama ATE dog when he was in Indonesia.

    they attack Mitt Romney’s wife for not getting abortions,and having 5 children.

    Democrats are an ugly bunch of people.

    Attack, attack, attack-especially women!

    We saw it with Sarah Palin, her daughter, her special needs child.

    Democrats attacked Michelle Bachman, questioning her foster children and calling her husband, gay!

    Women need to understand the democrats and their tactics. They are reprehensible.

    NO to Obama

  20. GO OBAMA! Says:

    “Attack, attack, attack-especially women!”

    Wow, lie much?

    Did Democrats pass the forced ultrasound bill?

    Did Democrats oppose the health care reform bill that gave women access to preventative care without co-payments?

    Did Democrats oppose the Lilly Ledbetter bill?

    Did Democrats try to impose a government mandate that business owners can deny women coverage of contraception?

    Did Democrats compare the GOP’s anti-woman agenda to a “War on Caterpillars”?

    Get back to me with your answers.

    I can’t wait.

  21. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Change of subject . . .

    How many here remember this?

    No points unless you reply with the Windows version in which it was prominently featured.

    Relatively innocent, happy, and nostalgic times compared to the total mess of lying, deceiving, cheating, and on and on, that is politically presented on our plate now.

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