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Weatherford’s pitch for bipartisan backing of budget falls flat

by John Kennedy | March 9th, 2012

A last-ditch appeal for bipartisan support from Speaker-designateWill Weatherford  fell flat Friday night, as the House voted 80-37 in a partyline vote to approve the state’s $70 billion budget for 2012-13.

A Senate vote is expected later Friday.

Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, said that it has only been over the last six years that Democrats began voting against the state budgets, and he called for the minority party to put aside differences and join Republicans in approving the plan.

No dice.

Rep. Scott Randolph of Orlando was among the Democrats who blistered the budget for cutting university spending, reducing hospital payments, and doing nothing to lift motorist tax- and fee-hikes approved three years ago.

“You are all taxing the middle class and you are taxing them out of existence,” Randolph said.

Following Randolph, Weatherford’ s appeal for bipartisanship fell flat.

“This is an opportunity for you to rise above party,” Weatherford said.

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One Response to “Weatherford’s pitch for bipartisan backing of budget falls flat”

  1. patent Says:

    Wow! Absolutely amazing. I get the 911 bringing big money, but man that’s a ton-a-cash for a suit. Crazy. I hope the take went to a good cause, but I have to believe they would have mentioned that if if did.

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