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Voters’ groups want more sunshine on staff work on redistricting

by John Kennedy | March 15th, 2012

Organizations which disputed the Legislature’s first round of redistricting fired off a letter Thursday to Senate Reapportionment Chairman Don Gaetz urging that he make public the Senate’s latest attempt at redrawing district boundaries.

The League of Women Voters, La Raza and Common Cause-Florida said they were unhappy with Gaetz’s plan to have legislative staffers draw a new map– with the results only made public Saturday when it will be released as a proposal for the full Senate to consider next week.

“Since the Supreme Court expressly found that the original, ‘Senate plan is rife with objective indicators of improper intent,’ it is crucial that the redrafting process be done in the sunshine so that the people of Florida can know the motivations for drawing each line,” the groups wrote in their letter to Gaetz, R-Niceville.

The league, La Raza and Common Cause submitted their own proposed maps, which the Florida Supreme Court used in rejecting the Senate’s plan in a 5-2 ruling last week.

Justice¬†Barbara Pariente, writing for the majority, cited several examples where the so-called coalition plan’¬† included more compact districts and avoided packing minority voters within select boundaries, which the court said appeared aimed at helping incumbents win re-election and the ruling Republican Party maintain its dominance in Tallahassee.

The letter concluded, “Senator Gaetz, Floridians should have an opportunity to observe the staff and senators as they redraw and to assess for themselves the intent of the drafters. We urge you to conduct the redrafting process in an open and transparent way that reassures voters about the integrity of our system.”


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3 Responses to “Voters’ groups want more sunshine on staff work on redistricting”

  1. GT Says:

    La Raza, really?

  2. More Sunshine Says:

    The public wants more sunshine on the affiliation of Post Time reporters and editors.

    Are they registered democrats? How often do they support and endorse republicans, independents, and not perrenial incumbents in office?

    After every article should be the political affiliation, donations and memberships of the staff.

  3. Ralphyboy Says:

    That way, they can take POLITICAL shots at it along the way and whip up the Lib-Dem base, against the evil Republicans. This will happen with abundant news coverage, to get the word out. The Senate should release it when they are finished. Already there are complaints about the COST of this special session. If only the Republicans had done what the Democrats had wanted. How about the activist judiciary and racist groups, like La Raza (The Race)?

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