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Tax collector showdown: Former collector Carney challenges incumbent Gannon in Dem primary

by George Bennett | March 13th, 2012


Former Palm Beach County tax collector Peter Carney said today that he will challenge incumbent Tax Collector Anne Gannon in this year’s Democratic primary.

Carney, a real estate lawyer, was a Republican in 2006 when former Gov. Jeb Bush appointed him tax collector to replace retiring John Clark. Gannon defeated Carney in the general election that fall.


Carney switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat about a year ago, saying at the time that the GOP had been “hijacked” by the tea party.

“Running for office really had not factored into my mind” when he switched, Carney said today. But, he said, “people have come up to me in the last two months and they encouraged me to run.”

Carney said he expects to raise more than $100,000 to run a competitive campaign. Gannon had raised $25,323 through the end of December.

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5 Responses to “Tax collector showdown: Former collector Carney challenges incumbent Gannon in Dem primary”

  1. Christina Says:

    I hope Mr. Carney wins! I have met both him and Mrs. Gannon and he is by far the better person as a whole.

  2. Just Axing Says:

    Is Carney doing Burt’s bidding?

  3. RPOF = RIP-OFF Says:

    Who are we kidding?

    The guy is a Republican from the same party that brought us Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.




  4. joe sixpack Says:

    uhhh..carny’s a “capable” guy.
    un-like “Burt”.. and Gannon.
    but its not about “Party”..
    its about who would do the best job.
    and right now..almost anyone could.

  5. tax collector Says:

    This is how Bob McKee worked his way up to Tax Collector in Lake County.

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