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Capitol student-led Trayvon Martin protest: ‘Please don’t shoot me.’

by Dara Kam | March 26th, 2012

FSU student Michael Sampson

About 100 students, many of them wearing hoodies in the 85-degree heat, marched to the Capitol from nearby Florida State University and Florida A & M University, joining protestors in Sanford and throughout the country to mark the one-month anniversary of the Feb. 26 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Chanting and holding signs including one that read “Please don’t shoot me. I only have Skittles and a drink,” the students’ enthusiasm grew as cars in the rush-hour traffic honked their approval.

Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who said he shot the youth in self defense, in a gated community last month. Zimmerman has not been charged with a crime.

The shooting has sparked a national furor with celebrities and sports stars joining in the demands for an arrest, and President Barack Obama saying that “If I had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon.” Martin’s parents joined in a rally in Sanford at 4 p.m. this afternoon.

FSU political science major Michael Sampson, 22, organized the Tallahassee event. Sampson called the failure of authorities to charge George Zimmerman with a crime “the last straw” for blacks and others.

“This case of Trayvon Martin, it’s the last straw for people of color,” Sampson, who is from Jacksonville, said. “We will not stop. We must keep going because we do not want to let another Trayvon Martin happen. Anyone one of us could be Trayvon Martin. I’m Trayvon Martin. I’m a young black male.”

Despite Gov. Rick Scott’s appointment of an independent prosecutor and his creation of a task force to look into the use of the state’s first-in-the-nation “Stand Your Ground” law, blacks and civil rights activists need to keep up the pressure, state Rep. Mia Jones, chairwoman of the legislative black caucus said.

The protests “keep the heat on and let everyone know that we’re paying attention,” Jones, D-Jacksonville, said.

Rep. Perry Thurston, one of the black lawyers who asked GOP leaders to look into the law and says it needs to be revised, said the Trayvon Martin shooting represents discrimination and racism that is pervasive throughout the nation.

“Trayvon Martin is the face of potential injustice all across the state,” Thurston, D-Plantation, said.

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8 Responses to “Capitol student-led Trayvon Martin protest: ‘Please don’t shoot me.’”

  1. Devoid of Unity Says:

    Let’s get all the facts.

    Mob rule = Obama
    Agitator = Obama

    Our country has not improved since the election of President Obama.

    He has done NOTHING to unite the people of the USA.


    Devoid of unity is our local flaming racist troll. Can’t stand the fact that a intelligent black man is in the white house. He’s obsessed with complaining about it. He thinks of nothing else day and night.
    People like him are the reason there are Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksonse justifies the work they do!!!

  3. Bob Says:

    It is difficult to accept the words of some of these protestors and other notable figures, when they treat black on black violence with indifference. Was Trayvon’s life worth more than the young black children that are killed everyday? Every single day in America blacks are killing each other, and no outrage from this same group. It is truly a tragedy that so many young blacks die everyday and their own community cares little.

  4. panhandle Says:

    Zimmerman chased after the boy when being told to stand down by the dispatcher. He was armed. The boy had the legal right to be there and was not committing a crime. When did Travyon lose his right to “stand his ground”?

  5. Courts not newspapers TV Says:

    Remember Tawana Brawley ‘rape’ allegations?

    Remember the Duke LaCrosse ‘rape’ allegations?

    We have to get all the facts in this Martin/Zimmerman case.

    News is coming out about Martin, his suspension from school (twice) not just this current suspension, graffiti of school property; possession of a bag of women’s jewelry, being in possession of burglarly tools; being in a place he wasn’t supposed to be, a tweet from Martin’s cousin regarding an attack on a bus driver. Seems many times Martin got a ‘break’ from his delinquent behavior in school. Is any of this true?

    Why is Zimmerman’s nose broken?
    Why was Zimmerman’s head bloodied?
    Why was Zimmerman carrying a gun?
    Why didn’t Zimmerman follow the directions of the dispatcher?

    We don’t have the facts. We can’t depend on the media for the correct information. The courts are our only hope.

  6. RealAngst Says:

    Nothing legitimizes rev Al and rev jesse and the garbage that they spew. Recently a Black Leader with MORALS and a clue called them out for it and the rest of the black community should shun them as well. That wont happen because there is a vocal faction that will just believe whatever they say. Sad but true. @courts…Might I suggest that you look at the video of Mr. Zimmerman being taken into the PD after the incident and tell me where the bloody head wound is? I dont see one. Where is the evidence of a broken nose? Not there. There is a right to carry a firearm where Mr. Zimmerman is concerned, so that isnt the issue. Zimmerman has a HISTORY of not doing what he is told, so this only proves the point that many have made. Incompetent investigation, racial bias and outright lies.

  7. RealAngst Says:

    @Deviod – well, all I can say is that you are devoid of intelligence and the ability to put your opinion of this incident into perspective. Mr. Obama is none of hose things and while I didnt vote for the man, he hasnt divided America, people like you divide America. As our ELECTED POTUS, it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to back up Mr. Obama regardless of party affiliation.

  8. mcdowell yun Says:

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