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Senate Easter basket special? Pink bunnies!

by Dara Kam | March 6th, 2012

UPDATE: Easter baskets could get even more festive if Gov. Rick Scott signs off on a bill heading his way that will allow farm animals, including bunnies, ducklings and chicks, to be dyed – that’s colored, not killed. The House passed the measure 109-5.

Nearly 50 years ago, Florida outlawed dyed bunnies, chickens and ducks.

But just in time for Easter, kids may find pink or green bunnies tucked in with other mellifluous treats in their holiday baskets after the Florida Senate tacked on an amendment to an agriculture bill (HB 1197) dealing with honeybees and other critters.

Animal- loving Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich tried to get the amendment stripped off, saying the statute banning animal dying comes under the “animal cruelty” section of the Florida Statutes.

Dyed bunnies, ducks and baby chicks “look really cute at a couple of months of age” Rich, D-Weston, argued. “But when they get older and nobody wants them, then they get loose or taken to our shelters.”

But Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, the amendment sponsor, said dog groomers want the ban on dying lifted so they can colorize pets for competitions and parades. She said dying dogs isn’t cruel and rejected Rich’s argument that pets don’t get asked if they want their fur dyed.

“We neuter dogs without their permission. I’ve never asked my poodle if he wanted a hair cut,” Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, said. “Animal cruelty is wrong…but dying a dog’s hair or horse’s tail I don’t think is cruel.”

But Rich didn’t back down.

“This is not about grooming poodles,” she said. “This…is a way of ensuring that we don’t have a lot of little adorable ducks, rabbits and chickens that are given away at Easter time and look so cute and then two or three months later nobody wants them.”

Rich’s attempt failed, and the amended ag bill now goes back to the House.

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13 Responses to “Senate Easter basket special? Pink bunnies!”




    We have so many problems in this state, and THIS is what she has been working on???

    A bill to allow chemical dying of our pets?



    I am SICK & TIRED of the Republicans.

    Call Senator Bogdanoff and tell her she is a shame and a disgrace to the state of Florida:

    (954) 467-4205 (Ft. L)
    (561) 650-6833 (WPB)

    Disgusting fascists are going DOWN in November.

  2. AK Says:

    Just wondering why the Republicans didn’t issue pink slips to themselves instead of pink bunnies. We could sure use a break from their stupid and sel-serving selves.

  3. David D Says:

    This is why they all need to be out of office. Start over not just with the R but with the Ds. NO TO INCUMBANTS..these people are so stupid!

  4. mary Says:

    Did I miss something here. I thought that they are suppose to be working on JOBS JOBS, not to waste time (and they get paid a really good salary). What the hell do we want to color animals for. Don’t they have enough stress staying alive. Pass a law that really means something on ridding the cruetly that man bestowes on the animals, like the horses that were found dead in a field (used as a slaughter house) straved to death. I thought I could ignore some of the GOP’s thinking but I will not vote them in ever.

  5. Johnny Says:

    I have to disagree with Nan. Once those pink creatures are fully grown, plenty of people would want them. For Dinner!

  6. Tad Says:

    Sorry folks disagree with you, My wife is a dog groomer and she would love to be able to color her clients dogs. There are major competitions all over the country involving creative grooming of dogs. Why not here also? I don’t agree with the dyeing of small farm animals for gifts at Easter, but for people that use approved products and methods why not?

  7. Theresa Says:

    I am a professional groomer in the state of Florida. Please educate yourselves before you decide that coloring dogs is cruel. There are grooming competions throughout the United States where coloring dogs is allowed.

    The Dyes are safe, vegetable based and animal friendly. They wash out within 4-6 weeks. As the owner of my own grooming shop, it will help bring more clients into our shop, which in turn means more business which in turn means the possibility of growing and providing jobs for others.

    Please do your research and go to the national creative dog groomers website before posting comments that are uneducated.

    Theresa Bohler

  8. RPOF MUST GO Says:


    How about you educate YOUR self.

    The whole point of having the law in the first place is to prevent ABUSE of dying animals.

    Are there responsible groomers who use veggie-based dues? Sure.

    Are you sitting there trying to tell me that there will be NO animal abuse if the law is removed?

    You are naive.

    Whether you are the most caring person around animals or not, YOU are calling for the ability to abuse animals. Period.



  9. Pink Kitty Says:

    And this will help create jobs how?

  10. Theresa Says:

    Once again you need to do your research, I have been in the animal field for over 30 years and involved in animal rescue for as many.

    Please go to the national creative groomers website to educate yourself. I am always happy to give information or make comments on issues, but I insist that the person I am talking to be as fully informed as they can. Name calling and assumptions of things only make you look ignorant.

    Research,read, then respond appropriately as an adult.


  11. birth controll Says:

    I think this web site contains some rattling fantastic information for everyone :D . “Believe those who are seeking the truth doubt those who find it.” by Andre Gide.

  12. Lisa in Tampa Says:

    Theresa, leaving aside the issue of dyeing dogs, repealing the old law will make it legal for people to sell very young chicks, rabbits, and ducks, AND for them to dye those animals. If you’re involved with animal rescue, perhaps you already know this: Every year, many parents thoughtlessly buy their children chicks, ducklings, and baby rabbits as Easter presents, never considering the amount of care the animals will require. Then shortly after the holiday, those little impulse purchases–living, feeling beings–are dumped at shelters–or just dumped, period, with these defenseless animals being let loose in the wild to fend for themselves. Repealing the law entirely without making provisions to protect those small animals would be reprehensible. Dyeing these very young animals is not a harmless practice, and it will only make them more attractive to stupid people who treat living creatures as disposable commodities. Florida has a bad enough track record regarding animal cruelty without rolling back a good law that protects small animals.

  13. economy Says:

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