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Poll: Nelson opens 44-36 lead over Mack in Senate race

by George Bennett | March 29th, 2012

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who was in a virtual tie with Republican Connie Mack in a January poll, has moved to a 44-to-36 percent lead over the GOP frontrunner now, a new Quinnipiac University poll says.

Mack and Nelson are tied among male voters at 41 percent apiece, but Nelson has a 14-point lead among women.

Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown links Nelson’s improved numbers to President Obama‘s rising fortunes in the state. Mack has also been hammered on character issues in recent weeks by Republican primary rival George LeMieux, who has called Mack the “Charlie Sheen of Florida politics.”

The poll of 1,228 registered voters, conducted March 20-26, has a 2.8 percent margin of error.

7 Responses to “Poll: Nelson opens 44-36 lead over Mack in Senate race”

  1. NO to Nelson Says:

    Go Mack.

    It is time for a new senator.

    Bill Nelson has been in political office for over 40 years. Can you tell me one thing he has done for FL?

    Nelson couldn’t even save the 26,000 space coast jobs and he was the guy who flew into space!

    FORTY YEARS is long enough! OUT in 2012

  2. Where does he stand Says:

    Bill Nelson hasn’t said a word about the Trayvon shooting. What does he have to say?

    Will he side with those who will not let the justice system do its work or will he speak out and ask to let the justice system work.

    Nelson has to support Obama so we know where democrat senator Bill Nelson stands.

  3. Jerry Says:

    You mean the previous Rasmussen Polls were slanted to the right?
    What a shocker.

  4. Saving Florida's Future Says:

    Great Video: Saving Florida’s Future from the politics of Cornelius Harvey McGillicuddy IV, aka: Connie Mack IV.


    LOL @ GOP

    This is what happens when you wage WAR ON WOMEN.


  6. Downtown Danny Says:

    Mack is a fraud. He sent me flyers when he ran for Congress touting his “family values” with a photo of his wife & 2 kids. He then went to Dc and had affairs all over town, then abandoned his family. He started a new affair with Sonny Bono’s widow and went home to California every recess, never returning to Florida or his district. He has just started coming here since he decided to run for the Senate. His ex wife & kids live in poverty in an apartment in Ft. Lauderdale – it took a judge’s order to get Mack to pay his child support – which was eventually caught up by his daddy. Mack is a spoiled rotten punk who thinks the world will be handed to him and he has no leadership qualities or a brain to think with. Mack is unfit for any public office – remember – his job before going to Congress was working as a “spokesman” for Hooters – now thats a fine “family values” business.

  7. pace doolittle Says:

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