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Animal groups ask Scott to keep prohibition on pastel peeps, veto pink bunnies bill

by Dara Kam | March 8th, 2012

Animal rights groups are asking Gov. Rick Scott to veto a measure that would do away with a nearly 50-year old prohibition on dyeing animals.

Lawmakers passed the bill (HB 1197) this week over the objection of a handful of those who objected that the ban is needed to keep colored bunnies, chicks and ducklings from popping up in kids’ Easter baskets then abandoned months later when their cuteness wears off.

Senate bill sponsor Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, said she filed the measure at the request of a pet groomer who wants to be able to dye dogs for competitions.

But PETA and the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida have sent action alert to their members and today asked Scott to use his red pen to kill the bill, saying coloring farm animals for Easter treats is a “death sentence” for the critters.

“Blue and pink bunnies and chicks may appeal to children, who will pester their parents to purchase them, but dyeing these small animals can be a death sentence for the animals as every humane agency in the country well knows,” PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovich said in a press release. Read PETA’s letter to Scott here.

The abandoned animals will crowd the state’s already overburdened animal shelters, PETA argues.

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2 Responses to “Animal groups ask Scott to keep prohibition on pastel peeps, veto pink bunnies bill”

  1. fran sieber Says:

    Please keep prohibition on pastel peeps, Please veto pink bunnies bill
    thank you

  2. Tiara Tapscott Says:

    Currently there is no new firmware release for the T301, but when one becomes available, we will post it here!

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