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Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney for president

by George Bennett | March 21st, 2012

Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney with Rep. Eric Cantor in 2009.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush has ended his neutrality in the 2012 presidential race and declared it’s time for Republicans to get behind frontrunner Mitt Romney.

From Bush this morning:

“Congratulations to Governor Mitt Romney on his win last night and to all the candidates for a hard fought, thoughtful debate and primary season. Primary elections have been held in thirty-four states, and now is the time for Republicans to unite behind Governor Romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall. I am endorsing Mitt Romney for our Party’s nomination. We face huge challenges, and we need a leader who understands the economy, recognizes more government regulation is not the answer, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism and works to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed.”

32 Responses to “Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney for president”

  1. Denny Wood Says:

    Just what Romney needs, an endorsement of a chronic (8 years) Americans with Disabilities Act violator. As Governor he thumbed his nose at the ADA mandate for state buildings. Restrooms on his floors were not accessible for people in wheelchairs. An ADA suit posted at is fixing those restrooms. AND THIS ENDORSEMENT COST ROMNEY MY VOTE. And as many people with disabilities and their supporters I can reach.

  2. David Says:

    Best reason so far for NOT voting for Romney – JEB! was a disaster for Florida. Romney would be a disaster for the country.

  3. hey Says:

    Please enlighten us David, why EXACTLY was Jeb a disaster for Florida. We eagerly await your SPECIFIC details.

  4. Drummer Man Says:

    It’s about time people started getting behind the right person. GO MITT GO




    By the way, Mitt R-MONEY has hired almost the entire George W. Bush staff.

    If you loved 2001-2008, here’s your chance to vote for MORE economic disasters and MORE extraction from the Middle Class and FURTHER decline from the shared prosperity and FURTHER erosion of the American Dream.





    NOVEMBER 6TH, 2012.


    Free Florida from the fascist right wing! We can do this! We must!

  6. hey Says:

    To “Allen West must go”…what SPECIFIC members of George Bush’s staff did Romney hire? Again, we eagerly await your SPECIFIC answer.

  7. maoriii Says:

    I have a question for the Republican Cynics of this State.

    How much for the Little Boy? How much is “APPROPRIATE”?

    Vigilante Fascism is alive and well in Florida and it is Sponsored by the Republican Cynics.

    The Cynic knows the PRICE of everything and the VALUE of nothing. Oscar Wilde

    So how much? How much for the Little Boy? How much for your lawless greed?

  8. maoriii Says:

    Jeb oversaw and signed that law. Jeb ruined our schools. Jeb and the Republicans sow the seeds of despair, pestulence and greed in our communities. So HOW MUCH? HOW MUCH FOR THE LITTLE BOY?

  9. maoriii Says:


  10. David Says:

    OK, “hey”, here it comes:
    JEB! did everything he could to destroy public education in FL with deep and continuing budget cuts to education.
    JEB! promoted charter schools at the expense of the public school system.
    JEB! had a “secret plan” (his words) to circumvent the voters’ will in determining class size maximums.
    JEB! was even exploring ways to PRIVATIZE OUR WATER SUPPLY!
    JEB! started the process (which continues under Scott) of decimating benefits for state employees, who in most cases, make FAR LESS that equivalent jobs in the private sector.
    JEB! did nothing to help the homeowners’ insurance mess or the property taxes mess.
    JEB! had the philosophy of “cut without regard to consequences”.
    … my blood presure is going up. I have to stop.

  11. V Says:

    Dear Hey
    Were you born a moron or is it something you just work hard at being every day?

  12. Tea Lady Says:

    Oh, that’s funny! Mr. Bush did not specify WHICH Mitt Romney he endorsed.

    Was it Romney, the architect of Massachusetts’ freedom-stealing universal healthcare?

    Or was it Romney, the governor with the “very very conservative” policies?

    Or was it Romney, the Southerner who orders grits with cheese?

    Or was it Romney, who wants to send American’s sons & daughters to fight in Syria, while his sons live a comfortable life here in These United States, waiting for their inheritance?

    Did Mr. Bush specify which Romney?

  13. hey Says:

    Wow, again NO specifics. Just name calling. I didn’t know asking someone to justify their position with facts was “being a moron”.

  14. Tea Lady Says:

    You raise a great point!

    And don’t take it personally. “V” is not terribly skilled in diplomacy. “V” resorts to incessant name-calling. People who disagree are called “morons”, “stupid”, “idiot”, etc..

    Still, it’s a relief to see that he targets people other than just me. ;)

    Thanks for your contribution! =)

    .. And let’s get to the specifics of Citizen’s Insurance. It’s time for Big Government $pending to end!



    This ran in Reuters:

    From policy advisers to campaign strategists, more than two dozen veterans of the Bush administration have flocked to Romney’s campaign.

    Romney’s chief political strategists, Russ Schriefer and Stuart Stevens, are veterans of both Bush-Cheney campaigns. Romney campaign adviser Kevin Madden was a spokesman for the Bush-Cheney effort in 2004, then was a spokesman for Bush’s Justice Department.

    Romney’s economic advisers include Glenn Hubbard, architect of the Bush-era tax cuts as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and now dean of the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. He’s joined by Harvard’s N. Gregory Mankiw, author of a popular economics textbook and Bush’s primary economic adviser from 2003 to 2005.

    Romney has named 24 “special advisers” in national security and foreign policy, 16 of whom served in diplomatic or political roles under Bush. They include Michael Chertoff, the former homeland security chief, and Dan Senor, who was an administration spokesman in Iraq.

    On judicial issues, Romney is advised by at least three top veterans of Bush’s Justice Department.

    Romney’s education advisers include Margaret Spellings, who was secretary of education under Bush and a chief advocate for No Child Left Behind. Spellings has not commented on Romney’s opposition to the program.

    Rival campaigns complain that Karl Rove, Bush’s lead strategist, has turned his prominent media perch into a position to attack Romney’s challengers.

    Last week, Bush’s mother, Barbara, a former first lady, called for a quick end to the bruising Republican primary battle to improve Romney’s chances of being elected in November.

    So there you have it. Pretty much the ENTIRE Bush Administration is behind Romney.

    Why would anyone want a replay of The Lost Decade?

    The only thing I can think of is that they hate America and want to hasten its decline by extracting more and more money from what is left of the Middle Class.


    To recap…

    Bush economic advisers whose advice led to the Great Recession — CHECK!

    Bush foreign policy advisers whose advice led to two failed wars and whose advice did NOT lead to the death of Bin Laden — CHECK!

    Bush justice advisers whose SCOTUS appointees have led to the worst decision in generations, Citizens United — CHECK!

    Bush education advisers whose advice led to No Child Left Behind — CHECK!

    I ask again…

    Why would ANYONE vote for this campaign, and I don’t care if you’re a Dem or Repub. Why would someone support Mitt “Etch-a-Sketch” Romney and his continuance of the Bush Administration and Bush Administration policies?!


    And @hey,

    Since I provided the complete and SPECIFIC details that you requested, please repay the favor by responding with your SPECIFIC thoughts, now that you know that my assertions are true and verifiable facts.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Tee Says:

    @Allen West Must Go!!


  19. hey Says:

    To “Allen West Must Go”…I cannot stand your name but will give you credit for posting a story to back up your assertions. Most people just spew anti-Republican venom without any idea or anything to back up their thoughts.

    You overreached though, when you said “So there you have it. Pretty much the ENTIRE Bush Administration is behind Romney.” The story clearly states that 16 of his advisors served under Bush. These candidates/politicians have more than 100 advisors each. For a mere 16 to ALSO work under someone else is hardly “the entire Bush administration”.

    That’s like saying Tim Tebow will become a loud mouth fat ass just because he plays for Rex Ryan now.


    Thanks Tee.


    Why don’t you prove to us that you are not the punk you seem to be, tough guy.

    Now that your questions have been answered, let’s hear what you have to say.


    Oops, you DID reply, great. Thanks. Sorry for the above post, I posted it right when you did.


    Now, about those 16 advisers…

    The 16 advisers you mention are all just in National Security and Foreign Policy:

    “”"Romney has named 24 “special advisers” in national security and foreign policy, 16 of whom served in diplomatic or political roles under Bush”"”

    There are far more than 16 advisers from the Bush Admin that are now part of the Romney campaign, including Glenn Hubbard, who is responsible for the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich. You know, the tax cuts that have added about $1T to the national debt.

    In fact, the article clearly states “MORE THAN TWO DOZEN” vets of the Bush Admin are employed by Mitt Romney.

    Now that I have proven you wrong again, are you willing to take back your false comment about “overreach”?

    And will you admit that the Romney campaign has drawn a great deal from the Bush team? Because that would be the truth.

    It would be nice to hear a Republican speak the truth for once.

  23. Lee Says:


  24. V Says:

    hey and Teal Lady

    Sorry folks but that other post wasn’t from me. Real quick to jump to conclusions though aren’t you.

    Fact is, though, yes I’ll attack you. Need to get your attention somehow because you ignore any points that anybody makes that don’t fit in with your brainwashing. At least I will acknowledge when a valid point is made even if it’s somebody like Tea Lady making it. Doesn’t go both ways sorry to say.

  25. me Says:

    How did our Country get this way in first place? think people think Rep.


    “How did our Country get this way in first place?”

    It got this way because of two things:

    1) Slashing regulations that protect America from fraud and abuse by Wall Street.

    2) Legalized bribery in the form of campaign contributions and lobbying/gifts.

    That’s how America got this way.

    Republicans mostly, but some Democrats too, have pushed these two things into the law of the land, and so they have tilted the country to benefit the extraordinarily wealthy and only the extraordinarily wealthy.

    This should upset anyone who isn’t a multimillionaire, because they are literally ripping people off left and right.

  27. jim Says:

    I for one am with Allen west must go: Right on brother. Those very same catalysts you mention along with 30 years of Voodoo, trickle down Milton Friedman “free market economics” have led the the destruction of the American working class, 1 in 2 Americans living in or near poverty, 40% of those being children.50 million Americans who do not have health insurance,Americans pay more for health care by far than any other industrialized nation while the results of that care is worse than even 3rd world nations in every measurable category. The spectrum of devastation Republican policies may have had for the vast majority of Americans has been a boom for Corporate CEO’s big banks, oil companies and the War monger Neocons who have seen their incomes skyrocket over 400%.
    An endorcement from Jeb Bush should be a big red flag to every working man and women in this state and across the nation.
    Those of you who demand specifics on failed Bush Florida policy could not be serious,it would take far to long to list in detail the long and undistinguished list from things like deep well injection, weakening of environmental protections including spending millions of tax payer dollars protecting sugar growers from cleaning the polluted mess that is the everglades, failure to implement the constitutional amendment passed by Florida voters for a high speed rail line. i wounder how many jobs that might have created and how many people might want to use it with gas prices continuing to rise.
    Oh and don’t forget Terry Shivo, as Jeb Bush and the Cristian coalition knew better than her husband,her physicians and the courts as interfered in a very personal matter and tried to imposed their so call moral beliefs, no much for liberty and smaller government.
    The bottom line is Florida was much worse off after Bush left office and we continue to loose with our get to work Medicare Fraud HCA CEO Republican Gov Scott.
    If you want to ensure liberty and justice for only the privileged few,work harder for less,urinate in a cup, destroy the environment, privatize prisons and schools and rob our children of any chance for a better life, than keep voting for Republicans, more tax breaks for the job creators.


    Thanks Jim.

    And to “Hey” who disappeared rather fast. If you’re still reading, check out what Mitt Romney is saying today. It is as if they were listening in on our conversation:

    Romney Embraces Bush Economic Policy

    “I keep hearing the president say that he’s responsible for keeping America from going into a Great Depression,” Romney told a crowd at a town hall meeting in Maryland Wednesday. “No, no no. That was President George W. Bush and Hank Paulson that stepped in and kept that from happening.”


    Nobody could have ever thought that Romney would endorse BushCo Economics!

    Oh wait, I predicted it only hours ago.

    Republicans are so damn dumb. Fall for the same tripe year-in-year-out.

  29. jim Says:

    Keep up the good work my brothers and sisters it is vital that we make our voices herd.
    Stop the extraction of value and massive redistribution of wealth that has been so devastating to the the American Working class.
    register and VOTE!!!

  30. V Says:

    It seems hey and Tea Lady both disappeared. If it wasn’t so sad, it would almost be funny the way they refuse to let the facts interfere with what they believe.

    But, then, this is the Tealiban and how they work. They come out ranting and raving about patriotisim and their warped interpretation of history and the constitution but as soon as somebody confronts them with the truth they either shrink away or berate their opponents with false accusations. It really is a shame.

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