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From Penthouse publisher to U.S. House candidate? Boca’s Marc Bell considers campaign

by George Bennett | March 8th, 2012


Boca Raton investor Marc Bell, CEO of the company that owns Penthouse magazine, is considering a run for Congress. Bell is registered with no party affiliation but says he’d run as a Democrat.

He’s eyeing the Palm Beach-Broward District 22 seat, where Democrats Lois Frankel and Kristin Jacobs and Republican Adam Hasner have opened campaigns. U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, represents the district now but plans to run in a new District 18 to the north.

“The way I look at the world, like most Americans I’m middle-of-the-road,” Bell said today. He says he hasn’t set a timetable for making a decision.

“I don’t want to be just another politician,” Bell said. “The question is, can I make a difference?”

Bell is managing director of Marc Bell Capital Partners and chief executive officer of FriendFinder Networks Inc., which owns Penthouse as well as a variety of social networking sites. He’s involved in a variety of other business ventures and has been an investor and co-producer of several Broadway plays, including the Tony Award-winning Jersey Boys and August: Osage County.


7 Responses to “From Penthouse publisher to U.S. House candidate? Boca’s Marc Bell considers campaign”

  1. whasup Says:

    Well … given the pornographic way the Congress–both parties–jerk us around with laws and waste our money on pretty things to look at that aren’t really needed, thereby screwing up the country, it would make sense to elect a proper pornographer to join the Washington ruling-elite’s political orgy.

  2. Mandy Says:

    I think he should run. I would vote for him. He is smart.

  3. Don Trump Says:

    Who does he think he is, a junior me?

  4. Larry D Says:

    He should run. He has lots of money and lives in Boca. Plus he has given so much to both parties. He has a very good chance.

  5. SillySeason Says:

    This is a joke, right? We need serious people for serious times. Kristin Jacobs has our family’s vote locked up.

  6. Larry D Says:

    Kristen Jacobs has the lobbyist locked on is voting for Jacobs. Who are you kiddling.

  7. Larry D Says:

    Get it lol

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