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Developing: Another Palm Beach County election glitch?

by George Bennett | March 19th, 2012


“We have a computer system that never failed like this before,” Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher said this afternoon as the elections office tries to sort out a potential mix-up in the results from last week’s hotly contested municipal elections in Wellington.

Our Jennifer Sorentrue is on the scene and posted this initial report.

Among the races in question: Bob Margolis‘ 58 percent blowout win over Mayor Darrell Bowen.

Margolis ran for elections chief in 2008, losing to Bucher.

Keep watching for updates on this story.

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One Response to “Developing: Another Palm Beach County election glitch?”

  1. A flawed ballot Says:

    Aren’t they all in question?

    The ballot listing was
    Mayor (Bowen/Margolis),
    Seat 1 (Greene/Hostetler)
    Seat 4 (Paglia/Willhite)

    the computer tallied it
    Seat 1, Seat 4 and Mayor

    so can we just switch out the ‘certified’ results?

    It would then seem to be:
    Bowen, Greene and Willhite as the ‘winners’.

    And why didn’t Bucher WAIT to certify results AFTER this audit?

    Bucher is quite arrogant in her statements. Nothing ever seems to be her fault.

    Didn’t Bucher arrange the ballot? Didn’t she put the Mayor’s race first and then sequence Seats 1, 4?

    The computer did the ‘logical’ sequential action, Bucher did not.

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