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Beau Rivage to get swankier address, if Scott approves

by Dara Kam | March 8th, 2012

About 560 folks living in a waterfront enclave with a Stuart address but who live in St. Lucie County will be able to decide if they want a swankier, Martin County address under a measure on its way to Gov. Rick Scott.

The Florida Senate unanimously gave final approval to the bill (SB 800) after the House tweaked the proposal yesterday. The measure will allow residents of Beau Rivage and neighboring communities to vote on whether they want to change the county boundary lines.

The plan has divided some residents in the enclave nestled along the North Fork, many of whom believe they already live in Martin County. They want to make sure neighborhood kids can continue to attend school in Martin County, a long practice but something St. Lucie County officials have indicated they may soon end.

If approved by voters, St. Lucie would gradually have to transfer 10 percent of the enclave’s tax base per year for a decade to Martin County, meaning St. Lucie could eventually lose up to $1.2 million annually after the 223 homes and some vacant lots — valued at nearly $60 million — are taken off the tax rolls.

The last time the legislature changed the county lines was in 2007 when part of southern Palm Beach County was annexed into Broward County.

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One Response to “Beau Rivage to get swankier address, if Scott approves”

  1. Allen Como Says:

    It obvious that the author of this article does not know much about this issue beginning with the fact that the Beau Rivage enclave resindents will keep their same old Stuart, FL, Martin County addresses as we’ve always had.

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