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Abruzzo will run for new Senate District 27

by George Bennett | March 17th, 2012


Within an hour of the new map’s release, state Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Wellington, announced that he will open a campaign for the new District 27 Senate seat that is generally west of Florida’s Turnpike in Palm Beach County.

State Rep. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, said he is likely to run in a new Democratic-leaning District 29 if it makes it through the Senate and legal challenges. State Rep. Mack Bernard, D-West Palm Beach, is also eyeing that Senate seat, which is roughly 26 percent black and 27 percent Hispanic.

In the new Senate District 32, which includes southern Palm Beach County and coastal Broward, Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, said she expects to run for reelection even though the district appears to have become more favorable for Democrats.

State Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Boca Raton, could not immediately be reached but several Democrats said they expect her to run against Bogdanoff.

Former Democratic state Rep. Kevin Rader, who recently launched a primary challenge against Sachs, said he’s weighing which seat he will seek if the new map becomes final.

* See the revised state Senate redistricting map

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17 Responses to “Abruzzo will run for new Senate District 27”

  1. Jeff Says:

    That is why I hate the Ds in Florida. I just changed my parents to an I today. I am voting for Obama….that’s it.

  2. Yuck Says:

    Joe Abruzzo has really done nothing but try to grab headlines for his own benefit but no help for real constituents… however he was fully behind spending over a million dollars of taxpayer money on a wild goose chase in the Acreage that left a community still reeling with the aftermath of that fiasco of collateral damage. I’d never vote for him.

    By the way, what up with his high paid state job where Joe Abruzzo has with no real job description or duties IN ADDITION to what he rakes in as a state rep?

  3. Janie Warren Says:

    I love Abruzzo. He has helped our community in so many ways. I hope I will still be in his senate district.

  4. Yuck is an Idiot Says:

    Get your facts straight. Abruzzo had nothing to do with spending the money out in the Acreage. That was the Health Department.

    He works at a private law firm and has no “high paid” state job. Oh yeah, he “rakes it in” as a state rep with that whopping $27K a year they pay him. LMAO! You’re an idiot.

    If he runs, I’ll vote for him.

  5. Melanie Says:

    Abruzzo…Weiss and Handler …enough said. LOL LOL LOL

  6. Melanie Says:

    They all suck! I would not vote for any of these idiots. Clemens on drugs, Abruzzo sells drugs, Sachs on crack and Bogdanoff is the only sane one. Abruzzo who are you kidding?

  7. WellyGrannie Says:

    I met him at the Wellington 9/11 service. What a polite and smart young man. I think he said he was in the coast guard reserves. He has served our country and I like that in someone running for office. He reminds me of my grandson.

  8. Mid County Says:

    LOL, Abruzzo done nothing? get your facts straight!

  9. Democrats 2012 Says:

    Under this map would Abruzzo represent Lake Clarke Shores? We have had excellent legislators in Vana and Abruzzo.

    Note to Melanie on misguided comment.

  10. Danny D Says:

    Really why don’t you check his voting record and not his interviews. LOL
    The kid is a joke. Take the golden spoon out of his mouth. Really doesn’t matter because he sounds the same with the spoon in it or not.

    Casinos, drugs testing, vouchers, insurance (against consumer) The douche got bills passed because he paid people off and got his cousin Vinny after him. LOL

  11. PBC Teacher Says:

    I am a PBC Teacher, Abruzzo supporter, Sachs supporter & many of our local Dem’s supporter.

    I did check his record. pro-teacher, pro-choice and pro-consumer.

    It is going to be an exhilarating year for Democrats!!,%20Palm%20Beach%20and%20Treasure%20Coast/2011_FAPPA_Legislative_Session_Report_Card.pdf

  12. Fed Up Says:

    I hope he is in my district so I can finally vote for him.

  13. Danny D Says:

    It so cute how Abruzzo has his few fans support him on this. Cute. The teacher unions know his voting record. It is not good not good at all. Abruzzo stop blogging about yourself.

  14. Lisa A Says:

    Rader should not even run. Sorry guy but you are the worst candidate I have heard in this county…and look who you are against.
    Need we say more?

  15. Thomas Says:

    Sachs should run against Abruzzo.
    The weird short guy should not run.

    Call me crazy but didn’t the party say these maps too are not right? LOSERS

  16. PB Gardens Says:

    Abruzzo is a complete idiot and media whore. I hope one of ours runs for the seat.

  17. Henry Kelen Says:

    I heard that Abruzzo is changing his party again after he looses in the primary against Sachs. He is going to run as an I with Charlie :) and Jeff Green.

    Dumb Democrats destroy this county one Wexler at a time.

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