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West out, Hasner in — the latest on congressional District 22 intrigue

by George Bennett | February 1st, 2012

Hasner: Jumping into District 22; others could move in or out as well.

The redistricting-fueled intrigue continues to swirl around Palm Beach-Broward congressional District 22.

A day after freshman U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, announced he’s leaving the district to run in a more Republican-friendly district to the north, former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner of Boca Raton confirmed this afternoon that he’s abandoning his Republican U.S. Senate bid to pursue the District 22 seat.

Hasner begins the congressional campaign with about $670,000 in cash from his Senate run. He also picked up an endorsement from West, who said, “I wish him the best, believe in him wholeheartedly and look forward to working alongside of him on Capitol Hill.”

District 22 is divided nearly evenly between Republicans and Democrats now, but state legislators are expected to approve a map that gives District 22 a pronounced Democratic tilt.

With incumbent West gone and the district’s new partisan makeup, two Democratic Broward County commissioners — Kristin Jacobs of Pompano Beach and John Rodstrom of Fort Lauderdale — said today they are considering entering the District 22 race.

Two well-financed Democrats are already in the race — former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel and Fort Lauderdale accountant Patrick Murphy. Each has raised about $1.4 million.

But sources close to Murphy say he is giving serious thought to leaving the District 22 race and running against West in the proposed new District 18, which includes parts of northern Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. Such a move could allow Murphy to sidestep a costly Democratic primary. And keeping the outspoken conservative West as an opponent would allow Murphy to continue to appeal to national Democratic donors for contributions.

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Tequesta, lives in the proposed District 18. But he announced Tuesday that he will seek reelection in an adjacent rural District 17, which includes parts of eight counties. Within an hour of Rooney announcing his plans on Tuesday, West announced his jump into the District 18 race.

West, one of the top money-raisers in the U.S., began 2012 with more than $2.7 million in his campaign account.

Murphy began the year with $897,140. Frankel has just over $1 million in her campaign account. Frankel today was endorsed by former Florida Chief Financial Officer and 2010 Democratic nominee for governor Alex Sink.

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49 Responses to “West out, Hasner in — the latest on congressional District 22 intrigue”

  1. RENEGADE Says:

    Keep running north West eventually you will hit Canada. You need to get the hell out of our country. Your pathetic career is over and nobody wants you here or in DC. We will send a real statesman to occupy your seat.

  2. T 4 2, 2 4 T Says:

    What do all those tea party patriots think of their ‘hero’ now?
    Apparently not much given the deafening silence.
    (cue crickets as West scampers across the horizon out of sight)

  3. I like George's sunglasses Says:

    Cry all you want or celebrate, it doesn’t matter. Like it or not GOP will gain seats in the house with this move. Can’t wait until Nov! Let the whinning continue.



    Also, it is not noted here, but Adam Hasner has accepted the ENDORSEMENT of West, the toxic avenger of Florida politics.

    Again, anyone who considers Allen West a friend is simply UNELECTABLE.

  5. bill Says:

    man there is a lot of hate in them those dems I thought they were the party of tolerancy.

  6. JimC Says:

    You need to get u sum a dat edumacation.
    “tolerancy” is not a wurd. Repugnants got no book larnin.

  7. ? Says:

    We need more Conservative politicians to combat the Commies in DC and all of the other Liberal Commie States. Especially those that are trying to trample the Constitution.

  8. Older & knows better Says:

    I love Allan West!! I am old enough to have seen many politicians, and compared to the America haters we have in the White House now, he is a breath of fresh air. You libturds don’t know what you’re talking about, as usual. No surprise there.

  9. Intellibronc Says:

    I see based upon the shallow minded comments here, you would probably rather have a dyed in the wool republicrat like snit gingrich. This man, West, would’ve made change like change absolutely needs to be done. But this is for real men, not mental midgets that hide behind their monitors. Wake Up Sheeple!!! The brown shirts are back.

  10. Tom Seishan Says:

    Allen West has GUTS, something most Republicans do not have. The Bushies, McCains, Doles, Romneys, Huckabees, Hatches, Snowes, Collins, etc, etc RINOS are 100% GUTLESS when it comes to politics.

    GO ALLEN WEST!! We need people like you!! Don’t let the bĪ±stards wear you down!

  11. jet ray Says:

    The Dem’s are still the party of the KKK with a more refined, convoluted duplicity, to keep it fresh, and it works on the mindless mouth. They get their pick of sucker a second, in many colors no less, brilliant!

  12. Abe Simpson Says:

    I guess you would rather have Debbie Blabber Mouth Shultz (no hypens) rather than a real warrior. Notice he didn’t play the race card when he could have. You people belong back n NY where I’m stuck for now. Liberal, progressive hell.

  13. Moses O'Brien Says:

    Demented democrats bashing a great man Allen West and put an America hating Marxist on a pedestal.

    Hpw about your guy Obama’s so far…

    Israel and Jewish people under the bus.
    Four new death to America Islamic theocracies.
    Six trillion in new debt… in one term.
    Trillion tax dollars wasted on non existent green jobs.
    Taxing the air we exhale. (EPA-CO2)
    Bullet trains and solar panels to save te economy. LOL
    Blocks Canadian oil pipeline. Bye bye 20,000 jobs.
    Unemployment rate (real rate) stuck at 10%.
    Takes Air Force One in day nights and family vacations.
    100 rounds of golf really working hard.
    Affirmative action Noble Peace Prize for doing nothing.

    That’s the short list and bet you drones can’t wait to vote for him again! Useful idiots, losers, and morons looking for cree stuff from daddy obama and momma govt thats what the modern democrat party has become.
    Kills te babies. Attacking our religious institutions.

  14. Moses O'Brien Says:

    Demented democrats bashing a great man Allen West and put an America hating Marxist on a pedestal.

    Hpw about your guy Obama’s so far…

    Israel and Jewish people under the bus.
    Four new death to America Islamic theocracies.
    Six trillion in new debt… in one term.
    Trillion tax dollars wasted on non existent green jobs.
    Taxing the air we exhale. (EPA-CO2)
    Bullet trains and solar panels to save te economy. LOL
    Blocks Canadian oil pipeline. Bye bye 20,000 jobs.
    Unemployment rate (real rate) stuck at 10%.
    Takes Air Force One in day nights and family vacations.
    100 rounds of golf really working hard.
    Affirmative action Noble Peace Prize for doing nothing.

    That’s the short list and bet you drones can’t wait to vote for him again! Useful idiots, losers, and morons looking for cree stuff from daddy obama and momma govt thats what the modern democrat party has become.
    Kills te babies. Attacking our religious institutions.

  15. Jen Gelman Says:

    From what I’ve seen of south Florida, the communist posters above are probably all Russian anyway.

  16. Marcos Says:

    It’s so funny how the useful idiot liberals mock Republicans as being stupid for holding steadfast to values and traditions that made this country great, yet they blindly worship the current occupier of the White House, the most shockingly incompetent, unintelligent weak and corrupt president the U.S. has ever seen. Barack Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Teddy Roosevelt.

  17. JimC Says:

    Go back where you came from loser racist.

  18. Charles Says:

    What people like West represent is; true management.

    You see liberals/democrats are essentially children, they have never grown out of the adolescent stage of dependency with entitlement. Therefore all liberals/democrats need to be “managed”. Just as good parents “manage” their children.

    I see Republicans and conservatives as the mature group of society and it’s our job to contain those that are immature. West does that.

  19. Moses O'Brien Says:

    Amen Charles republicans are the adults in the room. I could have been a JFK type democrat strong on defense and ‘ask not what your country can do for you’ type of attitude. The modern democrat party has devolved into a bunch of whiney cry babies wanting momma govt to give them something and for someone else to pay for it. It’s turned into the little baby party throwing a fit because someone else make more money than they do. It’s pathetic and embarassing. Allen West is a REAL man the likes of which is hard to find on the mamby pamby democrat side of the aisle. Obama would wet his pants and curl up in a little ball if he saw even half of what Colonel West has in his life. Can’t wait to throw the class warfare race baiter schukster out of our White House so he can go back to the South side of Chicago to sign people up for welfare again… Something he really is good at!

  20. Dave Says:

    Jim C – you are obviously the racist – and obviously need an education. You communist, America-haters are all the same

  21. JC Says:

    Mr. West is the best Rep in Washington and the Dem’s can’t run from all talk, no hope and plenty of failure as the worst POTUS in US history, (Carter 2.0) goes down in flames in 2012.

  22. ronald hyman Says:

    Allen West and Hermain Cain, finally a couple of REAL heritage folks who we would all do well, to have as President and Vice President of the good ‘ol USA!!!
    Batman and Robin, at it again………..put an end to all this marxism, please……….

  23. Moses O'Brien Says:

    The problem with liberals and democrats is they can’t do math. Obama racks up $6 trillion in debt and tells them it’s because of a $70 billion dollar tax cut for the rich and they believe it! It would take 20 years of tax cuts ‘for the rich’ to pay off what Obama has done in a single year. Ignorance, jealousy, and stupidity runs amok in that party.

  24. Pad-Dar Says:

    God Bless Al West.

  25. Pad-Dar Says:

    Looks like the Commies from Palm Beach are here to dis a service man…without any humiliation-people who have done ZERO for this nation, harassing a Lt Col.
    Why am I not surprised.

    AmeriKa, the only nation now, that tears down its warriors.

  26. Pad-Dar Says:

    Commies are the ones that need to GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY-YOU are not wanted, your ILK has destroyed this nation.
    YOUR time ……
    The horizon.

  27. Pad-Dar Says:

    To the Commie that says:

    Good, I hope FL falls into the sea as it is only comprised of Democrat Commies from NYC now-not content on destroying the once best city in the world, they are wrecking FL now as well.

    Come to AZ, Mr West!
    REAL Americans are HERE

  28. Troy Says:

    This is no time for a man of ethics. no that would only get in the way of the corporate greed AND SOCIALIST TAKOVER OF OUR COUNTRY headed by Obama and supported by the GOP. BTW Ron Paul is still kicking but despite Faux News endorsing other elsablishment candidates like Romney and Knewt.

  29. Tom Schilperoort Says:

    Your comments are great, Allen West supporters, but I’m afraid logic, reason, math, history, or examples in pointing to all the failed despots and dictators of the 20th century cannot persuade suckling liberals that there’s not a free lunch for them. All on your back, of course. It’s really so simple: you can’t fix stupid. Like trying to reason with rabid dogs…

  30. Bob Fox Says:

    Congressman Allen West will be a future President of the United States. Having a man of honor, integrity and character is the libturds greatest fear. Having a conservative, God fearing, Constitution supporting family man is more than they can handle. They know the writing is on the wall and their fear is drowning them. God Bless Allen West.

  31. JimC Says:


    You draft dodging republican losers need to stop calling patriotic Americans Communists. I did my 20 while you hid out in your momma’s basement with limpbaugh and his butt cyst. What was your excuse- lame brain?

  32. JimC Says:

    Bob Fox
    Allan West was drummed out of our military- he will never be president of anything but some tea-bagger porn club.

  33. jim patterson Says:

    To bad west don’t run for president. We need more folks like him in washington to fight this anti-American marxist regime. Go allen go tea

  34. Moses O'Brien Says:

    So what military did you belong to Jim C… Castro’s? You must’ve been if you like Hugo Chavez Obamas policies and what he’s doing to our country and our constitution. West is right he’ll be damned if his family has fought for this country for three generations to le some punkss scrawny Marxist from sht hole south side Chicago trample our constitution and turn our country into a stinking banana republic!

  35. Richard Rechichar Says:

    God bless Allen West and God bless America because we sure need His blessing. We have a cancer within the country. We need more men of integrity like West who are not afraid of the left and who are not afraid to do the needed surgery.

  36. JimC Says:

    We need to rid our country of racists
    who try to hide their bogotry by claiming they’re anti-communist (that threat ended 30+ years ago losers) or anti-socialists. Don’t expect help from firemen or policement then- they’re socialist groups.

  37. shane Says:

    Allen West was not drummed out of the service—are you people children?
    JimC the real racists are the hard left–they want the social problems to continue so they keep power—solve the problems, lose the power–can you understand this rather basic concept? It is like getting into a pissing contest with skunks on this board, and juvenile skunks, at that. You are true products of our educational system, keep posting.

  38. JimC Says:

    Allen West was told to retire to avoid a court martial and he ran just as he did when he found out his tea baggers might not be enough to get him re-elected. He didn’t give a damn about his constituants- he just wants to feed at the trough of public money and insider deals.

  39. john Hahn Says:

    I will proudly cast my 1st FL vote for Allen West A GREAT aMERICAN in my opinion. This country is truly heading to a disaster unless the political course is changed. Our rights both religious and privacy are being trampled by the current administration , our course must be changed for the survival of the country.

  40. War_Wolf Says:

    JimC, go crawl back up your mother’s a$$ where she crapped you out of. “Firemen and policemen” are socialists? You sick, twisted, deranged, perversed whack-job. All you are is an oxygen-thief.

  41. JimC Says:

    Yes Firemen and Policemen are socialist services- since you’re a war nut you’re too dumb to understand that- go shoot your gun for an hour and kick your dog and kid.

  42. Little Dave Says:

    If West and Obama were put in a cage, I know who would win, West would tear him apart. If there is a revelution, thats how it would go, because libs can only talk. It would go that way, because they see no reason. Notice all Jim C can do is call names? My dad retired from 72nd EMS, and Im currently stationed at Norfolk Sub mast and Antenna shop. Your out numbered Jim. You dont know me, and cant speak for me. BTW, not everyone that put a uniform deserves respect. There are a lot of coasters like Jim in the military.

  43. pink panther Says:

    Allen West, Ohio loves you.

  44. JAQUEBAUER Says:

    To all you faggots that deride Col. Allen West go live in Barney Franks bath house and get AIDS from his pals.
    Allen Westshould stay and unseat Diane Wasserman Schultz, Obamas Marxist tramp representing Pembroke Pines and Westin districts. The morally defective Democrats must be evicted from office all across the US. Obama is an infectious disease carrier of Marxism, as are the Democrats and their RINO brothers in the GOP. Col. West is a great American and has dome more for this nation than all of you faggots that hate him combined. We shall evict Obama and his Quislings like Eric Holder, and see that they spend their remaining lives in prison. We shall end the faggots in the military, and end the same sex marriage lunacy. Illegals will be evicted for good, and the Dream Act will remain a dream. The Gay fag lezbo movements will be put back in the swamp where they belong, and the Constitution will be restored as the Law of the Land, the White House shall be de-loused and disinfected-as who knows what Obama has brought in from the Chicago bath houses.

    And Col Allen West will triumph over the evil Faggots and progressive marxists that are determined to destroy America.

  45. JimC Says:

    Little Dave
    Some nic for such a loud mouth- West was a coaster. Jaquebauer is a loser- 24 was a show dumbass- not real- take your homophobic, racist, trashy brain and get out of America- you’re against everything this country is for.

  46. Moses O'Brien Says:

    Democrats and white liberals are the racists. Oh poor wittle baby black people you can’t do it on your own without whiteys help.

    Racism is saying because your skin is black we’ll let you score 70% and get into our school but if you have white skin you have to get 80%.

    This is a disservice to everyone involved. Now blacks that really have achieved success on their own have to deal with everyone else assuming they got the standard lowered for them.

    This is also why the LOSER blow hard empty suit in the White House won’t release his college transcripts. Because he’s an affirmative action president. He didn’t earn his way into college and he doesn’t deserve to be president and it shows. Way in over his head he’s all over the map wrecking our country.

    He’s also received the first affimatibe action Nible Peace Prize in world history for doing nothing! The shoe fits wear it.

  47. Dale Says:

    There is nothing you liberal morons hate worse than a conservative Black Man. Allen West is a great American who fought for the the right to let libs like you’all bash him. This guy would chew up your Marxist Hero Obama and spit him out. I would pay anything to see these two run against each other and have a debate. Barack with his teleprompter and Allen with all the knowledge stored in his brain. It would be a joke. I hate to tell you but it is going to be different this election. You have not heard from the Tea Party yet. We will unite when it matters. Just think 2010. I can’t wait for November 7th!

  48. Moses O'Brien Says:

    Agree Dale can’t wait to see the gnashing of liberal teeth in this upcoming election.

    In 2004 when Bush had a 55% approval rating and te unemployment rate was 6% the media said there was NO way he could win.

    Now the medias baby has a 43% approval rating and the unemployment rate (the real one) is stuck at 10% and the media puppets there’s MO way he can lose!

    Lamestream media puts forth a false perception of reality and the demented libs believe it. I predict landslide against the Marxist. I not start looking for the return of our Lord Christ. :o )

  49. Missy Says:

    Lots of haters…Good luck to the West’s, an Christy types (parden a mis spelling pls)I love those politically incorrect types that just will just say what needs to be said!

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