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Tea party leader Wilkinson cites residency qualms, mulls third-party challenge to Allen West

by George Bennett | February 15th, 2012


South Florida Tea Party Chairman Everett Wilkinson says he’s pondering a run for Congress against a national tea party favorite — U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation.

Wilkinson, a former Republican who’s now registered with no party affiliation, says he agrees with West on most issues but thinks the newly drawn Palm Beach-Treasure Coast congressional District 18 should have a local candidate. West lives in Broward County, but announced Jan. 31 that he’ll leave his Palm Beach-Broward district to run in District 18.

“Congressman West doesn’t live in this district. I’ve lived in this district four years,” said Wilkinson, whose group has had West as a speaker at some of its major rallies. “There’s local people in politics that may have considered running in that district who live there. Why shouldn’t they?”

Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder also cited concerns about West’s Broward County residency when he announced Tuesday that he plans to run against West in a GOP primary for the District 18 seat.

Wilkinson says he’ll make a decision about running in the next few weeks.

The likely Democratic candidate for District 18, Patrick Murphy, lives in Fort Lauderdale.

32 Responses to “Tea party leader Wilkinson cites residency qualms, mulls third-party challenge to Allen West”

  1. Stone Throw Says:

    West is becoming another Wexler and Benacquisto.

  2. LU Says:

    Mr Wilkinson, as much as I like your efforts with the Tea Party, of which I am a member, please do not run. I love Allen West. I do not care if he does not live in the district. It will only serve to split the vote then we hand the election over to the liberals…I will vote for Allen West.

  3. David K. Says:

    I have been in favor of drug tests for state and federal employees. I have supported drug tests for those applying for welfare assistance.

    In the case of Mr. Wilkinson I would be in favor of a full blown mental evaluation. His history as the so called tea party leader is so tarnished that only in his mind and the mind of some left leaning media circles would he be consider credible candidate for any office.

  4. Repubtallygirl Says:

    As a Tea Party Patriot as well, my vote is with Colonel West. And it always will be.



    Why didn’t he just run in FL-22 again?

    OH RIGHT, he is NUTS and nobody likes him!

  6. Martin County Indie Says:

    Sorry Tea Party Patriots, this area may lean Republican, but not far enough for your “hero” to win. West needs to move farther North to be with his people. I’m all for Sheriff Crowder, he is the candidate that can truly represent this district. Your Tea Party movement is dying a slow death, the majority is sick of your brand of politics.

  7. Mary Says:

    I am a member of the tea party and would vote for Mr. Wilkinson. Wilkinson founded the tea party and is the only one that is not a Republican zombie. West doesn’t live in the district that he wants to run in.

  8. Tea Lady Says:

    Good for the folks in the new District 18. The good folks in District 18 need a TRUE fiscal conservative. And they deserve a LOCAL candidate, not one who lives in Broward.

    Mr. West has already shown that he will abandon his principles when pushed or put under stress. He voted for Mr. Boehner’s $TRILLION$ deficit-busting plan. Indeed, Mr. Boehner made the rounds with Mr. West, touting Mr. West’s support! Shameful, really.

    Best of luck, Mr. Wilkinson!

    .. And Citizen’s Insurance must be defunded and dismantled! Let Free Markets rule!

  9. Same ole same ole Says:

    I told you the party was trying to get rid of Allen West. He is an embarrassment. Both Republican and Tea Party leadership want him gone. Take a hint West!!!

  10. Fla_dude Says:

    West should just go away. Far, far away. He is a disservice to what we are about as a community. We want harmony and cooperation, West wants division and vitriol. He doesn’t belong in FL, or in congress for that matter.

  11. JupiterVoter Says:

    Wilkinson “formed” the local Tea Party and then proceeded to go into business as a political consultant. People have already started to question his motives and this move will only add fuel to the fire. He couldn’t beat West in an election restricted only to Tea Party members, much less defeat West in a general election!



  13. Better Luck Next Time Says:

    Congressman West is going to squash Crowder in the primary. Then he will go on to squash Murphy and the Tea Party nut in the general election. And he will return to Washington to proudly serve the people of Florida.

  14. Fairandbalanced Says:

    Gimme a break! People wouldn’t follow this guy in out of the rain!

  15. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Please read closely people. I never said the above.

    It is just another cheap trick by one of the minimum wage boiler room puppet Socialists SNERTS.


  16. Mr. Liberal Says:

    I hope and pray a liberal Democrat wins that seat. Republicans have a con game of promoting less government; however, they want to invade their agenda into peoples lives every chance they get. Tell who can marry who, anti-choice for women, do away with the 4th Amendment and invade everyone’s privacy and do away with due process. If you’re not happy with a liberal President and majority, then MOVE!

  17. HM Says:

    Some studies have come out recently that the simple-minded and ‘slow’ types tend to vote conservative. You need no more proof than this continued blind affection for Allen West…

    The man is a talk show monger and media whore, nothing more. What the hell has he done in the 15 short months he has represented his district? His Congressional office is merely a means to reach his ultimate goal….a highly paid cable news talking head and right wing pundit. He sees those houses on Palm Beach Limbaugh and Coulter live in….. and he likes. He wants.

    This is a trite, cynical relocation into an area he knows or cares little about. He’s betting the voters of the Treasure Coast are just angry, grumpy people who will elect anyone who says they hate Barack Obama. I hope they teach him a lesson.

  18. Tea Party 2010 Says:

    We fully support Congressman Allen West.
    The districts constantly gets redrawn, so we have no problem with him running in FL-18.

  19. Same ole same ole Says:

    15. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:
    February 15th, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    I guess someone didn’t like me saying I told you so. Trying to impersonate me and claim my post wasn’t really me.

    #15 above is the fake post and ID thief.

  20. Tea Party Patriot Says:

    I have been to the tea party meetings and think it is great that we have Wilkinson running for office. Elected office was never suppose to be a profession. Let’s vote in a new person every election.

  21. Tea Party Florida Says:

    Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Allen West are the two best tea party politicians in the whole U.S.

    Heck, NO we will fully support them.

    Mary, – Wilkinson was never even close to founding the tea party. Our movement actually really started near 2007 when Floridians and Americans protested against out of control government spending and property tax increases. Then FL speaker of the House Marco Rubio was a pioneer with his 2.5% Property Tax Plan. He was going around FL getting people energized about it. I was involved in his movement.

  22. kelly Says:

    When Rubio was going around FL getting people energized, was he doing on his Amex card? And was he telling that phony exile story? Floridians don’t forget that stuff. We don’t like weasels. And West? We know who he is now. He’s toast.

  23. TomFoolery Says:

    Ok. All of this anti-West vitriol is timed too coincidentally with
    the establishment/GOP efforts to sideline him. You people who just stick with the party for whatever reason should know better. West WILL do what is right even if he has to step on toes to do it. That’s the way it SHOULD BE. Shame on you ALL.

  24. TomFoolery Says:

    Also, anyone who says that West isn’t qualified due to his place of residency is a bona-fide loon because that has nothing to do with his position of being intellectually qualified! You should at absolute LEAST hold off to see if he is going to trek up north a bit to speak to his constituency on occasion before you completely write him off. This is obviously a manufactured issue — and it is irrelevant!

  25. JoePlumber Says:

    I’m supporting Rep. Allen West.




    Heckuva job, brainwashed idiots!

    What has Allen West ever done to support the Middle Class?

    All he is is a typical Republican Fascist.


    If you hate the Middle Class, then by all means jump on board the GOP fascist train leading you to your own demise.

  27. Repubtallygirl Says:

    (The Hill) — Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Wednesday evening praised the Republican Party for consistently fighting for individual freedom over the last 150 years, and criticized Democrats for pursuing “handouts” to the less fortunate that he said are a modern form of slavery.

    “Our party firmly believes in the safety net,” West said in a late Wednesday floor speech. “We reject the idea of the safety net becoming a hammock.

    “For this reason, the Republican value of minimizing government dependence is particularly beneficial to the poorest among us,” he continued. “Conversely, the Democratic appetite for ever-increasing redistributionary handouts is in fact the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today, and it does not promote economic freedom.”

    West recounted the history of the Republican Party by noting that it played a major role in several key moments in which it fought for greater freedoms for African Americans. “The Republican Party has always been the party of freedom,” he said.

    Among other events, he noted that Republican President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, and the GOP pushed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution that ended slavery, provided equal protection under the law, and gave blacks the right to vote.

    He added that a Republican Congress passed the law establishing the Buffalo Soldiers, and that GOP President Ulysses Grant signed the first major civil rights act into law in 1875.

    GO WEST!

  28. RealAngst Says:

    Sorry Tea Baggers, but YOU clowns are what is wrong with the Republican Party. Talk about RINO’s!

  29. stevereenie Says:

    Wilkinson GET OFF THE EGO TRIP and don’t screw this up and let a Democrat take the seat. You’re not special, the seat is…BACK OFF!

  30. JR Says:

    I live in Martin County and Wilkinson makes a great point. West is a great patriot, however I am tired of the political parties telling me who I can vote for.

  31. OBIWAN Says:


    Your post points out exactly what is wrong with the modern Republican party.
    Your post, and Wests entire speech are terminally flawed in that everything said is based on mis-information spread by the GOP.What a mockery for a West to claim to be about individual freedoms. Who was telling all those who don’t believe the same as he does to “get the hell out of America”??? So he must mean individual freedom for those that agree with him only right!
    Or that Democrats “pursuing handouts” Wel, I would like Mr. West to support his false propaganda with some facts. Show me where it says this in the Democrat party platform? Or any letter, speech or other party document? Or even a compilation of statistica and data showing this? It can’t be done because this is a lie that is spread by the GOP. It has no basis in truth.
    He bases his entire speech on this false assumption and the result is unavoidable. His entire speech is wrong.
    When your foundation is a lie everything you build upon it is worthless. West, like so many Republicans has become caught up oin the trap of believeing his own partys false propaganda. Especially when it comes to the Democratic party. And as a result they are doomed to be wrong about a plethora of things. They have guaranteed failure before even starting.

    Ask yourself this common sense question.
    If You want to know what the beliefs are of the average Israeli how would you go about finding this out? Would you go ask an Iranian? A Saudi? A palestinian? No of course you wouldn’t.
    But that is exactly what the vast majority of Republicans do in regards to the Democratic party. And it is just as foolish. I see comments all the time by republicans about democrates that are so far off base its comical.

  32. @HM Says:

    HM Says:
    February 15th, 2012 at 5:47 pm
    Some studies have come out recently that the simple-minded and ‘slow’ types tend to vote conservative.

    That’s funny HM. I see the welfare lines are full of Democrat voters who must be there because they just like to mingle.

    You are so stupid that it is truly funny (-:

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