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Scott signs congressional plan — court fight to follow

by John Kennedy | February 16th, 2012

With no comment or fanfare, Gov. Rick Scott signed into law Thursday congressional boundaries approved last week by lawmakers — likely triggering another lawsuit by Democratic-allied organizations.

The Florida Democratic Party has already sued over the congressional plan. But the League of Women Voters, La Raza and Common Cause of Florida said last week they also planned to challenge the congressional map as designed to help ruling Republicans maintain their majority.

The proposal creates 27 congressional districts — up from the current 25 seats, because of population gains revealed in the 2010 Census.

Redrawn House and Senate maps, which also sustain Republican dominance in a majority of seats, are to be reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court.  Justices are scheduled to hear arguments Feb. 29 on the legality of the maps. Legal briefs are to be filed tomorrow by competing sides in the case.

 The emerging legal fight could prove lengthy. Candidate qualifying for state and federal offices is slated for June 4-8, but it’s possible boundaries may not be settled by then.

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3 Responses to “Scott signs congressional plan — court fight to follow”



    The Republican Party of Florida has FAILED US for the last time.

  2. Jim Says:

    How congressional districts are set is one of the corner stones of American democracy. They shape our communities and who we elect as our representatives.
    Florida voters took a major positive step in enacting new constitutional redistricting standards but we must be vigilant to combat the corruption and self interest that has been common practice of our elected officials for far too long.
    Florida Republicans and some Democrats continue to ignore the voters of Florida and continue to work for their corporate lobbyists at the expense of the people of Florida.
    In addition the Florida Attorney General’s office should not be used in a partisan attempt to assist in the subversion of the will of Florida voters desire for fair and honest representational districts,and should be held accountable when it is used in such a manor.
    The Florida Supreme court must intervene, and provide strict oversight of the Congressional redistricting process, as this is critical to the outcomes of future elections and ultimately how Florida’s election landscape will progress in the future.
    Lets all make the most of this opportunity to help ensure an open, fair and honest representative process is assured for future generations of Florida voters.

  3. Scott Says:

    How does Rick have time to govern when he is fighting all of these law-suits?

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