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Prison privatization going down on Tuesday?

by Dara Kam | February 10th, 2012

Sen. Mike Fasano insists he and opponents of a sweeping prison privatization measure slated for a Senate vote on Tuesday still have enough votes to kill the bill.

Senate President Mike Haridopolos yesterday put the bill on Monday’s calendar after twice yanking it from the floor because Fasano had enough support to strip the privatization effort and replace it with a year-long study of the outsourcing’s cost-effectiveness.

Haridopolos said he intends to have an up-or-down vote on the measure, one of his priorities also being pushed by Gov. Rick Scott, on Tuesday, and hinted he may have the support to pass it although the vote will be close.

But Fasano this morning said nothing’s changed, and he and eight other Republicans along with 11 Democrats – Sen. Gary Siplin of Orlando is the lone hold-out – will vote against the measure, meaning the bill (SB 2038) could die on a 20-20 tie vote.

“I have spoken to the eight Republicans that have said they opposed the bill and they are still firmly opposing the bill,” said the veteran New Port Richey Republican, a veteran lawmaker and outspoken critic of the plan to privatize more than two dozen prisons and other Department of Corrections operations – the largest prison privatization plan in the country – in an 18-county region in the southern portion of the state. Haridopolos kicked Fasano off as chairman of the budget committee that oversees prison spending in retaliation for his opposition to the privatization.

The tie vote assumes that the Fasano coalition sticks together and that all members show up for the vote on Tuesday.

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8 Responses to “Prison privatization going down on Tuesday?”

  1. Downtown Danny Says:

    This is another theft of public resources by Republicans.
    It would end up saving nothing and costing more – but Republican pals will line their pockets with millions.

  2. Leland Wheeler Says:

    That’s quite an assumption. “Oh we tried to stop that bill but Harry didn’t show up. Whoops!” I guess we will see on Tuesday.

  3. Yeah, right! Says:

    Hmmm, last year a couple of judges in PA were locked up because they were receiving bribes from a company running private prisons in exchange for sending people to those prisons for lengthy incarcerations for minor offenses.

    The more people sent to those prisons, and the longer they stayed there, the more $ the company would get from the government.

    Just Google Cash For Kids Scandal.

    But since we don’t have corruption in FL, that type of stuff would never happen here.

  4. Yeah, right! Says:

    Mr. Scott and all Senators should read the Cost/Benefit Analysis and Criticisms sections in this Wiki article:

    Maybe someone should see who Haridopolos’ donors are.

    And we all know Mr.Scott is a corporate lapdog.

  5. Janet Tomes Says:

    This is just SICK! Everybody knows this will not save money, but since nearly $1 million has been pumped into lawmakers’ campaign coffers by the private prison corporations, it has already been promised and must be passed (sarcasm).

    I know a lot of people are thinking, “so what? It’s just the prisons,” but that is just the beginning. If passed, this bill would enable state lawmakers to privatize ANY state service WITHOUT the prior approval — or even KNOWLEDGE — of the electorate.

    Please, people, call or email your state senators and tell them to NOT vote for this bill. We can’t have our state turned over to corporate vultures!

  6. Searcher Says:

    Lets see if the PEOPLE can win one, instead of the Corporations. If you want the Corporations to win, you are a sad human being…

  7. Toni Says:

    I wish Senator Fasano would move South I would vote for him in a heartbeat, he represents what the Republican party used to stand for. This is pure pay back to the private companies that run prisons as well as the medical clinics that will take over once the prisons are privatized. Pure Republican greed at public expense.

  8. RealAngst Says:

    NO NO NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO! Why would we ALLOW a Private company to displace the hard working and over stressed men and women in our present DOC? These people are certified, qualified and most of them are PROFESSIONALS at their craft and dealing witht he worst in our society. Now you will have security guards who will NOT be certified or professional. Kinda like a politician. All fluff, no substance.

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