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Murphy may go north to challenge West

by George Bennett | February 1st, 2012

Sources close to Democratic congressional candidate Patrick Murphy say he’s giving serious thought to following U.S. REp Allen West, R-Plantation, and leaving District 22 to run in a new Palm Beach-Treasure Coast District 18.

West’s move lets him run in a more Republican district since state lawmakers are about to make his old district more Democratic. For Murphy, the move would avoid a primary against Lois Frankel.

Frankel could get some Democratic company in her race. There’s speculation that Democratic Broward Commissioners John Rodstrom and Kristin Jacobs could jump into the District 22 race.

Republican Adam Hasner is also expected to drop his Senate bid for a District 22 run.

16 Responses to “Murphy may go north to challenge West”

  1. Harold Kaye Says:

    Kristen Jacobs should stick to her water. No one wants her in the race minus the kid that works for Obama on Commission time.

    They guys is another loser. Lois is good to go without the has beens of the Democratic Party. Bobby

  2. What going on here? Says:

    Patrick Murphy wants to follow Allen West to another district. What grown man stalks another. This is almost as weird as the Hardball guy Chris Mathews and his continual yearnings for another Black man — Obama. Is this some kind of fetish?

  3. John Martel Says:

    This is all the result of the B. Hussein Obama administration, along with DNC commissioner Debbie Wasserman-shultz. They have a fear of losing Florida and they very well might. They have done nothing for the people of Florida and the rest of the nation. OMG, Obama Must Go!!!!!!

  4. Downtown Danny Says:

    No one should stand for corrupt Lois Frankel getting a walk to the democratic nomination for any public elected position. She has been and would be a detriment to America. Frankel is without question the most corrupt person WPB has ever known.

  5. ha ha Says:


  6. mike Says:

    Like I said earlier Mr. West, you can run but you cant hide. Loser. Go get em Murph!

  7. You really think West is scared? Says:

    Please, you have really lost it. Can’t imagine West being scared or wanting to hide. But hey, if saying it makes you feel better continue to live in your fantasy world.


    Go Get the Toxic Fool, Murph!

    Between FL-22 and this one, that’s 2 of the 25 we need to flip to eliminate the fascist Republican deathgrip on the House of Representatives.

    Keep up the great work, fellow Dems!

    2012 and onward!

  9. Better Luck Next Time Says:

    Go ahead Murphy and show what a fool you are. Sounds like you’re scared of a little hand-to-hand combat with Lois.

  10. Go Rick Says:

    Murphy will get beat there too. Loser.

  11. you bet scared Says:

    I am scared and I only get to see her on TV. I can’t imagine touching her, yikes. Run for the hills!

  12. Termack Says:

    Go get him Patrick Murphy !!!!!

  13. Learn some history Says:

    What a bunch of idiots on this thread. First of all, check the national unemployment numbers…DOWN TO 8.3%, FROM 10.1% WHEN OBAMA TOOK OFFICE. Allen West is the most toxic, evil person I’ve ever seen & you people are just like hime. Spewing hatred in the 21st century is just unbelievable. Deport Democrats? Eliminate anyone with an opposing viewpoint? Obama supporters endanger the gene pool? West and his rhetoric show alarming parallels to another “population purification” enforcer: Hitler. Anyone with opposing beliefs, who support anyone other than him; should be eliminated. You fools who support him, you are just as bad as he is; a disgrace. I don’t care what color West is, HATRED KNOWS NO RACE, GENDER, SEXUAL ORIENTATION OR BOUNDARIES. I’m ashamed to be a Floridian and all that Allen West represents. P.S. I WAS BORN HERE & HAVE LIVED HERE ALL MY LIFE, SO DON’T TELL ME TO “GO BACK FROM WHERE I CAME.” I’VE LIVED HERE LONGER THAN RICK SNOT, ALLEN WEST AND 95% OF YOU POLITICAL EXPERTS, BUT I’M SAD TO SAY; MANY OF THESE TRANSPLANTS HAVE RUINED THE PARADISE FLORIDA ONCE WAS. YOU NEED TO GO BACK FROM WHENCE YOU CAME AND LET THE NATIVES REVERT OUR PARADISE TO THE GREAT PLACE IT ONCE WAS.

  14. Idiot Says:

    Thank you I feel better now that you have cleared things up. Air conditioning changed everything.

  15. Fladude Says:

    at least this lunatic West is out of Broward. Need to get him out of Palm Beach too. Actually need him him out of congress period

  16. Joamiq Says:

    If you think West ISN’T scared, you’ve lost the plot. This is absolutely a defensive move, a retreat to a safer territory. Good on Murphy for following him. Murphy will have a tough time in that Republican district, but you have to respect his dedication to fighting Tea Party idiocy. That’s been his platform since day 1, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

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