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Martin County Sheriff Crowder decides to challenge Allen West in GOP congressional primary

by George Bennett | February 14th, 2012


Longtime Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder says he has decided to challenge U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, in a Republican primary for a new Palm Beach County-Treasure Coast congressional seat.

Crowder said voters in the new District 18, which includes all of Martin and St. Lucie Counties and a chunk of northern Palm Beach County, should have the option of choosing a homegrown candidate rather than one from Broward County. West announced Jan. 31 that he would leave his Palm Beach-Broward seat to run in the new district, which has been approved by the Florida legislature but is still subject to legal challenge.


Crowder said he’s running “to provide some local representation for a new district — rather than having someone who’s not really familiar with the district coming in and purporting to represent the people here. I just think the people need to have that option. If they choose to elect an outsider, that’s their choice.”

Crowder, 66, is completing his fifth term as sheriff and had already announced he wouldn’t seek reelection. He began entertaining thoughts of running for Congress after redistricting led U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Tequesta, who lives in District 18, to announce he was running in a new district to the west. Less than an hour after Rooney’s announcement, West announced plans to run in District 18 rather than his own district, which has been redrawn with a pronounced Democratic tilt.

West is a national tea party celebrity who has raised more than $5.9 million and began 2012 with more than $2.7 million in his campaign account. Crowder said he’s never raised more than $100,000 for any of his campaigns.

Crowder wouldn’t estimate how much it might cost to challenge West, but said he’ll have other advantages after living in the area more than 50 years.

“I think because of my history here there’s a lot of grass-roots things I can do that might not work for an outsider,” Crowder said.


19 Responses to “Martin County Sheriff Crowder decides to challenge Allen West in GOP congressional primary”

  1. T 4 2, 2 4 T Says:

    Even a fellow Republican cites West proclivity for carpetbaggery among his other baggery ills such as teabaggery, and douchebaggery.

  2. Sid Says:

    Sheriff Crowder is best known for supporting Alex Sink against Rick Scott. Clearly Sheriff Crowder never met a Democrat didn’t like – or a Republican he did. An honest man would have switched parties and run as a Democrat.

  3. RealAngst Says:

    No Sid, all it means is that Sheriff Crowder recognized that when you take the 5th, the right against self incrimination in a fraud that cost Florida Taxpayers BILLIONS and the fine that your company paid was BILLIONS that clearly you arent honest and shouldnt be the Chief Executive Officer of the state. So the Sheriff wants a Governor who is honest and because he has an R next to his name is certainly no indicator of his “honesty.”


    LOL, exactly RealAngst.

    All it shows is that he opposed a known crook to be the governor of one of the biggest states in the country.

    That is actually a sign of something you may have heard about, Sid, but never encountered… INTELLIGENCE.

    The fact is, Allen West is not only a disgrace to the district he is currently serving… and not only a disgrace to Florida… and not just a disgrace to the United States… he IS all of those things…

    But he is ALSO a disgrace to his OWN political party.

    What a deplorable person and the exact opposite of the kind of leadership we need in this country.

    Quite obviously, a Crowder vs. Murphy general election would be substantially better for Florida and the 18th district than ANY election that includes a disgusting dishonest, ignorant pig like Allen West.

  5. Sarcasm Says:

    I’m glad that some logic is prevailing and someone (Crowder) is stepping up. Too many honest people won’t run. I would gladly support Sheriff Crowder, the Sheriff’s office appears to run seamlessly in Martin County, a sign of good leadership. I also think that an elected official should live in his/her own district. Otherwise you’re just a carpetbagger.

  6. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    This may be a good move for Sheriff Crowder — especially if he can get the Putz and other liberal groups to back him against Allen West.

    Having said that, Sheriff Crowder sounds like a good guy who may want to think again?

    The extremely popular black conservative congressman Allen West it seems is the scariest elected official in our country . . . judging by the comments of Marxist trolls incessantly trash talking him on this and state, national and other forums.

    It is sooooooooo easy to spot these liberal SNERTs (Sexually Needy Emotional Recidivistic Trolls).

    Shallow, confused, panicked, stock comments.

    You may want to think of them in this way:

    “How are things in the boiler room, Sport? Are you earning the minimum wage they pay you to copy and paste here?

    Got any $10.00 spiffs lately to keep your losing azz going?

    Nevertheless and as usual, things will get better for a couple hours later today when you meet with your co-workers at the local bar.

    Might as well enjoy that time since tomorrow will be another day of the same old BS and you will again obediently do as you are told.”



    @Same Ole, Same Ole

    I love how you pretend to like Allen West so that you can spew your clearly racist and bigoted comments.

    Republicans are bigots.
    Same Ole, Same Ole.
    Nothing new under the sun.

  8. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    I rest my case.

  9. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:


    They are soooooooooooo easy!


    I’m glad you amuse yourself.

    Everyone who reads this blog knows you are a bigot.

    Btw, if Allen West is “extremely popular” then why is he running from FL-22 like a coward?

  11. Mike Coleman Says:

    The freedom of anonimity gives the likes of “same ole, same ole” courage to trash talk in a manner they likely never could if they were required to identify themselves when they speak.

    With anonimity the frightened project themselves as brave, without anonimity they mostly remain silent.

    Both, are sorrowful conditions to possess.

    Happy Valentines day to all!

  12. LEIGH LAMSON Says:

    Crowder is just another RINO from Martin County who dispises anyone who is conservative. Martin County is full of his ilk. As a 912 Group conservative activist I/we will work VERY HARD to oppose this Republican Fraud. We still remember the distorted, slanderous ads he ran in oppositon to Gov. Scott in 2010. Besides, running for Congress is way above his pay grade and intellect.
    At best he should run for Fl. State Rep. AS A DEMOCRAT !!

  13. RENEGADE (original) Says:


    He is the most pethetic troll to ever post on a PBpost blog. Posting 15-20 different posts on the same thread all under different names. Compliments himself on his own posts using a different name. Poses as women, Democrats, Hispanics, and African Americans and writes posts that are degrading to the ethnic group he is impersonating. Extremely Racist by his own addmission and anti-semitic. Believe the only ” real Americans” are white bigots like himself.
    He isn’t even a real conservative or Republican. He can’t tell you about conservative values. He can quote the party line but ask him to explain any of it and you will get that “DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS” blank stare. He can’t tell you what capitalism is or even conservatism. He just hates the President because he is African American. He is obsessed about it. He often makes statements that are anti-capitalistic trying to criticize the President any way he can. I think he lies in bed at night trying to think up new lies to tell about the President. And he tries to criticize someone else. What a laugh. He is a very sad, sick, miserable little man.

  14. Crowder is an idiot Says:

    Look all these people have a right to rub in any district they want. If you want to change that situation, then change the laws of this state.

    As for running for office as a local, as Crowder is quoted, is idiotic… especially with Crowder’s record.

    What has Crowder done, except raise gobs of money from the agriculture people, the oldest money racists that kept this Treasure Coast from desegregating in the 70′s?

    The old money on the Treas. Coast hate black people and they have serious money for any Democrat or Republican to keep from having any black man or woman to represent them. Ask Sam Gaines!! He knows.

    Just wait for crowder to open his mouth about West moving to a district where he can win. Ooooops!! Crowder did that when he couldn’t win a race for Sheriff in St. Lucie County.

    Oh my! Was he a coward then?

    Was he a good sheriff? Not really. Pretty average at best. Some skeletons are hanging in his walk-in closet … just wait. But, he’ll say different. The Ag money likes him because he’s white.

    The sad tale is that the kook on the Democrat side, Pat Murphy, is old redneck money too – his Daddy is locked up with all the Ag (cattlemen, citrus) money that runs this Treasure Coast.

    So Allen West has to run against a fat old idiot in Crowder, and an old redneck monied kook like Murphy. It ought to be a piece of cake for West, who has served honorably and led men and women well in combat in the Army, and, then fortunately came to Florida to lead in the Congress against the looters in the Washington, D.C.

    I’m sure Congressman West is NOT shaking in his boots having to face these goofballs.

    God bless America. Vote for West.

    C. Carlin

    P.S. I am not affiliated with any of the three men mentioned above. But I do know Crowder, and have known him for 20 years. What an idiot.

  15. Sam Says:

    @”crowder is an idiot” – nothing honorable about allen west; he’s a coward and proved it by getting the hell out of CD22 because he doesn’t know how to stick. all his tough army-talk went down the drain and the truth was shown. the coward fired a gun next to the ear of an unarmed man, was removed from the army, then couldn’t even handle a natural redistricting modification; again couldn’t stand the heat.


    “served honorably”

    I guess that is what Republicans call getting kicked out of the military under threat of court martial!


  17. Martin County Indie Says:

    Elect Sheriff Crowder!!!!!! This is a NO BRAINER PEOPLE. The fact of even having this discussion is laughable. I bet the Tea Party didn’t see this coming. Can’t wait to vote in November. West is an embarrassment to himself, his party and the US military.
    I also like Murphy being a relatively new comer to politics. But, now I can vote for a true candidate for the people.

    Same ole (among other names), you’re a certified DUMB AZZ. Your cowardice is apparent to whomever reads your rants. How do you feel being considered a bigoted piece of crap by the majority who visit these threads? Your weakness illuminates from your posts. Such a morally sad individual.

  18. JoePlumber Says:

    i’m supporting Rep. Allen West

    The sheriff seems like he may be a RINO

  19. tom Says:

    My Mom was from Walton Country. Even though I am a California Democrat, I would loveto help an honest compromiser get in rather than a divisive ideologue like West. I’d even rather see a moderate Republican than a Dem, if it comes to that. But where’s the sheriff’s website?

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