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Judge Krista Marx will not seek state attorney’s job

by George Bennett | February 9th, 2012


Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Krista Marx told PostOnPolitics this afternoon that she will not run for state attorney or seek the interim appointment to replace incumbent Michael McAuliffe.

Marx, a former assistant state attorney, was entertaining the idea after McAuliffe announced last month that he would not seek reelection this year. McAuliffe later announced he’s leaving office in March to take a job with West Palm Beach-based Oxbow Carbon, which means Gov. Rick Scott will appoint a replacement to serve the last nine months of McAuliffe’s term.

Former Democratic state Sen. Dave Aronberg is the only candidate to open a 2012 campaign for McAuliffe’s job.

Scott’s office says it has received one application for the state attorney appointment, from Wesley Forrest White, an assistant state attorney in Nassau County near Jacksonville. White said he would move to Palm Beach County if he got the appointment. He said he is not interested in running for a four-year term.


8 Responses to “Judge Krista Marx will not seek state attorney’s job”

  1. civilian kane Says:

    does this mean Krista Marx will continue to be a judge? hides ya kids, hide ya wife and hide ya husbands

  2. Hhmmm Says:

    Does he have ADHD?

  3. nemo Says:

    Too Bad. She would have been a very good S/A…and we can use one.

  4. Susan Says:

    What a huge loss for our county. Krista Marx would have been fabulous as our State Attorney. Instead, we’ll get a politician who has never prosecuted a case and who does not have the respect of law enforcement. Brace yourselves.

  5. Smart and Attractive Says:

    Apparently the good Lord is watching over Judge Marx. Why would anyone sign up for this kind of aggravation.A tip of the hat for displaying common sense,along with intelligence.Good move Judge Marx.

  6. Legal Eagle Says:

    Marx sees the corruption that is around her. Marx rather keep on providing information to the Feds about the various corrupt judges that she works with. Marx is not the only judge who has been working with the Feds. Not only corrupt judges will be taken down, but also their attorney friends.

  7. Onewhoknows Says:

    Krista you made the correct decision for your family and Palm Beach County. You are a fantastic Judge and will make your mark on history sitting on the bench.

  8. Mark Hanna Says:

    Good decision. Both judges are very good where they are and treat people with respect unlike some other Judges. Number 1 post – you obviously were on the losing side of a decision – sour apples. I have been on winning and losing side – but decision were supportable by law and facts. Most important is the complete lack of Black Robe Fever – they are both good Judges.

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