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House poised to OK new redistricting maps; Democrats ready for court

by John Kennedy | February 3rd, 2012

Redrawn legislative and congressional district maps, which Democrats say will unfairly maintain Florida’s Republican dominance,  are readied for a final vote Friday in the state House.

Redistricting Chairman Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, withstood hours of questioning Thursday from Democrats. He denied that new electoral boundaries were drawn to help or hurt incumbents, or assure that Republicans retain control of the Legislature or congressional delegation.

“At no point, were these maps drawn with any political intent,” Weatherford said.

But the Democrats are clearly looking to build a legal case against the maps, which must be reviewed by the state Supreme Court and the U.S. Justice Department, to assure minority-voting rights are protected.

The House is poised to vote Friday, sending the plans back to the Senate for final action, probably next week. The courts would then begin their work.

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4 Responses to “House poised to OK new redistricting maps; Democrats ready for court”

  1. Todd Says:

    Any attempt for the Republicans to bend the rules in their favor is typical. Enough is enough people…

  2. Harold Kaye Says:

    Wait until the courts says to both parties..uh you broke the law….

  3. GO WEST 2012 Says:

    Dear Massa Will….I dun broke out of youyrn Tallahaaaaassseee prescribed Plantation…and took da undergroud rareroad Nawth to a better place.(District 18)…be seein’ y’ll around……..Say goobye to Massa Frankie and Massa Randy at da Racist, Liberal, PRO-DEATH (Abortion) PB POST..No Mo whippins from dose two……..Your humble servant, aLLEN

  4. OSCAR Says:

    Democrats are still whining about 2000 ..what else is new?

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