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First Lady to visit South Florida, other states on anniversary of Let’s Move campaign to fight childhood obesity

by Ana Valdes | February 3rd, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama will return to Florida next week, as she tours Homestead and the Orlando area to celebrate the anniversary of her campaign to fight childhood obesity, Let’s Move.

Obama will participate in a town hall meeting Friday afternoon in Homestead, where she will answer questions from local parents about better eating habits. The town-hall meeting is sponsored by WebMD. 

Later that day, Obama will travel to Central Florida, where she plans to have dinner with a family who has made changes to become healthier.

The First Lady is scheduled to visit the Walt Disney World Resort’s ESPN Wide World of Sports on Saturday to promote exercise for children. Her tour also includes stops in Iowa, Arkansas and Texas.

Last month, Obama visited Palm Beach County as she wrapped up a day-long tour of the state asking voters to support her husband in his re-election campaign.

President Obama was also at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in January, where he announced that his administration is working to increase international tourism, including processing more visas from China and Brazil.

22 Responses to “First Lady to visit South Florida, other states on anniversary of Let’s Move campaign to fight childhood obesity”


    Michelle Obama, the best First Lady in the modern era!

  2. George Mansfield Says:

    Another vacation at our expence while the rest of the country trys to figure out how to buy groceries.

  3. Fed Up Says:

    @George if she was white it would be okay right. Get real.

  4. sheree Says:

    How much is this going to cost the ‘people’ ….somebody should ask her why her & her husband LOST their License to Practice Law…& why her husband is using a dead person’s SSN that was a roomer in her relative’s boarding house in Connecticut? I’d be very interest to know….as would millions of other people.

  5. Carol Says:

    if she comes near me I’ll trip the bitch….

  6. OSCAR Says:


    They did not lose their law licenses. They gave them up/turned them in on their own.Probably something to do with his being the POTUS because it was after he won the election that they did it.

    He is not using a dead persons SS number. If he had it would be all over the news because Congress would have a full blown investigation. Someone is giving you bad information.

  7. american man Says:


    Fact- They both lost their licenses BEFORE he ran for the Presidency.

    Fact – His SSn is registered to someone born in 1890 issued to him in 1979. When run through E-Verify, (same one the Governement wants all immigration status verified), it come back “FRAUDULENT” by the Freedom of Information Act.
    More Facts just for fun: In order for him to be a naturalized citizen at birth BOTH his parents are supposed to be citizens. His father is not as verified by Obama himself who states on page 214 and 215 of his book “Dreams of my father”, he tells us his father was born in Kenya and his passport was revoked not allowing him to leave the country.
    Fact- His birth certificate sserial number is out of sequence with others born in the same hospital on the same day and different than twins born 124 hours ahead of Obama.
    Fact- another SSN issued to Obama has surfaced as being given to a Barry Sotoro aka Barack Obama issued in 1977 in the state of Massachusetts – Obama has never resided in Mass.
    Experts have scrutinized all of his birth records and his birth certificate and they have come back as “being altered”. Also, documents that a Mr. Sotoroe, who supposedly adopted Obama, (Barry Sotoro), have been redacted which is highly unusual with regards to immigration records.
    Other than that – Mrs. Barack Hussein O’bama, welcome to Florida, have a nice stay.

  8. Sheree Says:

    Thank you for ‘correcting’ Oscar.
    No wonder the felon got into the WH with people like him running around. I’m a Canadian & know more than most Americans do about their President! Have Americans fallen asleep? WTF?



    STILL with the racist birther crap?



  10. Sheree Says:

    Am not a ‘birther’ whatever that means. I am a Canadian. Do not belong to the GOP. ANYBODY with a brain cell in the world KNOWS Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen – is a closet Muslim – is NOT EVEN ELIGIBLE TO BE SITTING IN YOUR WHITE & is a joke to the entire World especially the Muslim Community who KNOW he is a Muslim.He knows the Muslim customs ie bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia which went around the word & people laughed at America! He even knows the Muslim Customs he has NEVER EVER TAKEN MOO-CHELLO TO AN ARAB COUNTRY BECAUSE ARABS are not permitted to allow their wives into the Political area. Check it out. Find a better line than telling everybody they are a Racist I am part black just like the felon Obama. Easy to figure out why Liberals are ignorant to FACTS & have a serious mental disorder – they can’t help it … it’s in their DNA. Good luck if he get’s back for the next 4 years or are you one of the 50% on food stamps & like him? Glad I live in Canada which a decent, honourable PM who is a Natural Born Citizen.



    Your bigoted fantasy-world spittle just proves my point!

    You fascist Republicans are ALL ALIKE! Dumb AND Racist!


    Btw, Sheree, isn’t it a strange coincidence that you have the same icon as someone on this thread named Carol? Someone who is also a racist Republican?

    What are the chances? LOL!

    Face it. You’re not from Canada. You are an unhinged racist, an unabashed fascist, and a lying scumbag.

  13. Sheree Says:

    Hate to break the news to you but I am Canadian. Don’t know anything about a Carol. Gosh you have an anger problem …sure glad I live in Canada!


    You sure are a weird one. That video is totally bizarre. At least now we know who is brainwashing you. LOL

  15. Ron Says:

    If you disagree with any democrat you’re labeled a racist.

    Get used to it.

    At a time when this country is falling apart the President continues to alienate and divide.

  16. Sheree Says:

    @Allan West Must Go:) The video on my Channel is ‘Christian’ sung by a Messianic Jew which is a Jew that has become a Christian. It would be considered ‘different’ for someone who doesn’t have a clue who God is. Yes- I am brainwashed ….by the Word of God….Praise the Lord …& old enough to be your mother my friend. I find it totally bizarre that the people of America did not study & learn about the person they voted to be in the WH as President of the free world. Of course with Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama paying millions to hide everything about his past unless you dig really deep the average person couldn’t find much on him & just voted for him because he was ‘black’. Now no Hope & NO change …because nobody has a job & is broke. The Black unemployment rate right now in the USA has never ever been this high! You need to do some srious reading & studying! God Bless!!


    “”"The video on my Channel is ‘Christian’ sung by a Messianic Jew which is a Jew that has become a Christian”"”

    Right. Nuts. Absolutely insane.

    And frankly, as a Jew, I find it completely offensive.

    As for Obama, it’s clear that you are delusional and don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. That’s what happens when you get your news from email chain letters and not from actual news sources.

    As for your age, that is a pitiful excuse for being an idiot. Grow up! It’s not too late! But sadly for you that means you have to think for yourself for the first time in your life. Good luck with that. Idiot.

  18. Sheree Says:

    As a Jew … being offended …guess you better speak to Jesus about that darling .. you WILL come face to face with GOD one day & bow – Bible says that EVERY knee will Bow …includes you…better to do it on this side while there is a chance than later when it’s too late.

    BTW there are thousands of Mesianic Congregations everywhere including Israel I visit one regularly in my city they have a service on Saturday mornings … check it out … there’s nothing lovlier than Messianic Christian Music … especially with the Shufar! …

    Wow what a rude obnoxious Jew. It’s ones like you that give the Jews a bad reputation. I have worked with Jews all my life in the Career I was in & never ever ran into one like you…you need an anger management course. God Bless You!

  19. Sheree Says:

    Concerning Obama … No it would appear you are the ‘delusional’ one .. everybody on the planet knows what a fake he is apparently … except you …again I get my news source from the ‘Source’ which is not the Alphabet left-wing media which lie & don’t have time for so called chain emails.

    You need to catch up, crawl out from under the rock you have been living under & do some very serious reading & studying.

    Good luck!

  20. Sheree Says:

    All future ignorant comments by you have been blocked Mr. Allen West must Go …

  21. RealAngst Says:

    Sheree… are clueless and classless. I am a Republican voter who did NOT vote for Mr. Obama, however, I RESPECT the Office of POTUS and I respect all relgions and beliefs, however, you are over the top! If someone doesnt agree with you they are called everything in the book, so while you may not be a racist, you are certainly easily led and have shown no respect to anyone who doesnt share your views. Kinda sad that this would be a “Christian” way of doing things. Sean Insanity loves folks like you. Get along lil doggies get along!

  22. vacationingjim Says:

    How a simple stating the point article about the presidents movements and the first ladies good will can turn into some crazy fight is beyond me. The first lady has done more amazing things in this term than any other before her I can think of. There is an Obesity problem in the U.S. and she leads by example. As for the president I think he’s doing what he can with what he was dealt. A country in war over a long period is always going to see fiscal problems, and with 1,000 people wanting it fixed their way it’s a hard process. If your Canadian what do you really care Sheree? And why are you posting on a Miami website anyway it’s like the farthest part of America from your country. We picked our president and we’ll pick another soon. If we choose the same guy, then there should be no complains.
    by-the-by the president has to learn foreign custom as not to disrespect other peoples ways. it’s done as an act of respect for other leaders and their countries. I’m sure if the queen of England went to another country she’s curtsy to their leaders, as those leaders would bow to her.

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