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Casino gambling fizzles — dead for 2012

by John Kennedy | February 3rd, 2012

The drive to bring resort casinos to South Florida fizzled Friday, with the House sponsor of the measure effectively abandoning the proposal for this year.

Facing a hostile House panel — where opponents of expanded gambling said they had 10 of 15 members on their side — Rep. Erik Fresen, R-Miami, abruptly postponed debate on his legislation (HB 489).

 With the House Business and Community Affairs subcommittee not scheduled to reconvene this session, the contentious plan is dead.

“Obviously, this is an issue that won’t go away and it’s going to be at the forefront of Florida voters’ minds when the elections come around,” said Jessica Hoppe, general counsel for Genting Resorts World Miami, which is looking to open a massive, bayside casino resort in Miami.

“This would have actually resulted in a contraction of gaming,” Hoppe said. “And the Legislature will need to take up this issue again in the future.”


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26 Responses to “Casino gambling fizzles — dead for 2012”

  1. pbc concerned Says:

    there goes jobs and tourism increase. they probably wern’t getting enough money under the table.

  2. Independent Voter Says:

    Can we get a list of the 10 House Business and Community Affairs subcommittee members that killed it and what date their terms are up?

  3. SB Says:

    I love gambling, I play poker all the time and I’ve been to Vegas more than I’ll admit in public. But very thankful this is tabled for now for the sake of the hundreds of thousands of greater downtown Miami residents and office workers and who would be saddled with utter disruption of the casinos causing gridlock to already over-capacity roads.

  4. Patty McGuire Says:

    Thank You for the chance to say I am so glad Florida is safe for now.We sure do not need any more crime.Jails are full now and they never really touch on how many little old ladies even get addicted and loose every thing,even their homes and we have enough problems in Florida already.And we know they don’t want to pay our policeman as it is.Stop sending all our jobs to other countries,reopen factories.I don’t have all the answers but I know this is a bait and switch if ever passed.

  5. alg Says:

    So the republican conservative only want to legislate the womb but when it come to JOB no fn way no high speed train no casinos no properity just a bunch of utero laws, who votes for this clowns???

  6. Gene Says:

    The cruise lines paid off everyone, just like they did in the past.

  7. Peter Schorsch Says:

    Compilation of analysis and reaction to death of ‘Destination Resorts’ legislation.

  8. Aaron Zuckerman Says:

    What is with these right-wing nuts? We need jobs jobs jobs!! …but they are concerned with safety issues and all that other BS but lets cut the police force while we’re at it…The hypocrisy is maddening!! VOTE THE JOB KILLERS OUT !!

  9. Thanks BigBrother Says:

    Thank unelected officials who decide everything now. Even the next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

  10. George Blumel Says:

    Being able to comment on current issues is an opportunity to feel part of the issues of the day. But when alg brings into a discussion of casinos its obsession with choo-choos (so last century) and abortion and when others like Gene make unsubstantiated charges against third parties, they contribute nothing to the discussion. Casinos bring good and bad results so we must calculate if the good –revenues– are worth the bad –crime, gridlock, etc– and then make an informed decision.

  11. Downtown Danny Says:

    More government regulation in our personal lives from Republicants.
    All they do is tell adults what they can’t do and give us more government to make sure we don’t.
    Those who claim casinos bring crime are wrong. Casinos stop crime by providing full benefit jobs to low income people who no longer have to commit crimes because they have a job and can provide for themselves & their families.
    Florida is less safe because we won;t have these jobs.
    I’m sick of Republicans jamming their own “morals” (which they don’t even abide by)based on their interpretation of a 2,000 year old book.

  12. alg Says:

    @ Gorge ok tell me how (HB 1327),(HB 839),(HB 277) have created a silgle job??? how has any of this pandering to right wing nut have advanced the midlle class in Florida. My point is that all the “representatives” in Tallahasee don’t do anything to help the midlle class in Florida

  13. George Blumel Says:

    alg: the private sector creates jobs when allowed to. Get the governments out of the way, reform taxes and regulation and voila! we are back to full employment. Reagan did it after Carter and we can do it again after Obama. Gov. Scott is making progress in the right direction. Don’t look the government to take care of you alg, get a job.

  14. karen Says:

    As an accountant, I have been unemployed for over two(2) years. Worked out of college in Las Vegas; for those of you who thinks crime rises because of gambling, look again.Casinos stop crime by providing full benefit jobs to low income people who no longer have to commit crimes because they have a job and can provide for themselves & their families. Crime will rise in this state because of unemployment and desperate people. Bring the casinos; let me go back to work so you stupid taxpayers do not have to pay for my continued unemployment.

  15. BP Says:

    Casinos would only help our economy with the tourism which seems to be so low this year! Why not somewhere other than Miami?? I think their tourism is already strong. What about Palm Beach County or Lee County? We could use the help.

  16. Joseph A. Holder Says:

    Guess either they couldn’t figure how to grease their palm’s, under the radar of the fed’s or They knew it would take to long to teach the illegal immigrant workers how to speak English, seem like they (illegal’s) are the only one’s that seem to get any job’s these days.
    Plus just think, god forbid someone in Florida actually got a job that is sustainable, benefits, health coverage type thing’s, KEEP IT UP REPUBLICAN’S, Obama will repeat..

  17. Stupid TAx Payer Says:

    I beleive collecting unemployment is a choice. Frankly I believe it is an enabling action on the part of government that prolongs unemployment. Casinos would help but would also turn what was a beautiful place to fish and relax into a bigger ses pool than what it is today. A catch all of retirees and wanabees that cant make it anywhere else. Karen if you are an accountant worth your weight, you should be able to find a job. Start by going back to Las Vegas so us stupid taxpayers can take care of the rest of the hacks like you that couldn’t make it in New York or New Jersey or whatever part of the north they came from.

  18. OMG Says:

    Really…this would have brought so much good into our community. It would create jobs, and increase tourism. Why on earth was this even debated? Why is it that the powers to be are against? They can’t figure out how to make money on the side because the gambling commission watches every penny.

  19. Independent Voter Says:

    “… they never really touch on how many little old ladies even get addicted and loose every thing,even their homes…”

    Why should Floridians do without because some people can’t control themselves? That’s like saying we should ban cars and driving because some people speed. Let the little old ladies with a gambling addiction go to Gamblers Anonymous.

    Please provide some sort of data or evidence to back up your assertions that crime will increase.

  20. alg Says:

    Answer my question George you are just regurgitqating tired old talking points.I have a great job and I would hope the ppl in tallahasee did their job, instead of pandering to the group with the most cash

  21. Eric Says:

    The link between casinos and crime is well documented. ( ex: in Minnesota, in the 1st 6 months after casinos went in, the crime increased twice as fast in the counties with casinos, vs those without. Mississippi and other states showed similar trends!)

    The FACT is that casinos do increase crime. The Questions are do we trade job growth for more crime, and would anyone really notice if there was even more crime in Florida?

  22. olrick Says:

    You can make “facts” say what you want. “Fact” Christians don’t want you “gambleing”. How much worse can crime get in FL? Are Casinos going to change that? Pull your head out of your butt!! Go to bed with your mistress and thank your god you didn’t get cought!! The Ol’ Notell Motel”. Make some money from the TAXES…and a FL people will come to!

  23. kristine Says:

    Crime exists no matter where you live and I think casinos would not impact the crime rate. Ask yourself this to, if you are not into fishing, the ocean,or golfing, then what is there really here to do for excitement. God forbid West Palm Beach have something exciting to do. Let’s build some more shopping plazas, thats exciting.I really think we need more of those.

  24. Downtown Danny Says:

    So the numbers racket (lottery) is ok though it creates no jobs. Casinos are not but they create thousands of high paying jobs for many who have no college education and can’t afford to go.
    Gov Scott & his bible goons want to force their version of morals down everyones throat while they gamble on the golf course every weekend.

  25. William Cleave Drummond II Says:

    They probably buckled because of how the vote went for slots in Washington Co.

    This entire state and the country needs JOBS and not idiots in Congress and our state house killing every single job opportunity that is put before them.

    Vote every single one of them out and put citizens in their place. I hope to replace one of them.

  26. olrick Says:

    Until FL gets the north FL christian right out of the picture…there will be no gambling in FL. They seem to think whores and mob men don’t exist. They are here now…Your “baby girl” knows it too!!!Your Taliban thinking ..”control everybody” I’m right…your “godless” has got to go!!!god you people are a bigger threat to this country than the Nazis ever were!!The bible or the koran? Both worthless in the 21st century..

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