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Campaign trail runs through House at night — GOP uses memorials to blister Obama

by John Kennedy | February 29th, 2012

The House worked late into the night Wednesday — mostly on non-binding memorials to Congress apparently designed to burnish the election campaigns of ruling Republican lawmakers.

Measures urging Congress to approve congressional term limits, balance the federal budget, cap federal spending, repeal the Dodd-Frank regulations on financial institutions, repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley standards on investment companies, and eliminate the federal health care overhaul made their way through the House.

The push inspired partisan speeches by Republican lawmakers and angry push-back from outnumbered Democrats.

“Only in Washington is it OK to spend money we do not have,” said House Rules Chairman Gary Aubuchon, R-Cape Coral, a candidate for Congress. “That is unconscionable and it must stop.”

Rep. Jimmy Smith, R-Inverness, likened the Florida House telling Congress to get its spending together to a youngster urging parents to rein-in their family credit card spending.

“Every common person in Florida wants it,” Smith said.

Rep. Perry Thurston, D-Plantation, ridiculed Republicans for trying to win political points by attacking the Obama administration’s policies even as “our economy is coming back.”

But Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera, R-Miami, dismissed the speeches by Thurston and other Democrats as a “waste of all of our time.”


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7 Responses to “Campaign trail runs through House at night — GOP uses memorials to blister Obama”

  1. Rita Says:

    When you have Steven Chu Obama’s Secretary of Energy telling a congressional committee is happy with the increased price of gas….that’s when American citizens need to kick out every single democrat running for elected office in 2012.

    Obama=OK with HIGH GAS PRICES

  2. RENEGADE Says:

    @ Rita,

    That is not what he said rita. Your lying to make it sound like something that wasn’t said.
    And its taken completely out of context. Anytime the right does that is because if they show it in context it changes the entire meaning.
    The real story should come out any day!

  3. Dee Says:

    Republithugs lie cheat and steal in the dark of night. Disgusting mind set group of ghouls.


    I agree entirely with Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

    The people don’t have a voice in our government.

    The fascists run the state.

    Therefore, it IS a waste of time to bring the people’s voice into the discussion.


    Why bother.

    This state is completely governed by massive corporations and a tiny slice of extraordinarily wealthy people who simply cannot stand the idea of democracy.

    The Republican Party of Fascists rules us with an Iron Fist.

    We MUST defeat them in November and elect ONLY Democrats.

  5. Downtown Danny Says:

    And John McCrazy McCain would have been better?
    Now we’d be at war with N Korea & Iran and he’d still have 100,000 troops and 150,000 private contractors in Iraq.

  6. pblumel Says:

    The Florida legislature today officially called on the U.S. Congress to pass and send to the states for ratification a constitutional amendment limiting Congressional terms in office.

    The resolution, passed by acclamation in both houses of the Florida legislature, will be sent to the president of the United States, Speaker of the U.S. House, president of the U.S. Senate and each member of the Florida Congressional delegation.

    Florida is the first state to take this step, but it will not be the last. With term limits polling at all-time highs and the Congress at record lows, pressure is building around the nation for Congress to take action.

    For full story, see:

  7. Mario Manna Says:

    Great New Theme for 2.0: Aardvark Postit by Mary Evans

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