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Bondi joins other AGs in lawsuit against Obama administration over birth control

by Dara Kam | February 23rd, 2012

Attorney General Pam Bondi today joined six other GOP attorneys general in a lawsuit against President Obama’s administration over a controversial mandate requiring employers to offer health insurance offering free birth control.

Bondi and Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas are accusing the White House of violating freedom of religion with the requirement, a hot-button issue in the GOP presidential primary.

The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Nebraska, mirrors one filed this week by Ave Maria University, a small Catholic college near Naples, claiming its religious liberties are being violated by the administration’s order that its employees receive health insurance with no-cost contraceptive coverage.

“Government has no business forcing religious institutions and individuals to violate their sincerely held beliefs. This lawsuit is about protecting religious liberty and the rights of conscience, our most basic freedoms as Americans,” Bondi said in a press release.

Other plaintiffs in the lawsuit include a Catholic High School, Catholic Social Services and a nun.

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5 Responses to “Bondi joins other AGs in lawsuit against Obama administration over birth control”

  1. FLDemNinja Says:

    Bondi may be the worst AG Florida has ever had.

  2. Downtown Danny Says:

    This will create jobs how?

    It’s great that we stand with the extreme right wing of the Republicans of America.

    Put abortion doctors in jail, outlaw contraception for women, stop three $2 billion casinos from providing 50,000 full benefit jobs – and live your life based on Pam Bondi’s interpretation of a 2,000 yr-old book.

  3. RENEGADE Says:

    The State of Florida has no standing to file a suit over this. It will be thrown out.

  4. michel Says:

    Bondi: what do you expect

    clearly incompetent – check

    needed help getting where she is – check

    Vaseline sold out in Tallahassee – check

    Scott needs a beard – check

  5. BEN GRABER Says:

    Tomorrow, Sunday at 1 PM on 850 AM WFTL Radio,The Dr.Ben Graber Gynecology Hour. We will be discussing the “Birth Control Controversy” Commissioner Kristin Jacobs and Former Mayor Lois Frankel( both congressional candidates) will be calling into the show at separate times. Join the discussion by calling the Gynecology Hotline 877-850-8585

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