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Anti-union language stays in Rick Scott tax breaks for now

by Dara Kam | February 15th, 2012

Florida businesses could save more than $100 million in taxes next year and shoppers would get another “tax-free” holiday under measures now on their way to the Florida Senate.

The House approved Gov. Rick Scott’s corporate tax break package (HB 7087) with a 92-22 vote that garnered support from more than a dozen Democrats despite concern from others that an anti-union component adopted late yesterday is unconstitutional.

The $121.1 million-a-year tax break plan would double the corporate tax exemption from $25,000 to $50,000. The new exemption would allow more than 3,500 small businesses to stop paying corporate income taxes altogether.

The tax plan also boosts tax credits for business investments in low-income communities and expands tax breaks for agriculture, industrial machinery, aircrafts and the entertainment industry.

Late yesterday, House GOP leaders amended the bill to require businesses that receive the tax credits to certify that they do not employ union workers. The anti-union language was tacked on in retaliation after Democrats tried to modify the bill to limit who would get the tax breaks.

The union restrictions make the bill unconstitutional, argued some Democrats during debate Wednesday afternoon.

But bill sponsor Steve Precourt, R-Orlando, said that shouldn’t make any difference.

“Yeah, there may be a judge somewhere who disagrees about whether or not it’s constitutional,” Precourt said. “So you’re just going to let some judge who might call it on you later on stop you from helping Floridians in some way?”

The House also unanimously approved a popular three-day sales tax holiday (HB 737) Aug. 3-5. The tax-free long weekend is estimated to cost the state and local governments about $31.8 million.

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10 Responses to “Anti-union language stays in Rick Scott tax breaks for now”

  1. Leukemia Says:

    Unions are bleeding us dry.

  2. John Wright Says:

    Remember the union thugs and Occupiers don’t scare us anymore here in Florida!Thank you republicans and Gov Scott for standing up to them!


    Unions created the Middle Class.

    That’s why the fascist Republicans are trying to kill off unions. Because if they are successful then the corporate fascists can EXTRACT ALL THE WEALTH OF THE MIDDLE CLASS FOR THEIR OWN BANK ACCOUNTS.

    That’s the difference between Republican fascists and Democratic patriots…

    Republicans want to kill the Middle Class and turn this country into a fascist oligarchy.

    Democrats want to STRENGTHEN the Middle Class and create shared prosperity for all people at all income levels.

    Democrats are patriots.

    Republicans are disgusting anti-American fascists.

  4. Porter51 Says:

    Florida is a right to work state, so suck it up, the unions are not bleeding you dry. And I guess some of you don’t have a problem with the Wall Street investment bankers who totally killed the housing market in Florida. Where’s the 700,000 jobs Scott promised? Who is really benefiting from this moronic amendment to an already obscene tax break? I’ll tell you who is not: the Florida taxpayers who are going to get stuck with the legal bill, when, not if, this starts making it’s way through the court system. They KNOW it’s going to be challenged, just like that the law requiring TANF applicants to take drug tests. Any idea how much that cost you, with his team of $500/hr D.C.lawyers, and how much the state spent on the 98% who passed at $25/cup? Scott is crook. You really think he cares about you?

  5. OBIWAN Says:


    Sieg Heil Herr SCOTT!!

  6. Dee Says:

    If Corporations are people too according to Sh m it Romney,then why should they be exempt from paying taxes. No logic in Republithug thinking.

    Sanitorium “surge baby surge. You don’t have a prayer against Obama

    Obama 2012

  7. So One Term Says:

    So how is this $150 million shortfall in revenues going to be remedied?


  8. Downtown Danny Says:

    So its ok to give corporations welfare but not if they allow their workers to have Freedom of Assembly rights?
    Unions are people, they are workers.
    Republicans are now outright Nazis who want to crush all freedoms.
    Now they don’t even care about the law – openly saying they don’t care what a judge says.
    So Scott refuses to accept millions from the Federal Government to help the poor because it comes from “Obama Care” but it’s ok when the money is for teaching abstinence – he takes that money.
    Republicans are destroying this nation – they don’t believe in freedom – they want to turn this country into a total corporate dictatorship.

  9. TopNews Says:

    so nice, great post ^^

  10. OBIWAN Says:

    If Unions are people then they should pay personal income taxes just like the rest of us!!

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