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Allen West: ‘Second Holocaust’ ahead if America doesn’t protect Israel against Iran

by Andrew Abramson | February 24th, 2012

Amid the threat of a nuclear Iran, Allen West warned at a town hall meeting today that “You’re looking at a second Holocaust” if Israel doesn’t “know they can trust and depend upon the stars and stripes … to provide them support.”

West, speaking to residents at the First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, said the threat isn’t just coming from Iran.

“What happens if all of a sudden Syria don’t focus on fighting each other, but focus on fighting Israel?” West said. He also spoke of growing “radical Islamism” in Egypt.

If a second Holocaust occurs, West said, “There will be no spiritual homeland for Christians to return back to. There will be no homeland for the Jewish people in the United States of America for their birthright. This is a dangerous situation and we have to take the Iranians for their word.”

West was interrupted several times during his speech by two residents saying the wealthy should be taxed and the current deficit is a direct result of unnecessary wars in the Middle East.

“It’s not absurd to tax the rich,” said Tony Fransetta, president of the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, Inc.

“Yes it is,” West said. “No it’s not,” Fransetta responded.

“You can tax people to 110 percent and it will still not make a dent,” West said. “Why do I want to ask them for anymore money when (the country) is not going to be fiscally responsible,” West said.

“I’d be glad to discuss it with you but this is your forum,” Fransetta said.

“This is my forum and I will tell you the facts are on my side,” West said.

After shouting out questions for the third time, Fransetta and Leo Solar were asked to leave by security.

“He refuses to give truthful answers,” said Fransetta after he was removed. “I represent as many people as he does.”

West’s town hall came on the same day that he was endorsed by Tom Rooney. West is planning to run in a new Congressional district where Rooney lives, while Rooney is moving to a new Congressional district to the west.

“Even if I do have to go up the road 50 miles,” West told the crowd, “I’ll still be there to be your voice in Washington D.C.”

92 Responses to “Allen West: ‘Second Holocaust’ ahead if America doesn’t protect Israel against Iran”


    OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


    WHAT A LUNATIC!!!!!!!



    And by the way….

    To all my Jewish brothers and sisters, please tell your friends and family that this man does NOT speak for the Jewish people, nor will he EVER.

    He is a lunatic. He is psychotic. He is a liar. He is self-centered.

    I could discuss how wrong he is on the facts about military intervention in Iran and/or Syria and how HORRIBLE that would be for the Israeli people… But what’s the point? The man is INSANE. And that is the biggest problem with what he said.

    Spread the word amongst the Tribe. This man DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME NOR ANY OTHER JEWISH PERSON I KNOW.

  3. Dragontech64 Says:

    In all respect to Israel, to all the Jewish Americans, it is NOT the place of the United States to play policeman of the world. Israel is a tough nation, with a nuclear arsenal, and a very potent military. They can take care of the other malcontents in their region. We have too many issues here that we need to fix before looking to fix things for the rest of the world. And maybe some of the American Jews pushing for the US to help Israel should ask themselves, are they Israeli’s or Americans. “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and loyalty divided cannot either.

  4. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Kudos again for Col. West!

    From all I read, and read, and read, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming our way from radical Islamism.

    Remember, there is no reasoning with or safe haven from people whose religious (psychotic) mission is to totally eliminate us.

    “Patients suffering from psychosis have impaired reality testing; that is, they are unable to distinguish personal subjective experience from the reality of the external world. They experience hallucinations and/or delusions that they believe are real, and may behave and communicate in an inappropriate and incoherent fashion. Psychosis may appear as a symptom of a number of mental disorders, including mood and personality disorders.”

    The only decision for us now is where in the sand to draw the line to stop these crazies — to defend and protect ourselves and our progeny to continue living in a relatively peaceful and prosperous civilization like we have known in the US for many generations.

    I am not religious in any way, and do not think most of the Judeo/Christians in our country are in any way near as scary as the radical Islamists.

  5. Jerry Says:

    Allen West is one of the most dangerous people in America.
    This man will only be satisfied when blood is shed.
    He needs to read the new testament and get right with the god he supposedly believes in who never preached such violence against all and any of mankind.
    It is clear from his actions in Congress that he only serves the very rich and the military industrial complex. And will feed either entity with the blood and money of the least fortunate in society.

  6. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    I am reminded that twisted thinking should probably also be added to the definition of psychosis.

    What say you?


  7. Peter Says:

    Allen West is right about Israel but it does not fall on the shoulder of Obama alone. It falls on those who simply play politics with this issue instead of educating the public. He is nuts on everything else.

  8. RENEGADE Says:

    RE: same ole same ole

    “Patients suffering from psychosis have impaired reality testing; that is, they are unable to distinguish personal subjective experience from the reality of the external world. They experience hallucinations and/or delusions that they believe are real, and may behave and communicate in an inappropriate and incoherent fashion. Psychosis may appear as a symptom of a number of mental disorders, including mood and personality disorders.”

    Sounds like the Republican party nowdays and especially fits Mr. West!!!!

    Of course trying to diagnose an entire nation or religion as psychotic is just extreme ignorance. Fanatics, extremist, sure but psychotic, which is a medical condition, absurd, ridiculous!!

  9. Henry A. Says:

    Mr West is a realist, and as a former soldier he knows the cold hard truths. How can you blame a man for trying to protect his country from proven aggressors?

  10. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Just when I thought I heard it all, I hear this raving maniac stirring the pot of fear.
    A Holocaust ????
    Jeez, the guy has lost his everlasting mind.
    West is a modern day “Colonel Kurtz”, that whacko from the movie Apocalypse Now.
    I thank God that West only appeals to a miniscule bunch of extremists.

  11. Joe Budd Says:

    Tony Fransetta comes and runs his mouth at an Allen West town hall. Hmmmm, the same Tony Fransetta who sponsored Obamacare town halls for Wexler and Hastings and he wouldn’t even let conservatives in the room. He was so bias that even Wexler and Hastings couldn’t hide their laughter. Tony, you have no credibilty.

  12. Matthew Says:

    True we need to stand by and support Israel. However, we Christians also know that God protects his people. How can Mr. West say such faithless things in the house of God? I believe the US needs protection from people who don’t know God, but whom we elect to make important decisions on our behalf. We need to pray for Mr. West and all our elected officials. We need to pray that they make Good decisions. We need to pray for them to have wisdom and know that they truly have power to speak life or death by their words.

  13. Davemann Says:

    The only wackos are the nieve liberals ranting about west. And I say neive/ignorant because clearly these liberals have not read the hate filled scriptures of islam nor the threatening remarks made by the president of iran himself.

    To think they would not use hezbollah or hamas to use a nuke is absurd. These muslims suicide bomb on a whim. Just as liberals will resist and mock any attempt to prepare a defense against any threat.

    And that is exactly how, in the 1930′s the treaty of versailles was being violated. Civilian craft being converted to military use by Germany. Liberal peaceniks trying to trump any call for action. For Iran to have said what they said and are developing nukes, those who wish to dismiss them as a threat either have a very dangerous perception of reality OR are an enemy of this country and would like to see it fall.

    And with how Obama is running it I’m thinking both.

  14. jebamoni4 Says:

    The Tea Party thug and his rich peoples’ party have already created
    a second holocaust in US by creating supreme”!% society”,and the rest in sheer poverty!! Thug West continues to support the rich because, they are pouring money in his campaign.This thug believes in guns rather than scriptures.By the way for the past two years what he has done as a rep., except to block every legistlation to help the poor and needy. If anybody is in hand cuffs, this thug will over-power them. Just like good for nothing Clay Shaw, who vacated Palmbeach county overnight when defeated, this thug should be weeded out from the society.

  15. gary Says:

    Mr.West, you have my vote and many others. The 1st 2 comments show the stupidity among us.

  16. Bob Says:

    As a Jew, I am thoroughly disgusted with the way the Republican party is pandering to the Jews. It’s a disgrace! Most of these right wingers wouldn’t spit on a Jew, no less want to be their friend. If anybody, including Jews thinks these Christian nut jobs cares aboiut Israel—you’re damn wrong! Allen West is a certifiable crazy man. He, as other posters have observed, is a very dangerous man. He wasn’t thrown out of the military for no good reason. Can’t wait for him to leave our district—”Don’t let the door hit you in the you know what on the way out” West!!

  17. Wow Now What Says:

    Alan West is certifiably crazy – he cracked once and will soon crack again. he cannot be cured of his condition which was brought on by war time trauma. he will crack and most likely hurt someone. he needs to be removed from duty, put in therapy and tracked for the rest of his life. he cannot represent anyone fairly. Sad case for sure. Giving a seriously deranged man power is going to be real big trouble soon.

  18. leon Says:

    Could West be suffering from PTSD? He seems to have ticking bomb in his brain. The only solutions he has is to bomb, kill everything and everybody he suspects to be a threat. The reasons that he gives are religious, prophetic borderline insane. He needs help he should be evaluated by a psychiatrist with PTSD experience.

  19. ozmo Says:


  20. Michael Says:

    Timothy McVeigh is a realist, and as a former soldier he knows the cold hard truths. How can you blame a man for trying to protect his country from proven aggressors? (even though Iran has not attacked another country)

  21. dissent Says:

    Israel should stand alone by itself. But who controls the media? Ahh, the Jews do. If you doubt me just google “who controls the media”. Talk about 1% of the worlds population controlling 96% of the worlds media. Wake up sheeple!!

  22. The Intelligent Perspective Says:

    The Jews hate you, Allen West, just like everyone else including that obvious old southern white woman “Tea Lady” who couldn’t want to turn on you.
    20 blogs and 1 drunk is supporting you.
    GO AWAY.

  23. mike Says:

    @daveman – you are clearly a hateful un-patriotic, anti- American coward. Why dont you go back to somalia where you belong. You deserve no rights in our country.

  24. Dennis M Says:

    With Israel having an estimated 80 nuclear warheads, it would be a holocaust, but it would be Iran that would be on the receiving end.

  25. kelly Says:

    AW is a craven politician who will do/say anything if it promotes his personal agenda. West knows he will probably lose the election and is really just auditioning for a job in what he hopes will be a republican administration in Washington. All his tough talk and bluster merely mask the shallowness of his character. AW cares only about AW.

  26. Patriot4sure Says:

    Thank you Allen for standing firm and speaking the truth even when it may seem you are standing alone. In the end you are not alone and all of this hateful rhetoric will always be part of 2012. Keep up the good work you are doing in DC. You WILL be re-elected and it is that fear that feeds their fury.

  27. The Intelligent Perspective Says:

    correction: 1 drunk and stupid mike..

  28. Weirdo Says:

    So Alan West is the Jewish Flag Bearer now?

    No Jewish person with sense would support this psycho in anything. He would turn on them in a second if he could.

    He’s weird.

    NY TIMES today says US sees no evidence of IRAN building a nuke bomb.

    West was basically dishonorably forced out of the military for acting like a lunatic coward.

    He is creepy. Like CHild mooolesterr creepy

  29. ed moskowitz Says:

    American resources are not constantly needed in Isreal.

    The people of Isreal have AFRICA next to them! Their close location and military power can assist them better and faster than the US. Besides, Jews embrace Africans…right.

  30. ha ha Says:


  31. Alexander Says:

    A non-nuclear Iran, separated by a couples of countries, is definitely a deadly threat to nuclear Israel. They will certainly attack, even if their own country will be obliterated as a consequence by a nuclear strike from Israel and US. Iran is an aggressive nation by definition. They invaded Britain and Russia in 1943. They attacked Saddam Hussein. They shot down a US airliner with civilians during Desert Storm. The current Syrian dictator is also the worst enemy of Israel. This is why US should provide weapons, money and military aid to faithful Muslim insurgents trying to overthrow Assad!

  32. leon Says:

    I hope Mr West and his unbalanced, deranged rants will be gone forever by the next elections. Who could predict that he will fall off the social ladder so fast and become a synonym for a congressman loser.

  33. Tea Lady Says:

    Tsk, tsk .. such spectacle, Mr. West!!

    Are you desperate to drum up support, now that you have alienated so many (by championing Mr. Boehner’s $TRILLION$ debt-swelling plan)?

    Most of us see what you are attempting, Mr. West. Now that you have alienated many Tea Partiers by abandoning your principles under duress, you use warmongering and fear to drum up new support. Indeed, you now pander shamelessly to people you once villified.

    It’s a sad day for you, Mr. West. But it will be a brighter day when you are no longer the representative of my district. Perhaps your new district (somewhere in Florida) won’t mind when you abandon your principles.

    .. And Citizen’s Insurance must go!!

  34. Truth Says:


    “NY TIMES today says US sees no evidence of IRAN building a nuke bomb.”


    Seriously? The NY Times (AKA another liberal rag) says that we don’t have to worry about Iran building a nuke? and by the way – it was a UNITED NATIONS report (they are notorious for sticking their heads in the sand).

    You do remember the 100,000 times that Iran has said that they want to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, right?

    You do realize that the Iran will definitely try to STALL and DIVERT ATTENTION away from their goal of assembling a nuke, right?

    You do realize that our own agencies were stunned when North Korea announced that they had a nuke, right?

    So, we are to believe that the all-knowing NY times has the correct information in regard to Irans nuclear ambitions?

    Some of you people are truly gullible!

  35. tim Says:

    There’s a reason this clown is no longer in the military. What a disgrace. And the feeble minded souls he has whipped up to a state of fear of “radical Islam” and “next holocaust”, you all would do better to read history as opposed to this lunatics rantings. On the flip side he is helping his opponent look a lot more measured and grounded—so that’s a good thing. As for “radical Islam”….the US can blame themselves for propping up regimes all over the world—not to mention a Republican lead INVASION for no good reason of a sovereign nation. No there’s no Holocaust Mr. Chicken West, and the sky isn’t falling either….you just need to stick to the meds my man….you’re delusion as ever.

  36. gary Says:

    see post #15 and add a few more to it. Join the ALLEN WEST ARMY NOW! You ALLEN WEST haters are like a fungus amongus, you will ALL soon change your ways and join him and see how RIGHT HE REALLY WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE!!! Admit it LIBS you know he’s RIGHT!!!

  37. Lystrina Says:

    One thing is for certain. West is playing politics and pandering to Jews. The same Jews that he knows hate him like poison. Throw out some rhetoric that touches Jews deeper than anything to sway votes. Nothing more, nothing less. Love him or hate him its pure politics. Now get back to arguing like the fools that you are.

  38. Jim Says:

    Allen West: ‘Second Holocaust’ ahead if America doesn’t protect Israel against Iran.
    Once again we have desperate politicians beating the war drum.
    As 1 in 2 people in this country live in poverty Mr West should try an focus in making a positive deference in the lives of the people in his congressional district.

  39. dark gator Says:

    Who the heck is Allen West?

  40. Educator Says:

    The AMAZING thing is that all these self-hating LIBTARD American Jews will stand by and allow Israel and Jews of the Mid-East to be slaughtered.

    You all stood around and allowed it to happen in Europe in the 20′s and 30′s and if you really believe that it could never happen again you are sadly mistaken.

    If Hitler ran for office on the Dem/Lib ticket you American Jew idiots would vote for him

    You all should go to temple and pray that you’re not next

  41. Steve Says:

    Ahhh the stupidity of the Progressive Left is on full display on this Blog. You are all idiots who have no clue to the real world and its dangers. How many of you have traveled to the Middle East?? How many of you have survived a Taliban mortar attack?? How many of you have seen your fellow soldiers killed?? How many of you have the courage to wear the uniform of your country and put your life on the line in defense of liberty?? NONE!!! I have and you can continue to spit your vile venom because people like Allen West and myself have defended your right to be idiots!!

  42. Michael Says:

    If Iran is such an aggressive nation, why haven’t they tried to take over a neighboring country during my long lifetime?

  43. Steve Says:

    @Michael: Let’s see, Iran and Iraq fought a 10 year long war in the 1980′s. Initially started by an Iranian intrusion into Iraqi territory at the Shatt al Arab Waterway in the northern Persian Gulf. During this long war, thousands were killed on both sides. The Iranian’s lauched attacks any oil tanker in the Persian Gulf which caused the Reagan Administration to reflag Kuwait’s tankers as U.S. and those of us in the Navy escorted those reflagged tankers through the Strait of Hormuz. During this time a U.S. Destroyer was struck by an Iranian floating mine and nearly sunk, and the USS Stark was hit by a cruise missile killing several U.S. sailors. I think you need to get your head out of the sand and do some research before opening your mouth.

  44. Moonstone Says:

    The writers who do not approve of West’s warning are of the same type in Europe in the 30s who ignored Hitler and thought it could never happen to them or in their country. Wake up people. The coward’s way out is to attack the messenger. The guy has some valid points. This country has gotten soft as reflected by the negative comments against West.

  45. Jim Says:

    I have just spent a month with a physician visiting form Egypt, and several of my co workers are their now. The self assured ignorance of the Right is astonishing.
    They wounder why America no longer stands for freedom, why we disregard our principles, support dictatorships, and torture.
    We failed to learn, continue to seek and advance the Neo-con foreign policy of military intervention above all else. This does noting to advance to cause of Democracy. It does noting to help advance the betterment of humanity.
    The hostel reality that is present in Iran is a direct result of American intervention, subversion and instillation of a puppet government.
    Take the profit out of war and we may find there is little call for it.
    Learn nothing from the past and we will soon be reliving it again.
    respect, Peace, understanding and love for one another should be our goal.

  46. JimC Says:

    Someone tell this loser there are no Jewish Baptists. If there is a second holocaust it would be America killing millions of some countries citizens for oil.

  47. Michael Says:

    @Steve: The Shatt al-Arab ownership has been a disputed territory for almost 400 years and it was Saddam’s military action that stated the war. Usually in a war zone traffic from non-involved nations cease. Nevertheless, the Stark was attacked by IRAQI jets.

    Question – do you feel as strongly (albeit trying to avoid lacking the correct facts like your post to me) about the USS Liberty incident?

  48. JimC Says:

    This guy is the most uneducated politician since dumbya. “Syria don’t…” that’s just dumb.
    “but focus on fighting Israel?” focuses
    is the correct word. Did this guy go to school in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina or Mississippi or is he just dumb.

    “What happens if all of a sudden Syria don’t focus on fighting each other, but focus on fighting Israel?” West said. He also spoke of growing “radical Islamism” in Egypt”

  49. JimC Says:

    “There will be no spiritual homeland for Christians to return back to. There will be no homeland for the Jewish people in the United States of America for their birthright.”

    That is pure stupidity. “return back to”- I’d expect that from a high school dropout not a US Congressman.
    The 2nd sentence is just gibberish.

  50. Dude Who Makes Sense Says:

    West is a Grade A retard. He needs to get the heck out of the public spotlight.

  51. losingsleep Says:

    Allen West is an aggressive and angry man. I think his rhetoric is dangerous. I just hope he doesn’t reach a tipping point, anything could happen.

  52. West is right ! Says:

    West is speaking the obvious. Israel is going away and completely overtaken by Islam if the USA and others turn their backs.

    Iran is way out of control and truly an axis of evil. This must be dealt with before it is too late.

  53. west is best Says:

    West has the right idea. Kill all those iranians and arabs and muslims and non christioans immediately and without mercy. i think kill everyone who opposes us including those libtards here who are against killing the enemies….kill them all. Then we can have a peaceful country. Go west!

  54. Uncle Tom Says:

    West is way out of control.

    No telling what he might say or do once he blows his flat top.

  55. Mudy Curve Says:

    Just like one of my friends stated.
    Americans do not get commission from God for being The World Police.
    Keep our young defenders out of Middle east and especially from Israel and their affairs. We gave them THE BOMB and
    they r living on other peoples land anyway.

  56. Lynn Anderson Says:

    The ONLY disgrace here are all of you who disparage a great American and someone who tells the truth. Perhaps a little history lesson might help each and everyone one of you liberal a**h&^%.

  57. Michael Says:

    West was thrown out of the military, and you Tea Party idiots think you’re American?

  58. West earned this Says:

    Here’s the documented facts on West’s forced discharge from the Army. The Army decided he earned a GENERAL (Under Honorable Conditions) DISCHARGE, which means “Characterization of service as GENERAL (under honorable conditions) is warranted when SIGNIFICANT NEGATIVE ASPECTS of the member’s CONDUCT or PERFORMANCE OF DUTY OUTWEIGH POSITIVE ASPECTS of the member’s military conduct or performance of duty. A GENERAL (under honorable conditions) characterization of discharge may JEOPARDIZE a member’s ability to benefit from the Montgomery G.I. Bill. Moreover, the member WILL NOT normally be allowed to reenlist or enter a different military service.

    West DID NOT receive an HONORABLE DISCHARGE which is granted “when the quality of the member’s service generally HAS MET the STANDARDS of ACCEPTABLE CONDUCT and PERFORMANCE OF DUTY for military personnel”.

    When West throws around the half-truthful “honorable” element of his discharge, dig deeper and get the facts.

  59. Glade Says:

    American soldiers should not be dying for Israeli occupied teritories. American tax money squeezed from families trying to make ends meet should not be transferred into Israeli coffers.
    Keep greedy hands away from America.

  60. losingsleep Says:

    “We also realize that the public good is a misnomer, created by our liberal friends,” he said.
    “It is not the public good that matters, it is the personal good.”
    Allen West CPAC 2012

    Vote him out.

    “Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.”
    ~ William E. Simon, 63rd Sec. of the Treasury, businessman

  61. Uncle Tom Says:

    West-The-1%-Socialist has been feeding at the welfare trough his entire life. Time for him to join the free-market economy like the 99%.

  62. Yang Says:

    The “I went to war so you could be free to be a stupid liberal” argument grows thin. You made your choice to join the military, and in turn you gave up your right to question authority. I have done no such thing because I will never kill another simply because I’m told to. If you think all military action is designed to “preserve freedom,” then it may be too late for you to start thinking now. Since you “fought for me,” I’ll return the favor and think for you.

  63. Col. East Says:

    Nothing like some old fashion fear mongering to manipulate the minds of the ignorant. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Fear mongering and demonization have been used throughout history to control the masses. Maybe Mr. West should study the political fear mongering and ethnicity demonization that was used in the mid 19th century to mid 20th century. I’m sure his ancestors could enlighten him.

  64. American Says:

    I have no use for Jews
    I have no use for Muslims
    I have no use Blacks
    and I have no use for politicians who want to kiss the butt of all of the above.

    Let Israel fight their own wars.

  65. truth Says:

    You said:

    “You made your choice to join the military, and in turn you gave up your right to question authority.”

    WTF are you smoking son? Obviously you have no idea what being in the military or serving your country means.

    As a matter of fact, our military members are taught that they are to follow LEGAL orders. If an illegal order is issued, they have a moral and legal responsibility to DISOBEY an ILLEGAL ORDER.

    Questioning authority just for the heck of it while serving in a military is not conducive to protecting a nation.

    You’re last comment that “since I fought for you, you’ll think for me” is truly pathetic.

    Maybe you would like to give that speech to a group of WWII veterans? They may be in their eighties, but I’d lay my money on the WWII vets kicking your arse :)

  66. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Since my last post on this thread, it is again disheartening to subsequently see all the religious hatred expressed by fellow posters — not against the far-out Islamic Extremist who want to summarily kill all those not thinking like they do, but against fellow Judeo/Christian Americans.

    As said before, I am a science guy with a naturalistic worldview free of supernatural and mystical elements and have no problems with those super naturalists among us believing whatever they want as long as they do not proselytize — in which case I will merely walk away trying not to show obvious disdain.

    And yes I know . . . most stock and emotional comments above are obviously by the hundreds of paid boiler room puppet SNERTS all over our country hired by the current administration
    Marxist/socialists, working 24 X 7, to distract, confuse, and create mayhem on forums like this. We best get used to this since it is only going to greatly increase in the next several months up to the election.

  67. mike Says:

    Hahahaha – what a bunch of brain dead right wing tea drinking morons. Try using your heads for a change.

  68. RENEGADE Says:

    @ same ole same ole

    A lot of it by you using different names.
    Your pathetic. LOL

  69. Same Ole same Ole Says:

    The AMAZING thing is that all these self-hating LIBTARD American Jews will stand by and allow Israel and Jews of the Mid-East to be slaughtered.
    You all stood around and allowed it to happen in Europe in the 20′s and 30′s and if you really believe that it could never happen again you are sadly mistaken. If Hitler ran for office on the Dem/Lib ticket you American Jew idiots would vote for him You all should go to temple and pray that you’re not next

  70. Uncle Tom Says:

    @Same Ole same Ole, you are repeating yourself, we heard you before.

  71. ha ha Says:


  72. D.Schaffner Says:

    I really done’t believe that many people voted for West…His Campaign was financed by the Koch Brother’s/

    I believe that when Donald Rumsfeld pardoned West and reversed his court martial for shooting a gun off repeatedly next to an Iraqi’s ear, he swore that he would work for the GOP.

    What is amazing to me is that the Christian Right come are worse then the Muslims. In fact what they do is instigate them into recting.

    If they were so concerned about Christian’s..Why are they not stopping the killings of Christian Nigerian’s who are being massacred by the Muslims in Africa. WHY NOT!!!! OIL BABY…OIL.

    I cannot believe what this country has turned into. We are in a constant threat of going to war with some country over..OIL.

    The lies and the hypicrisy of the GOP and their rhetoric has turned into brainwashing. ALL FOR OIL. and one world power.

    I do think that the straws are beginning to break the Camels back and people have had enough hatred thrown in their fases.

    Even the Republican citizens are praying for someone with a brain to enter the race.

  73. Dee Says:

    He is nothing butanther Rethug who tries to rule by fear mongering. West go to He**you commie coward.

  74. Bloody Bad News Says:

    Tired of Jewish Americans putting Israel ahead of the USA.

    Send American troops let them die for Israel. Keep our troops out of the trenches.

  75. constitution 101 Says:

    I am a Jew and the liberal Progressive
    self-hating Jews that write in this blog are are an abomination.

  76. Nick Says:

    Well Israel is committing a Holocaust against the Palestinians for the past 63yrs, Mr West stick to eating watermelons and collar greens and smoke a phatty

  77. Nick Says:

    Every country has the right to nuclear weapons to protect its country and its people. If Iran cant have nuclear weapons, then Israel needs to give up the nuclear weapons it carries. The hell with Israel and their cowardly war crimes they commit against the Palestinians

  78. Mikey Says:

    Have you people not noticed that people are dying because are military properly disposed of Quaran’s that prisoners defaced by using them to write messages to each others exposing hate for Christians and Jews alike. We even apologized and they still kill our troops and you all sit here and disparage one of the few men who has A)battled the enemy face to face and B) has the courage to tell the truth at home.

    You people who hate this man are the same as those German’s who put the neighbors and friends on trains to their death.

  79. RealAngst Says:

    Usuaully I do not disparage the Service performed by an American but you West defenders are really a part of some strange fringe movement. Ron Paul has it right, America needs to protect and look out for America, and NOW. I am ashamed that Ret. Lt. Col. Alan West has been elected to represent me when it is clear he is only interested in serving yet another Special Interest. Israel is a great nation, one that didnt exist until we helped them. The British troops called the people who founded that nation terrorists once yet here we go again. Israel would win ANY fight against Iran because they wouldnt play nice. I am personally sickened at the amount of US TAX $$$ that goes to Israel while people in this country suffer. Enough of this garbage, out with capetbagger West and lets move on.


    “”"You people who hate this man are the same as those German’s who put the neighbors and friends on trains to their death.”"”

    And THAT is why Republicans are scum.

    Allen West says something about the Holocaust and then all the mindless fascist GOP lemmings repeat his hurtful and outlandish comments.


    I am Jewish. I deplore this fascist fraud. I am a voter in FL-22 and an activist for Liberals and President Obama.

    The American people are DONE with the kind of right wing insanity that we’ve seen since the Kochs bought the election of 2010. DONE. ENOUGH. FINI.

  81. Mikey Says:

    “Allen West says something about the Holocaust and then all the mindless fascist GOP lemmings repeat his hurtful and outlandish comments.”

    I am so glad that you are such a free thinker and have come to the conclusion yourself that the GOP and fascist Koch’s are the ruin of this country. It is refreshing to know that you are not a lemming who repeats anything they read.

    I SINCERELY ask that you read your history, particularly how the NAZI party gained the Chancellorship in Germany during the 1930′s by promising hope and change and a united Germany. Over a decade they systematically changed the multi-party system to a ONE PARTY system with new laws and executive orders resulting in installing Hitler as supreme ruler. These are historical facts and beyond debate. This is not an opinion and is, in fact, history that cannot be changed.

    Think about that the next time you say: “NO MORE REPUBLICANS.” Lemmings you say? I think the term you are looking for is “Useful idiot.”

    Please people. Take the time to educate yourselves!

  82. Jupiter Guy Says:

    West is a complete whacko who does not speak for all Republican veterans, of which I am one.




    America has had ENOUGH of their relentless lying and refusal to help the Middle Class.





    Not in the FLORIDA House.

    Not in the FLORIDA Senate.

    Not in the U.S. House.

    Not in the U.S. Senate.

    Not in the White House.



  84. AbeBird Says:

    I see that Americans don’t really know the ME and the Muslims’ aspirations. Not only Israel is at near risk but the US, Europe and Sunni Arab States too. It’s only a matter of time. Second, no one talk about a new war on “Iraqi style” war, but only continuous aerial attacks (planes and missiles), with almost no risk to the pilots.
    I would say to Obama, go and do your job and be elected again!

  85. Mickey Says:

    @ALLEN WEST MUST GO- Would you admit publicly that you think federal sponsored socialism is the answer to our issues barbecue Capitalism has failed?

  86. RealAngst Says: would probably be a good thing if you educated YOURSELF..Hitler wasnt ELECTED and disliking Alan West and comingling Hitler and Demorcrats is moronic, to say the least. The scary thing is that you probably supported the War in Iraq, where the WMD that the Republican leadership lied about being there, really were not there, yet when they send some of the best minds in the world to see what Iran’s capability is, and they find none, then you want us to go to war in Iran next? I am betting you arent going and you arent sending your kids. You phony patriots gladly will send someone elses kids to fight your battles but dont have the balls to go yourself.

  87. Mikey Says:

    @Realangst- you people need to learn to continue to follow issues after the 24 hours news cycle has let them go.

    First, lets address the WMD’s. I was on the ground in Iraq during Desert Storm (1991)and as a former Marine, helped liberate Kuwait. My unit was gassed and spent days humping through the desert in full MOP gear. I guess I have “the balls to go yourself.”

    Second, Sadam Hussian and many on his senior staff admitted during trials and to interrogators that they purposely mislead the world about their compatibilities. Much of it was to mislead their neighbors in Iran to avoid another war with them. They were given the chance to come clean and choose not to. Further, in 2009 Iraq accepted the Chemical Weapons Convention and declared they had two bunkers with precursors and live nerve agents. Moreover, throughout the war we uncovered many buried warheads with nerve agent remnants and 100,000′s of documents detailing the regimes quest for nuclear capabilities. I guess you will have to wait for wikileaks to dump it.

    I guess you find the President of Iran’s rants on the destruction of Israel to be a joke. Do you think he is just kidding when he says he will wipe it off the map? Does it matter if Iran has the capability or not to follow through on his threats? Should we just wait until it happens like we did in WW2. If you think West is lying about a second Holocaust than do you think Iran is too? How about he Muslim brotherhood in Egypt wanting to end the Peace treaty with Israel. These people do not joke. They have killed 40 people because someone burned the Qurans that prisoners had written on and defaced. Iran is executing someone for converting to Christianity and leaving their faith. WAKE UP you USEFUL IDIOTS!

  88. Real Angst Says:

    @Mikey…First of all, thank you for your service. News flash, pal, you aren’t the only one to serve your country and you’re welcome from someone who served from 1974 to 1978 when we were not loved and popular. As for the ” you people” comment, you are the people who need to open your eyes and minds. News is contrived and we all know it. Since when is telling a meaningful lie a reason to spend trillions of tax dollars? We have the best intel in the world, yet that failed miserably. When told a truth that did not agree with their view, we invaded Iraq..I recall when Iran was a friendly nation. I recall that we armed Iraq when Iran ceased being a friend. That’s the way of the world and we accept it. Iraq’s quest wasn’t realized so your argument is moot and I didn’t need wikileaks to prove it. The war was televised and we all saw it.

    As for Iran’s paper tiger, no, I do not fear him and we send trillions to Israel every year, they do have nukes and if Iran does anything, do you really think that we in the US are not prepared for response and an appropriate response at that? You can’t be that deluded and there is no one who has served in the military who doesn’t know what West’s discharge really was. So I would submit to you, despite your bravery and service that the political nonsense has rendered you a useful idiot and this is from someone who did NOT vote for Obama and won’t vote for him this time either. The facts are what they are but an empty argument is still empty.

  89. Patriot 747 Says:

    I totally agree with Allen West, A man of honor and respect for the United States of America and Israel. First, we have a President who doesn’t care about Israel. Second, Netanu is planning an attack on Iran. You U.S. Jews who voted for Obama are fools. Obama is really a Muslim and he has admitted it. Even Netanu told his staff, ” dealing with president Obama is like dealing with the Islamic cleric”. Islam wants to destroy Israel period…..No boos or Buts here idiots.

    I predict Israel will attack Iran first, using low level Nuclear devices they designed. You U.S. jews dont have a say over what Israel will do. Only the Country of Israel and the real jews who live in Israel have a say. Mark my words, Israel will attack Iran first without the permission of anyone, or any nation.Israel will prevail and they should attack not only the Nuclear manufacturing sites, but Tehran as well. If Israel fails to do this, they will be horribly sorry. the Islamic cleric has already decided to attack Israel and wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, to bring in the Mahdi. U.S. jews are idiots and re-pulsive!!!

  90. Skylar Says:

    My fellow Jews and Jewdesses were all dead, so is America and Isreal and Iran will win unless we do something about which will probably not really be aloud to get in to this mess since we Jews and Jewdesses are not ever in war unless by force, but could we do something about it I don’t know but at least its not a second holocaust yet bye

  91. JimC Says:

    Those of you who can’t see how stupid West is are probably high school dropouts or racists. West is an ignoramous who failed to earn an hororable discharge. Anyone who backs him is un-american.

  92. Pat Says:

    When government decides to, or the military does, play chicken with the lives of others whom they are paid to protect, America has reached far down the ladder of evil, and suffers under monstrous delusions of grandeur in their own powers. These are the acts of a terrorist, not the acts of socially conscious people. And it’s always with the lives of the people over whom they presume to control, never over their own lives for those are well insulated, and therein lies the problem – equal risk produces equal protection. Unequal risk cannot possibly produce equal protection. That is the god complex in action.

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