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Wexler helps Patrick Murphy raise $300,000 in quarter for West’s seat

by George Bennett | January 15th, 2012

Wexler, Crist have both contributed to Democrat Patrick Murphy's congressonal campaign.

Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler contributed $2,000 during the fourth quarter of 2011 to the congressional campaign of Patrick Murphy, one of two Dems running for the Palm Beach-Broward seat of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation.

Murphy raised more than $300,000 in the quarter, his campaign said, bringing his fundraising total to $1.4 million. Former Democratic governor candidate Bill McBride and former Wilton Mayors Mayor Jim Stork also contributed to Murphy. Stork ran for the congressional seat in 2004 but cut his campaign short for health reasons.

Republican-turned-independent former Gov. Charlie Crist gave $1,000 to Murphy’s campaign last spring. Murphy consultant Eric Johnson was a strategist for both Wexler and Crist.

Former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel is also running as a Democrat for West’s seat and raised more than $1.1 million through Sept. 30.

Fourth-quarter campaign reports are due Jan. 31 for federal candidates.

Murphy and Frankel are among the top Democratic fundraisers in the U.S., but they are no financial match for West, who through Sept. 30 had raised more than $4.1 million and had $1.8 million in cash on hand.

18 Responses to “Wexler helps Patrick Murphy raise $300,000 in quarter for West’s seat”

  1. NO! Says:

    NO to Frankel.

  2. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    GO WEST, y’all . . . GO WEST!

  3. Independent Voter Says:

    Hope Dave Aronberg runs for PBC State Attorney.

    Will vote for Aronberg over that prettyboy McAuliffe.

    McAuliffe is even afraid to bring charges against those who lie to get the money for federal housing assistance.

    Aronberg has my vote.

  4. Mike Says:

    Reason alone not to vote for Murphy. Independent vote…hey don’t you know they are helping both candidates to cover their behinds.

    Wexler….Go to jail already & take PBC delegation with you. Grand Jury is calling you back

  5. Frank D. Says:

    Where is no balls Deutch?
    Oh yeah hiding out lol

  6. Indy Says:

    Wexler also helped raise 300,000 for the Saudis and got his own cut.


  7. New Democrat Says:

    I was on the fence before and I heard Patrick but was not convinced….thanks for this article. I am now volunteering for Lois with this endorsement from Wexler and Crist.


  8. M. Says:

    Go with Mendelsohn, Rothstein, Madoff……Enough

  9. I wonder why Says:


  10. DAVID L Says:

    His ass should stay back in Maryland where it belongs. I changed my party to I because of that guy. SCUMBAG

  11. Arin Says:

    Learn how to spell. Why do you hate non-Floridians. lol Yes the guy is a joke. Crist….seriously but so was Meek and Green. The Democrats SUCK

  12. Downtown Danny Says:

    She destroyed WPB, Clematis Street – left behind a corrupt group of idiots that are still stealing from taxpayers every day.
    Anyone who would support Frankel needs only to look at the bond repayment schedule for all the millions she borrowed and the $33 million grassy area she let her lover, Joan Goldberg, build while tearing down the most historic waterfront library in the state.
    Nothing is sacred to Lois Frankel but staying on the taxpayers payroll and protecting the jobs of her lesbian mafia pals.

  13. same ole same ole Says:


    “The Democrats SUCK”
    But Republicans swallow!!!

  14. Arin Says:

    Same ole same,

    That is pretty dumb. We need to get PBC uncovered but with the McCulliffe and Aronberg BS they will all cover it up. I hope Sharon Bock runs.


    The headline is extremely misleading. All Wexler did was donate to Murphy’s campaign. He didn’t “help” raise $300,000 any more than I did with my $5 donation.

    That said, ANYBODY who understands what America is about and where we need to go in the future knows that we must get rid of dead weight like Allen West.

    Allen West has had two years to offer solutions for FL-22. He has done NOTHING. He has NOT ONE accomplishment to his name. The only thing he is good for is to attack people. And that is literally all he has done, attack attack attack.

    A REAL leader would propose solutions.

    A REAL leader would bring people together on a bipartisan basis.

    A REAL leader actually accomplishes something to make his constituents’ lives better.

    Allen West is a fraud, and I am looking forward to campaigning and voting for anyone who seeks to oppose his disastrous two year term.

  16. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Do you really believe the outbursts you read from pro-democrat trolls?

    He/she is probably one of the poor desperate down-and-outers in some boiler room somewhere being paid a few coins each to post on hundreds of address-supplied Internet forums.

    They are usually easy to spot – with a supplied list of copy and paste stock emotional “opinions”, condemnations, etc. and little if any factual reasoned evidence specific to the topic being discussed. Or to post under a copycat name as above.

    These are going to greatly increase in the coming political year.

    The current socialist/fascist-crony-capitalist administration brags about their billion dollar war chest — extorted from Big Corporations, Big Labor and Big Education, to cancerously eat away at the backbone of millions of traditionally good-citizen productive normal people and small local businesses in our country.

  17. same ole same ole (real one) Says:

    We in the tea Party are celebrating todays holiday to Honor a great American hero.


  18. JUST SAY NO TO WEST! Says:

    The Tea Party supporters are all bought and paid for by Corporate America and the Koch brothers. Does it feel good to be a whore and a racist one at that? You know the type as they spew the same right-wing drivel that they get from the right-wing talking heads owned and controlled by corporate America as they certainly can’t think for themselves. ANYBODY BUT ALLEN WEST who has done absolutely NOTHING but issue divisive statements for strictly publicity purposes.

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