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Scott tells lawmakers to shutter Internet cafés: ‘I don’t believe in it.’

by Dara Kam | January 18th, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott said this morning he wants lawmakers to outlaw Internet cafés rather than regulate them as Senate leaders are proposing.

“I don’t believe that the Internet locations are legal or should be legal,” Scott told reporters this morning. “It’s an area that I think doesn’t make sense. I don’t believe in it.”

A House committee passed a measure banning the “casinos on the corner” yesterday but the Senate appears to favor a proposal that would regulate the cafés which operate as “sweepstakes.” Customers pay for Internet time, which they can use to browse the Web or play the games in which computer time or credit is won. Critics say the games are highly addictive and prey on the poor.

Palm Beach County commissioners recently issued a moratorium blocking any new cafes from opening in unincorporated areas.

Scott rejected suggestions that the games are not as bad as the Lottery. Scott’s administration wants the Lottery to sell more tickets this year to help pay for public schools. Scott said the state authorized the Lottery years ago.

“It generates money for our schools. We’re not going to change that,” he said.

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4 Responses to “Scott tells lawmakers to shutter Internet cafés: ‘I don’t believe in it.’”

  1. idiots Says:

    Hey IDIOTS!!! The Lottery dollars are capped and are used to off-set the education budget. Once the cap number is hit the rest of the lottery money goes to anything this idiot can dream up, not education. Don’t be fooled by the Nazi Shyster in the Governors office any more.

  2. Searcher Says:

    Well, Gov. Snott, I don’t believe in you, either. Please submit your notice and we can move on as as a State….

  3. Carol Says:

    Contortionist Rick Scott speaks from both sides of his mouth AGAIN to the amusement of his disinfranchised constitutes in the once great state of Florida. He also wants to outlaw bidding at dog tracks, but supports dogs running in circular paths for wagers.

  4. Free will Says:

    So because of internet casino games our Republican governor wants to ban internet cafes?

    And he is doing this because the poor get addicted to these games?

    I always thought Republicans were for less and smaller government, but sounds like that is once again they only apply it selectively.

    What next? Ban Publix and gas stations because they sell lotto tickets?

    OOps! I forgot. Since the government takes a slice there, and actually encourages the poor and retirees to blow their money on those, we are free to exercise our free will there.

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