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Romney: L-word attack underscores Gingrich’s desperation

by Jane Musgrave | January 29th, 2012

Mitt Romney scoffed at Newt Gingrich’s assertion that the former Massachusetts governor is a liberal.

“Speaker Gingrich has a history of attacking other Republicans and undermining conservatives,” said Ryan Williams, a Romney spokesman. “This dishonest attack is another example of Newt Gingrich trying to rewrite history to save his sinking campaign.”

Williams comments came hours after Gingrich used the ‘L’ word to describe Romney while speaking to a crowd at The Villages, a sprawling retirement community in Central Florida. Earlier in the day, speaking to reporters, Gingrich called his chief rival in Tuesday’s state GOP presidential primary a “Massachusetts moderate.”


4 Responses to “Romney: L-word attack underscores Gingrich’s desperation”

  1. larryh32 Says:

    Every Republican I see in my party is a hypocrite! I have a war criminal as a senator “West” Another who is just a bold faced liar ”Rubio”, who lies about everything from his family’s heritage to his race? I don’t think this country could survive another Bush! Who are the idiots who vote for these people? It should be a requirement that everyone have a minimum 2 years additional college to Vote!

  2. Same ole same ole Says:

    I am an undocumented immigrant and gay. So I know I will be voting for Romney.He is going to make it possible for me to marry my boyfriend.( he was for gay marriage in Mass. as Gov.) I know he will do it. And he will also give me amnesty so I can get all those programs I always hear about where they pay for your house and food so you don’t have to work really.
    (self-deportation means make them legal and all the illegals disappear on their own)See he tries to tell everyone he is a conservative but he really is a far left liberal. he father, who he speaks highly of, taught him to read and follow the teachings of Alinski. So He his father was very liberal and a friend of Alinski. Mitt always talks about how much his father was an influence on him and his beliefs.
    Yes, Mitt Romney will perfect Obamacare after all it was his invention. I wonder, since he is a
    Mormon and they believe in having more than one wife if he will make it legal for me to marry more than one of my boyfriends? I hope so.

  3. CLH3 Says:

    New poll from Sunday night shows Newt Gingrich SURGING!

  4. Smart Lady Says:

    Same ole, I knew it all along! You always sound like my gay friends! I hope you feel better know that you are “out”!

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