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Republicans deride Obama’s Disney visit as ‘taxpayer-paid campaign day’

by George Bennett | January 19th, 2012

Obama will be in Magic Kingdom today; Sen. Nelson will be in Sarasota and Manatee counties.

LAKE BUENA VISTA — As President Obama prepares to announce a tourism initiative at Walt Disney World today, Republicans say the official visit is really just an effort to shore up his sagging poll numbers in the critical Sunshine State.

“It looks like our president is at it again with yet another taxpayer-paid campaign day,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus this morning on a conference call. “It’s amazing that this president seems to find himself every day in battleground states across America paid for by the taxpayers. He doesn’t seem to end up in Montana or Nebraska very often…It’s a campaign trip to a very important battleground state of Florida where the president is doing very poorly.”

Obama carried Florida with 51 percent in 2008, but polls show him running even with Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney now. Obama’s job disapproval rating has been above 50 percent in the last four Quinnipiac University polls of Florida voters going back to September.

“His approval rating in Florida looks like one of the drops in Space Mountain,” Priebus said.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry joined Priebus on the call and accused Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who’s up for reelection this year, of “running scared” because Nelson is attending events in Sarasota and Manatee counties today and won’t be joining Obama. A Nelson spokesman on Wednesday said accusations that Nelson is ducking the president are “bologna.”

Republican Gov. Rick Scott has disapproval ratings about even with Obama in Florida.

“He’s not on the ballot, No. 1. The president’s on the ballot,” said Priebus, who also said he thinks Scott is doing a good job.

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11 Responses to “Republicans deride Obama’s Disney visit as ‘taxpayer-paid campaign day’”

  1. Obama thinks youre stupid! Says:

    Obama and his crew must think we are stupid! Even the dumbest person on the planet can see this is “buy votes in Florida” campaign crap!
    You want votes?… approve the Keystone pipeline… which will create thousands of jobs and LOWER THE PRICE OF GAS AND DECREASE OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL!
    But then a lower price of gas means we dont need the GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED


    “”"Obama carried Florida with 51 percent in 2008, but polls show him running even with Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney now.”"”

    Love your reporting George, but this is very misleading.

    Obama only won by 3% and it was down to the wire. Polls are already showing Obama up and winning Independents. And the real campaign season hasn’t even started yet.

    And by the way, George, if you’re going to run a hit piece by the RNC where the Republicans gang up on the President and a Dem Senator, how about getting a more substantial response from, oh I dunno, A DEMOCRAT?


    “”"Obama and his crew must think we are stupid!”"”

    Obama and his crew are correct in your case.

    For starters, your stupidity is evident in the blind repetition of talking points that the oil/gas industry feeds Fux News and fright wing radio, which then they pass along to you, and you regurgitate on this blog.

  4. D Boker Says:

    Well, so much for the happiest place on earth. The good news is that he got his family a free Disney vacation–they hadn’t been there yet on the taxpayers dime.

  5. 2012 - End of an Error Says:

    Not sure why Obama needs a trip to Fantasy Land, he’s been living in one for the last three years.

  6. american man Says:

    C’mon people this guy needs a vacation, he just came back from 17 grueling days in Hawaii. Give the guy credit. How do expect to work a week and NOT need a two week vacation. Everyone knows the golf courses are closed in Virginia and it’s gloomy, wintery grey. Cheer the little guy and his big wife up and leave him alone to the warmth and wonder of mind expanding Disney World. You don’t want to tell him that Mickey, Donald Goofy etc are not real people and can’t vote – or can they if they are registered by acorn as democrat? Hmmmm, maybe he’s on to something.

  7. drewsco Says:

    We all can agree that the Republicans will say anything negative that affects Barack Obama. Thus they will turn any positive into a negative. So their reaction and comments should come as no surprise. I would surmise that if Barack Obama was invited to disney world for a jobs inititive and failed to show up, the Republicans would criticize him. However, he shows up and they criticize him…..wah wah wah……we’re gonna lose 2012 to Obama/Biden….thats what they’re really saying….LOL

  8. RENEGADE Says:

    Really, what do you expect from Republicans. They are so use to the GOP way of doing things.The only time a GOP canidate acts like he cares or like he is doing anything is campaign time. So they can’t help but assume Dems are the same. Its all they know!
    They have spent the last 3 years tryng to find ways to criticize Obama. Thinking up lies, twisting the truth. etc. So much so THAT IS ALL THE GOP HAS DONE FOR 3 YEARS. NAME ONE THING THE GOP HAS DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY IN 3 YEARS.NOTHING. They are to busy bad mouthing Obama to care about this country.


    Obama beating R-MONEY by 7% in new NBC/Marist poll

    Obama 48%
    R-MONEY 41%


  10. Frankie Says:

    Some day my prince will come
    Some day we’ll meet again
    And away to his castle we’ll go
    To be happy forever I know

  11. Need more sugar Says:

    While Republicans are bashing The President for using one of the major international tourist attractions this country has to offer as a backdrop to announce initiatives to bring more tourists to our shores and thus more jobs and $, they are still exhorting economic and tax proposals which would enrich their major campaign donators at the expense of the American middle class.

    But as usual the ‘educated’ masses will swallow the rhetoric and vote for these guys and then one day wake up and realize that their $25,000 job got outsourced to China by some $250,000,000 ‘job creator’.

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