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Poll: Romney and Obama even in Florida; 64% want more Everglades spending

by George Bennett | January 17th, 2012

A new poll commissioned by the Everglades Foundation shows President Obama and GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney in a dead heat in Florida.

Obama gets 46 percent and Romney 45 percent, with 9 percent undecided, in the poll conducted by the Republican firm The Tarrance Group. The poll of 607 likely voters has a 4.1 percent margin of error. Obama holds a 44-39 lead among independents and a 50-41 lead among Hispanic voters. Romney holds a 54-37 lead among white voters and leads among voters who are 45 and older while Obama leads with voters 44 and younger.

Voters were asked if “funding for Everglades restoration should be increased because protecting the water supply is critical to the future economic success of the state” or if “funding for Everglades restoration must continue to be cut because the state is facing a massive budget crisis and cuts must be made to every program.”

By a 64-to-28 percent margin, voters favored increasing Everglades funding. That’s up from 51-to-41 percent support for more Everglades spending in February 2011.

The poll was released today to coincide with the opening of a two-day Everglades summit in Tallahassee.

22 Responses to “Poll: Romney and Obama even in Florida; 64% want more Everglades spending”


    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seriously Says:

    You call this a choice?


    There is only one choice.

    Main Street or Wall Street.

    Anyone who thinks Wall Street needs more influence in Washington DC, vote for Mitt Romney.

    If you’re in the vast majority who do NOT think that Wall Street needs to have complete control of the White House, then you should be voting for Barack Obama.

    It really doesn’t get much more simple than that.

    (And don’t give me some garbage about Obama accepting money from Wall Street. That was 2008. Since then he has passed rules to reform Wall Street. Also since then, Wall Street donations are almost entirely going to Republicans.)

  4. Tea Lady Says:

    Oh Heavens, I most certainly doubt Americans want more $pending.

    Our government is already $TRILLION$ in debt. Most voters know that adding more to this humungous pile of debt, even for well-intentioned causes, is a no-go.

    .. and Citizen’s Insurance must go!


    “”"Our government is already $TRILLION$ in debt.”"”

    The vast majority of it from Republican Presidents:

    Bush I
    Bush II

    If you hate debt, you should vote against the party that is constantly seeking to either put trillions of dollars of our children’s backs by cutting taxes for 1%ers like Mitt Romney, or slash government services that help our children grow, learn, and prosper.

    It really is sad that so many people wrongly identify the GOP with debt reduction. Because it is simply a myth.

    “”"Economist Mike Kimel notes that the five former Democratic Presidents (Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Harry S. Truman) all reduced public debt as a share of GDP, while the last four Republican Presidents (George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford) all oversaw an increase in the country’s indebtedness.”"”

  6. RENEGADE Says:

    FEDERAL DEBT $15 Trillion

    Republican spending 11.8 Trillion
    ( Reagan, Bush1,& Bush2)

    Democrat spending 3.2 Trillion
    (Carter, Clinton, Obama

    In the true tradition of Gobbells the GOP constantly accuses the
    Democrats of overspending. But the numbers tell the true story
    about which party is the real overspenders and who is the fiscally
    responsible party.

  7. Tea Lady Says:

    Pardon me, but I detect a slight oversight in your logic.

    Have you omitted someone from your list? I seem to recall that President Obama has $pent $TRILLIONS$ .. so far. And Mr. Obama’s presidency is still not over.

    (Or are suggesting that Mr. Obama budget plans will reduce these $TRILLION$ before his presidency ends.)

  8. RENEGADE Says:

    @ Tea Lady
    When Bush left office he left Obama
    2 Wars -unfunded
    Prescription drug program -unfunded
    A monster called Homeland Security-unfunded
    TARP- Bail out program – unfunded (including agreements with companies
    Obama had to honor)
    Huge tax cuts for the wealthy – unfunded
    A recession causing unemployment to shoot up and revenue to drop
    to its lowest in 50 years
    2009 1st yr 1.7T debt…ALL SPENT BY BUSH! not OBAMA
    And these are adding to the debt every year!!
    No oversite but extensive research and placing the debt on the person who created, caused, signed, spent it.


    Total Cost of NEW POLICIES:

    Bush: $5.07 TRILLION
    Obama: $1.44 TRILLION

    Any questions Ms. Lying Teabagger?

  10. RENEGADE Says:

    When Obama was sworn in we were already 1/3 into the fiscal year of 2009 and already running over 1 trillion in debt…THE DAY HE WAS SWORN IN!!!

  11. Richard Says:

    I got a real kick out of the president of the equipment operators union telling Ed Schultz on the Ed show that the majority of people are uneducated in South Carolina, maybe that’s why they elected that whore for governor, her popularity has gone downhill every since she took office, and now this pig endorses Willard Mitt Romney, I can hardly wait until he debates Obama and all his lies are made public, tell me S. Carolina how does it feel to back a Bain capitalist who closed all your textile factories, you must really be as stupid as the president of that union stated.

  12. Carol Says:

    Why do left wing libs always resort to name-calling, e.g. ‘Nikki Haley, a whore?’
    I recall that a left-winger hack tried to publicize an imaginary affair with her, but she blew the hack out of the water, and he vanished..rather quickly I must say. Much to your dismay Richard, Haley’s popularity after your hero’s illegal NLRB tried to force her RIGHT TO WORK STATE to force Boeing to hire Union slugs in its newly constructed plant. After Boeing agreed to hire more of the slugs in its unionized State of Washington plant, the grifters backed off, and Boeing is opening its new plant with NON-UNION LABOR. I know that hurts your liberal heart Richard, but suck it up. We don’t have too many rights left in this country, but tampering with States’ right-to-work laws is a bridge to far, even for the left wing radical liberals. Ooops, almost forgot. Frances Piven (their heroine; her pal Cloward died) insists that we use the term ‘progressive’ now since she feels ‘liberal’ has a bad connotation.

  13. Carol Says:

    Two unfunded wars? What color is the sky on your planet? Do you really think that suppliers, manufacturers and soldiers would wait ten years to be paid? Agreed TARP and prescription drug plan instigated by the Bush administration (and shepherded by a Democrat majority congress; in fact, demanded by the Democrat majority congress)suck, but the Democrats ruled Congress then, just as they ruled Congress during the first three and one-half years of your hero’s presidency.
    And your hero bleeds Wall St. dry. His little $32,500/per living, breathing body dinners are held in some of the swankest NYC 5th Avenue apartments (ditto on the West Coast) and believe me, these are extremely wealthy Jewish investment bankers. Always amazes me that these people give so willingly to a man who outwardly appears to despise Israel. Maybe someone can answer that question. And why do the Jews continue to vote for Democrats while the Israelis (not to be confused with America’s Jews) say George W. Bush was the best friend Israel ever had? And now that your hero has turned Egypt into a Islamic State, Israel is surrounded by those who wish to destroy her. FYI, Egypt asked the IMF for TEN BILLION $ yesterday (gee, I wonder if they’ll buy weapons or nuclear scientists since their tourism industry is kaput). Want more?


    “”"Two unfunded wars? What color is the sky on your planet?”"”



    What ignorance!

    Are you telling me that you didn’t know that we’ve been borrowing money from CHINA for 10 frigging years to pay for Shrub’s colossal mistake in Iraq?

    OMG, where have you BEEN?

    You have just completely discredited yourself Carol! LOL!

  15. dan Says:

    @Allen West must go.This goofball must be drinking the Kool-Aid that BSNBC is giving him.Obama took more money from wall street then any other President.Obama will lose in 2012.Wait till gas goes over 4.00 a gallon and the recession hits like it did in 08.What did Obama accomplish? NOTHING!!Just abunch of hot air and all of his sheep is taking it all in.

  16. clyde Says:

    get rid of this do nothing congress now, obama 2012

  17. LicenseToSteal Says:

    As an indepentent given the choice between Romney and Obama, I will choose Romney. Another four years of this bozo and we will be a bankrupt nation.

    I doubt this poll is accurate as more indepentents support Romney.

  18. RENEGADE Says:


    No the poll is accurate. Fortunately most indep. are much better informed than you seem to be.

  19. RENEGADE Says:

    @ Carol

    As usual your info is severely flawed.
    The prescr. drug program was passed with a Republican congress in both houses.
    Obama had a Dem. majority in congress for 1 yr. 11 months. Not 3.5 years. He hasn’t been in office 3.5 years so thats kinda stupid wouldn’t you say. And the minority (Rep.) in the Senate blocked 70% of the bills that came to the Senate during that 1 yr 11 months.
    So, Wall st donated to his past campaign. Glad he put their money to good use. Unlike those in the GOP, he has not done them any special favors for whats your point???
    Israel never said Bush was their friend and obama has maintained the same policys as the past several Presidents regarding Isreal. Save your BS propaganda for your Tea Party’s. Seems your the Jewish community isn’t buying your BS either.
    The President hasn’t turned Egypt into anything. They have made their own destiny.
    Egypt asking the IMF for money has nothing to do with the price of tea in China SOOOOOOOOOooo….
    Your 0 for 8 so far……GOT MORE? SURE! LOL!

  20. RENEGADE Says:

    HEY DAN!!!!!!!!!

    Obamas done more in 2 than many have done in 8. Over 200 accomplishments.

    You won’t get this on FOX.

  21. MR TEA PARTY Says:

    “Why do left wing libs always resort to name-calling”

    Why do right wingnut jobs ALWAYS resort to lying and deception???

    “insists that we use the term ‘progressive’ now since she feels ‘liberal’ has a bad connotation.”

    Really it doesn’t matter 99% of you GOP ers aren’t educated enough to know what half the words you use mean anyway.
    You people are always mis-using words that make it painfully clear you have no clue what they mean or what you are really saying.

  22. Unemployed Says:

    Drill the Everglades, drill the Arctic Refuge, drill the Bakken!

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